Pokémon Superfan? Get Paid To Play The New Pokémon Snap (Closed)

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Yes you read that right! You could get paid $1,000 USD to play and review the New Pokémon Snap game.

We’re on the hunt for a die-hard Pokémon fan to play and review New Pokémon Snap, in what can only be described as a dream job offer. The game is set to be released on April 30th in North America, and is a rebooted version of the original 1999 Pokémon Snap game released on Nintendo 64.

In the game, Pokémon fanatics are tasked with photographing Pokémon in the wild to learn about them as creatures, rather than the regular game mechanic of capturing and training them.

Players can also compete with friends to solve puzzles and take the best photographs, with the ability to score extra points by taking pictures of Pokémon in different habitats. Gamers across the world are waiting with bated breath to play this, so imagine being able to earn money while you play it!

One successful candidate that meets our requirements will receive a brand new Nintendo Switch, as well as a digital copy of the game to play and complete, and will be asked to make a log of their opinions of the game, ready to write a comprehensive review that will be published onsite. Upon completing the game and submitting their review, the player will receive $1,000 USD for their time.

Pokémon fans who wish to apply for the role can do so with the form below. Applications close on the 31st of May:

The lucky candidate will be expected to engage fully in the task and relay their opinions on a variety of aspects of the game, including: consistency of the Pokémon statistics and characteristics, the storyline of the game, the mechanics of the gameplay itself, likelihood of easter eggs, and more! They’ll then be expected to collect their findings and write a detailed review of the game, ready to be uploaded to our site for our vast community of Pokémon fans to read.

The job is open to applicants across the world, but candidates must be at least 16 years old or over with a good level of written English. Access to the Internet is a must, to ensure that all elements of the game can be played and reviewed thoroughly, as well as some form of computer or device to write and submit the review. Professional writing experience is not necessary, however a passion for all things Pokémon is essential!

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