Genshin Impact: Is Whiteblind Good? (Best Character Pairings)

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Whiteblind is a 4-star craftable weapon, and it’s a good weapon for DEF-scaling units.

At level 90 Refinement Rank 1, it has a Base ATK of 510 and a secondary stat of 51.7% DEF. Its passive is called Infusion Blade, and it has the following effects:

  • On hit, normal or charged attacks increase the wielder’s ATK and DEF by 6% for 6s. Max 4 stacks.
  • This can only occur once every 0.5s.

Whiteblind is really only good for DEF-scaling units – most notably, Noelle and Itto. It’s basically a very accessible free-to-play weapon for these units.

Here’s a more complete list of its synergy with all current playable claymore users.

Great Not Recommended
Noelle, Itto, Shielder Xinyan Diluc, Razor, Beidou, Chongyun, Xinyan, Eula, Sayu, Dori
  • Great means that the Whiteblind works well with the character, and it’s among their best 4-star options.
  • Not recommended means that it doesn’t synergize well with the character – or there are significantly better options.

Whiteblind for Noelle and Itto

Itto with Whiteblind / Genshin Impact
Itto with Whiteblind

Although Whiteblind is a great weapon on Noelle and Itto, they don’t fully benefit from its passive.

These two snapshot their DEF stats upon casting their burst. So any upcoming DEF buffs won’t affect the DEF to ATK conversion they get. This means that they won’t get the extra DEF from Whiteblind’s passive on their first rotation.

However, it can buff their next rotations – just make sure to stack it before casting their burst.


Whiteblind for Xinyan

Xinyan with Whiteblind / Genshin Impact
Xinyan with Whiteblind

Whiteblind is easily one of shielder Xinyan’s best weapon options.

It lets you further strengthen her shield – but you might need to sacrifice a few DEF stats for Energy Recharge. This is to make sure she reaches her energy requirements.

Because of this, she can benefit more from using the Sacrificial Greatsword over Whiteblind.

It has an Energy Recharge stat and cooldown reset passive – aka lower energy requirements and higher shield uptime.

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