Genshin Impact: Is The Widsith Good? (Best Characters)

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The Widsith is a powerful weapon that can even compete with 5-stars at higher refinements. And yes, it’s definitely worth using on your DPS catalyst units if you don’t have 5-star alternatives.

At level 90 Refinement Rank 1 (R1), it has a Base ATK of 510 and a 55.1% CRIT DMG secondary stat. Its passive is called Debut and has the following effects:

When the wielder takes the field, they gain a random theme song (buff) for 10s. This can either be Recitative: 60% ATK buff, Aria: 48% elemental damage buff, or Interlude: 240 Elemental Mastery buff. This passive can only be triggered once every 30s.

The Widsith basically has a lot of good buff variations that can work with every DPS unit – plus these buff scalings increase even more with refinements.

However, some buffs can be better than others depending on the wielder.

So the RNG element for getting buffs can be troublesome if you get a series of buffs that don’t benefit your character.

For instance, Ningguang benefits from all buffs except the Elemental Mastery one. This is because she’s a Geo unit that doesn’t rely on elemental reactions – EM is a useless stat for her. So unluckily getting a series of EM buffs will nerf her damage.

In this case, it can be better to use other catalysts that are more consistent.

Solar Pearl is the more consistent option for Ningguang – even if it’s generally the same as Widsith when assuming average RNG luck.

The Widsith is definitely still good, but its RNG factor can just be unfavorable at times.

Here’s a cheat sheet of its synergy with all current playable catalyst users.

Great Good Not Recommended
On-field DPS Lisa, Ningguang, Klee, Yanfei, Yae Miko, Heizou Mona, Off-field DPS Lisa Barbara, Sucrose, Kokomi
  • Great means that The Widsith is one of the character’s best 4-star weapon options.
  • Good means that The Widsith works on the character, but they would prefer other catalyst weapons – usually ones with Energy Recharge.
  • Not recommended means that the character simply doesn’t benefit from The Widsith’s stats.
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