Best Waifus in Gintama: The Ultimate Ranking

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When it comes to female character writing in anime, very few shows can stand in the ring with Gintama.

This is mostly due to the fact that this show doesn’t care about most female archetypes and just goes bananas when it comes to design and backstory.

Well for this ranking we’re looking into some of my favorite ladies from the series, and crowning them with the prestigious waifu title!


5. Kyuubei Yagyuu

Kyuubei Yagyuu in Gintama anime

Trap characters aren’t anything new to anime.

Although it’s usually a feminine dude… but Kyuubei definitely does not fall under this category.

As a character, she embraces both her masculine and feminine qualities, and just does her best to protect those she cares about.

This already makes her stand out among the rest.

But the fact that she is also pretty badass only furthers my love and respect for this character.

From a design perspective, I also have to say that I love her eye-patch, and how it will occasionally change in order to better fit the scene.

And sure, Kyuubei can’t really stand being touched and likes to keep her distance.

But that goes in her favor, as there are countless scenes of her freaking out and tossing around any man who was unlucky enough to grab her shoulder.

Overall, she’s a very stoic character, which makes it that much more adorable when she does show her soft side.

And her determination not to fit into general gender norms is something a lot of writers could takes notes from.


4. Kagura

Kagura Gintama anime screenshot

Being the main heroine of the series, it’s pretty difficult not to like Kagura to some extent.

Personally, I love how honest she is.

Like seriously, this chick would rather die than put on airs. She just does her own thing throughout the series.

Be that downing enough food to feed half of the world, cussing like the average League of Legends player, or barfing, it’s safe to say that the show doesn’t really care whether you consider Kagura attractive or not.

And yet, that’s exactly what makes her so lovable!

Not to mention that Gintama’s comedy would hardly be complete without this loud-mouth brat running around and insulting people.

And lastly, in terms of design I wasn’t initially going to write anything, as I don’t know how alien age works. But after the time-skip episode, I can confidently say that she is drop-dead gorgeous as well.

Truly just a beast on all levels.


3. Nobume Imai

Nobume Imai from Gintama anime

Straight up, Nobume’s backstory hits me right in the feels like a ton of bricks.

That being said, seeing her move past her trauma and become the lovable waifu we know today has been quite the amazing journey.

From a cold-blooded assassin to a mild temperature blooded protector, she has come such a long way!

I mean, she still does opt for the old killing technique but at least now it is mostly done for comedy and not tragedy.

Plus her overall kuudere vibe does wonders for the show, as her deadpan expression coupled with innocent words and a drawn blade will never cease to be funny.

In fact, anything coming from the sisterhood of sadism is bound to be golden!

In terms of her design, she’s one of the very best – even accounting for the fact that her expression rarely changes. And I would be lying if I said she didn’t look like an absolute boss in her captain uniform.


2. Tama

Tama Gintama anime screenshot

Tama might be a robot. But man does she bring the life to every scene she is in!

She’s basically the almighty goddess of gamers, dropping Dragon Quest references like there was no tomorrow, going full pixel to grab you by the nostalgia, and overall just being the epitome of chaotic energy.

In terms of her temper, I would say she leans towards the kuudere side. Which if you haven’t picked up by now is a major plus in my books.

But she can get aggressive real quick, as she knocks down your door like the Kool Aid man and lectures you on the proper way to sit.

You also just have to appreciate how many jokes lend themselves to the fact that her head comes off.

It sounds like such a niche setup. And yet the writing team never fails to make use of it!

In fact, I think Tama is basically a godsend when it comes to comedy, because she allows for the most absurd jokes ever.

In terms of design and personality, I find it very hard not to love her.

I’m not sure whether she has ever annoyed me for a second. And let’s just say that her manufacturer knew what they were doing.


1. Tsukuyo

Tsukuyo in Gintama anime

This probably won’t come as a surprise to absolutely anyone, as I have seen nothing but love for this character within the community.

And I think that’s because she basically has every element from the other characters all wrapped into one.

Just like Kyuubei, she doesn’t give a damn about gender roles, and even scarred her face in order to rid herself of her womanhood.

Plenty of alpha energy coupled with rare but brilliant moments of emotional vulnerability.

Just like Kagura, she basically does and says whatever she wants, often getting drunk out of her mind and running around with her army of ninjas causing chaos.

On that note:

Just like Nobume, she’s quite violent, and will stab you in the head pretty frequently.

And lastly, just like Tama, her unique situation (here being the fact that she’s a ninja) lends herself for tons of memorable jokes and whacky situations.

See? I told you she had all of the parts of the waifu Exodia!

Her relationship with Gintoki is simultaneously the most wholesome and most hilarious dynamic in the entire show.

Tsukuyo herself is one of the most interesting characters in anime – and she is definitely the top waifu of Gintama.

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