Genshin Impact: Is Lisa Good? (Pros & Cons)

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Lisa is a good unit that’s less used because of her more complicated kit and gameplay. However, she’s still not needed by any team — and there are very often better alternatives for her slot. So there’s absolutely no need to use or build Lisa – but she’ll still work great if you do.

She’s able to support multiple units even at low investment. This is thanks to the DEF debuff from her passive and ability to equip Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. Plus she deals good damage at higher investment.

However, her higher energy requirements make her rely on a battery or building higher Energy Recharge. This is solvable, but it makes her less valuable than other units that don’t have this issue.

But she also has the option of being an on-field DPS. In this case, her energy requirements are significantly reduced. Plus the introduction of Dendro further buffed her already good damage output.

Note: This is based on meta only. If you like Lisa regardless of her power level, don’t let this stop you from playing her.


Pros & Cons

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Great Electro application both on-field and off-field
  • Strong personal damage and Dendro buffs
  • Offers very rare DEF debuffs at low investment
  • High energy requirements
  • Replaceable in most teams
  • Hard to get constellations

Lisa Strengths

1. Great Electro Application
Lisa’s elemental burst / Genshin Impact
Lisa’s elemental burst

Lisa has one of the fastest rates of Electro application in-game.

Her elemental burst can apply Electro up to 10 times per duration. This abundance of Electro application lets her trigger and enable plenty of Electro-related reactions — aka more damage.

Plus it makes great use of her Elemental Mastery ascension stat.

Lisa’s reliable Electro application is especially good for Quicken/Aggravate teams, both in terms of extra damage and buff uptime.

2. Strong Personal Damage and Dendro Buffs
Lisa with 4pc. Thundering Fury / Genshin Impact
Lisa with 4pc. Thundering Fury

At baseline, Lisa already has great multipliers – the introduction of Dendro only made her even stronger.

It solved multiple loose ends in her kit and turned them into her strengths. Some of these buffs include:

  • Her rapid Electro application now benefits the team through additional damage and buff uptime from Quicken/Aggravate reactions.
  • These reactions also benefit from her Elemental Mastery ascension stat and DEF shred ascension passive.
  • Her previously long skill cooldowns were greatly reduced by the updates made to the 4pc. Thundering Fury set — aka more chances to deal skill damage.

These buffs make her an even better DPS unit, be it on-field or off-field — but especially on-field.

3. Rare DEF Debuff at Low Investment
Lisa’s ascension passive / Genshin Impact
Lisa’s ascension passive

Lisa is one of the rarest sources of DEF debuffs in the game.

This makes her a valuable buffer to any and every unit. Plus this ability is tied to her passive, so simply leveling and ascending her is enough to unlock it.

So she’s already a good support even at low investment.


Lisa Weaknesses

1. High Energy Requirements
Lisa’s burst energy cost / Genshin Impact
Lisa’s burst energy cost

Lisa’s expensive 80 energy cost burst makes her rely on a battery or building higher Energy Recharge for an off-field role.

This can be an especially big issue in teams where she’s the only Electro unit.

Because of this, she’s often paired with Electro batteries like Raiden and Fischl. These two can significantly decrease her energy requirements.

But this can limit her team drafting options.

You will struggle getting her burst without a battery, multiple Favonius weapons in a team, or very high Energy Recharge.

Her burst is easily the most valuable part of her kit. Without it, you don’t get the DEF buff passive, which makes her a significantly worse option than other units.

However, this generally isn’t a problem in an on-field DPS build since she’s on-field performing skills and catching energy particles.

2. Replaceable in Most Teams
Lisa’s idle animation / Genshin Impact
Lisa’s idle animation

Lisa has plenty of alternatives in her team slots — most of which are much easier to play and use than her.

Because of this, it’s often more convenient to just go with the other unit.

For instance, Lisa is a great unit in Aggravate teams. She deals good personal damage while maintaining good buff uptime.

However, Fischl and Keqing are very viable replacements here.

Fischl deals more damage than Lisa while applying around the same amount of Electro. Plus she doesn’t have any energy issues to deal with. In most cases, it’s just better to use Fischl.

3. Hard to Get Constellations
Lisa’s gacha screen / Genshin Impact
Lisa’s gacha screen

Lisa is a standard 4-star character. This means that her constellations can only be obtained through the standard banner.

It’s never worth it to actively spend your Primogems in that banner. Instead, your free Acquaint fates are the only few rolls you get.

So you have significantly lesser chances of getting Lisa constellations than non-standard 4-stars — sometimes even less than 5-star units.

However, you can buy her constellations from the Paimon’s Bargain shop once every 6 months. It’s a slow way of getting them but guaranteed.


Are Lisa’s Constellations Good?

Lisa’s constellation screen / Genshin Impact
Lisa’s constellation screen

Lisa has good constellations — but, unfortunately, it’s relatively hard to get them.

So if you’re planning to use Lisa, it’s highly recommended to buy her constellations from the Paimon’s Bargain shop when available.

The most notable constellation to go for is C4. This constellation is a significant buff to both her burst damage and Electro application.


C1: Infinite Circuit

Lisa regenerates 2 energy for every hit while holding her skill. A maximum of 10 energy can be regenerated this way.

This is a decent quality-of-life buff that reduces her energy requirements.

However, this is most applicable for teams where Lisa spends a lot of field time — or at least enough to cast her hold skill and catch C1’s energy particles.

In an off-field build, this is basically useless.


C2: Electromagnetic Field

Holding her skill increases her DEF by 25% and resistance to interruption.

This makes casting her hold skill slightly more comfortable.

The difference is barely visible, but it can be situationally valuable — particularly in cases where C2 actually stops her from getting interrupted.


C3: Resonant Thunder

Increases her elemental burst talent by 3.

This increases her elemental burst multipliers. It’s an unconditional damage gain mainly useful for DPS builds.


C4: Plasma Eruption

Increases the number of lightning bolts released by her burst by 1-3.

This applies to all her lightning bolts. So each lightning bolt (29 in total) has a chance of releasing 1-3 additional bolts per discharge.

C4 further increases both her burst’s damage and Electro application. It’s easily among her best constellations.


C5: Electrocute

Increases her elemental skill talent level by 3.

Like C3, this is a direct damage gain but slightly smaller. Although her skill has really good multipliers, it contributes less damage than her burst.


C6: Pulsating Witch

When Lisa goes on-field, she applies 3 stacks of her skill’s Conductive status onto nearby opponents. This can only occur once every 5s.

This is generally a good constellation.

It makes stacking her Conductive status easier. However, it becomes less valuable if you’re already familiar with her skill’s bounce tech.

This mechanic basically shows that Lisa’s hold skill and its application of Conductive statuses can bounce between opponents. So casting it against tightly grouped opponents lets you easily gain 3 Conductive statuses — no need to keep casting her tap skill or performing charged attacks.

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