Is Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers Good? (Genshin Impact)

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Thrilling Takes of Dragon Slayers (TTDS) is an amazing weapon. It’s a 3-star gacha weapon that you can pull in any of the banners, so it’s very easy to get multiple copies and refine up to Refinement Rank 5 (R5).

At R5, it has the following effects: When switching characters, the new character taking the field has their ATK buffed by 48% for 10s. This can only occur once every 20s.

It’s an unconditional source of ATK buffs – there’s no need to level it at all. Plus it basically lets you turn any catalyst user into a support for your teammates.

TTDS is especially good for DPS units that can snapshot. This refers to units with abilities that can snapshot or retain the buffs they have upon casting.

For instance, Beidou’s burst can snapshot. So by giving her the TTDS buff and then casting her burst, the 48% ATK increase will last for her burst’s entire duration, not just the 10s stated in TTDS’ passive.

The buff also stays on the character even when they go off-field.

This is great for off-field characters that can’t snapshot and therefore have lesser buff sources – since most buffs are only given when on-field.

Plus TTDS’ HP secondary stat makes it even better for dedicated catalyst healers – namely, Kokomi and Barbara. It helps increase their healing.

Here’s a more detailed list of the best characters to pair with its synergies across all current playable catalyst users.

Great Good Not Recommended
Any catalyst unit used entirely as a support, Barbara, Kokomi, Sucrose Lisa, Mona, Heizou Ningguang, Klee, Yae Miko, Yanfei
  • Great means that TTDS is one of the character’s best weapon options.
  • Good means that TTDS works on the character, but these characters often prefer DPS weapons or ones that have Energy Recharge as a secondary stat.
  • Not recommended means that the character is a DPS unit that’s better off with a DPS weapon – TTDS is viable for a support build, but it severely nerfs their personal damage.
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