Genshin Impact: Is Tighnari Good? (Pros & Cons)

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Tighnari is a good character. He is not one of the best DPS units in-game, but he is good enough. He excels mainly in single-target by dealing high bursts of damage from his skill and burst. He needs very little field time for this, so quickswap team comps are often recommended.

His quick and good on-field Dendro application also lets him buff Electro and Dendro teammates through Aggravate and Spread.

Plus Tighnari is really straightforward and easy to play. This makes him a great DPS unit for more casual players – there are no deeper or more complicated mechanics involved.

That said, Tighnari is single-target oriented and less favorable against AOE. Plus his abilities rely on auto-targeting, which can be a bit troublesome because the game’s auto-targeting isn’t great.

Still, Tighnari is a great unit, especially as a standard banner 5-star.


Pros & Cons

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Deals high bursts of damage
  • Good on-field Dendro application
  • Easy and straightforward gameplay
  • Multiple free-to-play friendly weapon options
  • Unfavorable against AOE
  • Relies on auto-targeting

Tighnari Strengths

1. High Bursts of Damage
Tighnari’s idle animation / Genshin Impact
Tighnari’s idle animation

Tighnari’s skill and burst deal high bursts of damage with minimal field time.

This makes him great for content with small damage windows – aka limited time to deal a lot of damage against an opponent.

Plus it lets him easily slot into quickswap teams. These are teams where you just cast all your skills and burst off cooldown and then quickly swap between party members – hence the name quickswap.

2. Good On-Field Dendro Application
Tighnari’s elemental skill / Genshin Impact
Tighnari’s elemental skill

Tighnari’s quick and consistent on-field Dendro application lets him trigger both Aggravate and Spread reactions on opponents.

This basically buffs all Electro and Dendro characters in the team.

3. Easy and Straightforward to Play
Tighnari’s special charged attack / Genshin Impact
Tighnari’s special charged attack

Tighnari is a great unit for casual and early-game players thanks to his more basic kit.

His gameplay is pretty easy and straightforward – just cast all abilities off cooldown and perform at least 3 charged attacks after casting his skill.

His homing abilities also require little to no aiming – they automatically chase after opponents. This is especially good against opponents that tend to move a lot.

4. Multiple Free-to-Play Friendly Weapons
Tighnari with Prototype Crescent / Genshin Impact
Tighnari with Prototype Crescent

Tighnari has many good free-to-play friendly weapon options.

These are basically weapons that are accessible to most or all players – usually craftable, 3-star, or given for free.

Here’s a more detailed list of Tighnari’s F2P-friendly weapon options:

  • Prototype Crescent – Mondstadt craftable weapon
  • Slingshot R5 – 3-star gacha weapon
  • Windblume Ode R5 – free 4-star weapon
  • The Stringless – 4-star gacha weapon

Tighnari Weaknesses

1. Unfavorable Against AOE
Tighnari’s single-target locked charged attack / Genshin Impact
Tighnari’s single-target locked charged attack

Tighnari excels in single-target but falls behind against AOE.

This is because of his single-target-oriented abilities – his skill and burst mainly target one opponent. He still works against AOE, but it’s significantly worse.

Plus auto-targeting becomes a bigger issue in AOE because you can’t pick which opponent to focus your attacks on.

2. Relies on Auto-Targeting
Zhongli’s pillar blocking Tighnari’s charged attack / Genshin Impact
Zhongli’s pillar blocking Tighnari’s charged attack

Auto-targeting in Genshin is not that good.

There are plenty of bugs or generally unlucky scenarios when relying on auto-targeting – and Tighnari is very much subject to this.

Tighnari’s charged attacks and burst heavily rely on auto-targeting to track opponents. So it’s pretty common to encounter auto-targeting problems.

For instance, Geo constructs or the domain’s walls can block his projectiles. Or his attacks can auto-target a Cicin Mage’s flies instead of the Mage itself.


Are Tighnari’s Constellations Good?

Tighnari’s constellation screen / Genshin Impact
Tighnari’s constellation screen

Tighnari has pretty average constellations – but none of them is a must-pull since he’s already a complete unit at C0.

Plus you can’t guarantee getting his constellations from the standard banner, so it’s generally not realistic to actively pull for them.

Instead, you’ll naturally get Tighnari and his constellations while pulling in the standard and character event banner.

Let’s take a closer look at each one.


C1: Beginnings Determined at the Roots

His charged attack CRIT Rate is increased by 15%.

This is very straightforward – it increases the likeliness of scoring a CRIT hit. Plus it lets you focus more on other stats aside from CRIT Rate.


C2: Origins Known From the Stem

When there are opponents inside Tighnari’s skill, he gains a 20% Dendro damage bonus. This lasts up to 6s if the field expires or if there are no more opponents inside.

This is a good damage increase – around the same as C1.


C3: Fortunes Read Amongst the Branches

Increases his elemental burst talent level by 3.

This is a small but direct damage gain from their father.


C4: Withering Glimpsed in the Leaves

When Tighnari’s burst is cast, all nearby party members gain 60 Elemental Mastery for 8s. If his burst triggers Burning, Bloom, Quicken, or Spread, their EM is further increased by 60. This will also refresh the buff duration.

This is a great teamwide buff, especially for Tighnari. Plus it’s very easy to trigger.


C5: Comprehension Amidst the Flowers

Increases his elemental skill talent level by 3.

This increases his skill multipliers – however, the damage increase is incredibly tiny.


C6: Karma Adjudged from the Leaden Fruit

Tighnari’s special charged attacks have their charging time decreased by 0.9s. This also produces one additional Clusterbloom Arrow upon hit. This arrow deals 150% of his ATK as damage.

This is a significant damage boost thanks to its decreased charging time and additional arrow.

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