Get Paid To Watch Euphoria & Predict What’s Going To Happen Next Season

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Euphoria is probably one of the biggest shows to grace our screens this year already, and has a massive fan base globally.

For the last couple of months Euphoria fans have eagerly anticipated a new episode every Sunday night. However as the second series has sadly come to an end, all fans are keen to discover what will happen next.

It was music to our ears, and I’m sure yours too, that another season of the show is coming. Though many of us are now wondering what will happen in the third season; what will Rue get up to next, what relationships may blossom, and ultimately what bombshells are likely to happen? (we’re trying to not to give too much away for anyone who hasn’t finished the last season yet)

So as we all wait for the third season we want to predict what the future may look like for the East Highland residents, and if the producers have left any Easter eggs over the last couple of seasons to hint to us what that may be.

Setting out to do just this, we’re so excited to announce that we’re looking to bring on our very own ‘Euphoria Analyst’ to watch all past episodes and see if we’ve been left any clues along the way as to what will happen next!

The successful candidate will need to:

  • Watch the entire episode history of Euphoria over the one month project period
  • Analyze each episode, writing down key events and any Easter eggs that might be spotted to help predict what might happen in the third season
  • To watch and read interviews with cast members and show producers, and follow them on social media, to monitor any additional storyline clues
  • Prove that they have a good grasp of the written English language and be able to produce strong notes of any findings
  • Have a strong Internet connection and a device to watch the TV show on
  • Be over the age of 18

The person hired for the role will:

  • Earn $4,000 USD for the month-long role
  • Will receive expenses to cover fees to watch the TV show for the month (TV license or streaming platform subscription)
  • Remote and flexible working

Are you a Euphoria addict who wants to get paid to rewatch your favorite show? Or have you never seen it and fancy finding out what the hype is all about? Well if either of those were a yes, you can apply for the role by filling out the form below.

Applications must be received before 25th March, 2022 for a chance to be considered, as we will be filling the role in April.

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