Genshin Impact: Is Rosaria Good? (Pros & Cons)

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Rosaria is a great unit that basically works in every team that needs a Cryo unit. This is thanks to her respectable personal damage, good Cryo application, strong energy generation, utilities, and over versatility as a unit. So she’s not a must-build, but she’s definitely a unit worth building.

However, she does face a lot of strong competition in her role. So it’s best to consider which characters you already have before building Rosaria.

Still, she’s a great off-field DPS that actually works well with the competition she faces.

For instance, Ayaka strictly deals more on-field damage than Rosaria – but Rosaria also works really well as her battery and off-field DPS. The same applies to units like Ganyu, Eula, and Kaeya.


Pros & Cons

Strengths Weaknesses
  • High personal damage
  • Offer plenty of utility
  • Has multiple build options
  • Works well in a lot of teams
  • Restrains your team inside her burst
  • C2 is pretty important
  • Often competes with other Cryo units

Rosaria Strengths

1. High Personal Damage
Rosaria’s burst multipliers / Genshin Impact
Rosaria’s burst multipliers

Rosaria has good multipliers – that’s mostly it. This lets her deal very respectable personal damage, which makes her a really good off-field DPS option.

Additionally, her burst’s slower Cryo application is also worth noting.

This is because her burst only attacks once every 2s. So with a decent Pyro applicator, you can easily trigger Reverse Melt reactions in all of its hits, which is a 2x damage increase to its damage.

2. Offers Plenty of Utility
Rosaria’s skill repositioning her near opponents / Genshin Impact
Rosaria’s skill repositioning her near opponents

Rosaria has a wide variety of utilities, namely, consistent off-field Cryo application, good energy generation, automatic repositioning toward opponents, and CRIT buffs.

  • Her burst is a good source of consistent off-field Cryo application. It’s great for triggering Cryo-related reactions – such as Superconduct in Physical teams – and for shield-breaking.
  • Rosaria’s short skill cooldown lets her generate a lot of particles from multiple casts. So she’s a great Cryo battery for every Cryo unit that needs a bit more energy – namely, Eula, Ayaka, Ganyu, and sometimes Kaeya.
  • Her skill can instantly bring her closer to opponents, which is a convenient quality-of-life ability.
  • Her passive is one of the only sources of CRIT rate buffs provided by a character in-game. It’s an overall nice ability to have, even in in Freeze teams that already have a lot of CRIT rate.

Rosaria also gains a bit more utility from her constellations.

The most notable one is her C6 that decreases the Physical resistance of opponents hit by her burst. It makes her an even better unit for Physical teams.

3. Multiple Build Options
Rosaria with 4pc. Blizzard Strayer / Genshin Impact
Rosaria with 4pc. Blizzard Strayer

Rosaria can effectively use multiple artifact set combinations and weapons – most of which are really accessible to players.

Her artifact options include Blizzard Strayer, Noblesse Oblige, 2pc. ATK sets, and Emblem of Severed Fate. You can also use Lavawalker and 2pc. Wanderer’s Troupe/Gilded Dreams for Reverse Melt teams.

Basically, it’s likely that you already have an artifact set that can suit her or she’s simply easier to farm for.

Additionally, she also has a lot of good 4-star weapon options.

This includes Wavebreaker’s Fin, Dragon’s Bane for Reverse Melt, The Catch, and Favonius Lance if you want to use her mostly as a battery.

4. Work Well in a Lot of Teams
Rosaria team example: Freeze / Genshin Impact
Rosaria team example: Freeze

Rosaria basically works everywhere that needs a Cryo unit, and this is thanks to both her damage and utilities.

She generally offers a lot to the team she’s drafted in, so she’s always a nice pick.

For instance, her C6’s Physical resistance shred, good energy generation, repositioning ability, and CRIT rate buff make her a great candidate for Eula teams.

Similarly, her strong synergy with Kaeya and slightly slower burst ticks make her an amazing unit for Reverse Melt teams.


Rosaria Weaknesses

1. Immobile Burst
Rosaria’s elemental burst / Genshin Impact
Rosaria’s elemental burst

Rosaria’s burst is immobile, but it does have considerable AOE.

This is mainly just an issue when facing opponents that move a lot, can’t be frozen, or when you’re not using a Freeze team. It’s a situational weakness.

2. Kinda Wants C2
Rosaria’s C2 / Genshin Impact
Rosaria’s C2

Rosaria is already a good unit at C0, but her C2 unlocks a sizable portion of her potential.

C2 increases her burst duration by 4s, and this significantly buffs her damage and Cryo application and smoothens her team rotations. Because of this, it is a valuable constellation that’s highly recommended if you plan on using her.

3. Other Cryo Units
Other Cryo units: Ayaka, Ganyu, Kaeya and Diona / Genshin Impact
Other Cryo units: Ayaka, Ganyu, Kaeya and Diona

Rosaria very often competes with other Cryo units in all her roles. Here’s a deeper comparison of her vs some relevant Cryo characters.

Cryo Unit vs Rosaria
Ayaka & Ganyu Ayaka and Ganyu are stronger on-field DPS units than Rosaria – she really can’t compete with them when it comes to damage. Instead, Rosaria is a really great teammate for them. This is thanks to her multiple roles as a battery, off-field DPS, and buffer.
Kaeya Kaeya is a very similar unit. Rosaria can fill any slot that Kaeya also fills – so they’re generally interchangeable. Plus their identically strong burst and short skill cooldown make them great teammates, especially in a Reverse Melt team.

For a deeper comparison of the two, you can check out our guide Kaeya vs Rosaria.
Diona Diona is mainly a support unit that provides a lot of defensive utility. She’s great for teams where you need more survivability, not damage. Otherwise, Rosaria is a better pick thanks to her personal DPS.

Are Rosaria’s Constellations Good?

Rosaria’s constellation screen / Genshin Impact
Rosaria’s constellation screen

Rosaria has a fair share of good and unnecessary constellations, but she’s already a perfectly functional unit at C0.

Most of them serve as slight damage buffs and quality-of-life upgrades that are generally still nice to have.

C2 is the only constellation that would significantly upgrade her, so it’s definitely the best one to go for.

Regardless, you’ll get most of her constellations naturally while pulling in any gacha banner. So here’s a closer look at each one.


C1: Unholy Revelation

When Rosaria deals a CRIT hit, her ATK speed increases by 10%, and her normal attack damage increases by 10% for 4s.

This is mainly good for teams where Rosaria is the on-field DPS – either Physical or Cryo. However, it’s irrelevant in most of her teams which are quickswap and don’t make use of her normal attacks.


C2: Land Without Promise

The duration of her burst is increased by 4s.

This is Rosaria’s best constellation by far, and it provides a significant boost to her damage and off-field Cryo application.

It’s highly recommended to go for this constellation if you can.


C3: The Wages of Sin

Increases her elemental skill talent level by 3.

It buffs her skill, which is a small but appreciated damage gain.


C4: Painful Grace

Her burst’s CRIT hits regenerate 5 energy for Rosaria. This can only be triggered once per cast.

This is an overall decent quality-of-life constellation that slightly reduces her already low energy requirements.


C5: Last Rites

Increases her elemental burst talent level by 3.

Rosaria’s burst deals a significant portion of her damage, so this is definitely a good constellation. Damage-wise, this is her second-best constellation after C2 – it’s just a nice damage gain.


C6: Divine Retribution

Her burst’s attacks decrease enemies’ Physical resistance by 20% for 10s.

This is mainly useful in Physical teams – most notably in Eula teams – but irrelevant anywhere else. It’s a situationally good constellation.

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