Genshin: Is Tulaytullah’s Remembrance Good? (Best Character Pairings)

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Tulaytullah’s Remembrance is Wanderer’s signature weapon – and yes it’s good, and it best works on him. But it’s still a 5-star weapon with high-scaling stats, so it also works well with every other DPS catalyst user.

At level 90 Refinement Rank 1, it has a Base ATK of 674 and a secondary stat of 44.1% CRIT Damage.

Its passive is called Bygone Azure Teardrop, which has the following effects:

  • Increases normal attack speed by 10%.
  • After the wielder casts their elemental skill, their normal attack damage increases by 4.8% every second for 14s. And after the wielder hits an opponent with a normal attack during this duration, their normal attack damage is further increased by 9.6%. This increase can only be triggered once every 0.3s.
  • The maximum normal attack damage increase per duration is 48%. This effect is removed when the wielder leaves the field. Casting their elemental skill again will reset all damage buffs.

Tulaytullah has a pretty niche passive tailored for Wanderer, but plenty of other on-field DPS units like Yanfei, Ningguang, and Klee can still benefit from it.

While off-field units like Yae still work great with the weapon but gain nothing from its passive. Because of this, other 5-star or high-refinement 4-star weapons are generally better options.

Here’s a cheat sheet of its synergies with all current playable catalyst users.

Great Good Not Recommended
Wanderer Lisa, Ningguang, Klee, Yanfei, Yae, Heizou, Nahida Barbara, Mona, Sucrose, Kokomi
  • Great means that Tulaytullah works well with the character, and it’s among their best options.
  • Good means that it works with that character, but they have generally better and more accessible options — usually high refinement 4-star gacha weapons or other 5-stars.
  • Not recommended means that the character doesn’t benefit from the weapon in their normal builds. DPS Barbara/Mona/Sucrose can definitely use Tulaytullah, but it’s not recommended to build them as a DPS. Kokomi is an exception since she can’t use CRIT Damage.
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