Genshin Impact: Is The Flute Good?

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The Flute is a decent weapon that’s OK, but it’s easily outshined by multiple other better weapons. So it’s generally not that good. At Level 90 Refinement Rank 1 (R1), it has a base ATK of 510 and a 41.3% ATK secondary stat.

Its passive is called Chord, and it grants a Harmonic on normal/charged attack hits.

Gaining 5 stacks of Harmonics will then trigger an instance of damage equal to 100% ATK. Each stack lasts up to 30s, and 1 stack can be gained every 0.5s.

This passive simply takes too long to cast for minimal damage gain.

Plus there’s no character that can reliably spam this passive aside from Ayato – but it’s still not a good option for him. This is further explained below.



Because of this, The Flute is mainly just an ATK stat stick that serves as an alternative for weapons you don’t have.

And if you do have the better weapon options, then they’re just always optimal to use.

For instance, Amenoma Kageuchi – a 4-star craftable weapon – is Ayaka’s best 4-star weapon option by far. But if you only have The Flute available, it’s definitely viable on her, just much worse.

Similarly, The Flute is viable on a lot of characters, so it’s not that bad.

Here’s a compiled list of its synergies with all current playable sword users.

Decent Not Recommended
Ayaka, Jean, Geo Traveler, Kaeya, Xingqiu, Bennett, Keqing, Ayato Qiqi, Albedo, Kazuha, Kuki, Nilou
  • Decent means that The Flute works on the character, but it’s significantly worse than other options. You’re better off using other better, equally accessible swords – usually 4-star craftable, free, or gacha weapons.
  • Not recommended means that the weapon doesn’t work well with the character – or they just don’t benefit from it.

Is The Flute Good on Ayato?

Ayato with The Flute / Genshin Impact
Ayato with The Flute

Although Ayato is a character that can easily proc The Flute’s passive, it’s not a great weapon on him.

This is simply because he doesn’t entirely scale from ATK, so its double ATK stats aren’t that valuable for Ayato. Instead, he’s much better off with a CRIT or Energy Recharge weapon depending on the team he’s in.

This is also the reason why he works well with R5 Harbinger of Dawn – a 3-star gacha weapon – despite its low Base ATK. It just has a lot of CRIT stats that are more valuable than ATK.

The Flute is definitely viable if you don’t have other better options – it’s just not one of his best options.

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