Goddess of Victory: Nikke Complete Beginner’s Guide + Tips

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NIKKE: Goddess of Victory is a tactical FPS gacha game with tons of fanservice and an AFK-based rewards system.

In this guide I’m going to show you everything you need to know as a beginner — including several tips for newer accounts, and a list of things you should do once you start playing the game.


Starting Off (Rerolling & Combat Mechanics)

Chapter 1 - Corruption (Title Card) / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Chapter 1 – Corruption (Title Card)

You will be able to start rerolling after clearing BOSS Stage 1-4, which takes about 15-25 minutes depending on how fast you skip the dialogue.


How To Reroll

If you don’t like the units you’ve received in your first pull, simply restart the game to begin rerolling.

Upon restarting the game, you will be able to see a “Log out” button located at the upper left part of the login screen — as highlighted in the image below:

Login Screen / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Login Screen

After you click the “Log out” button, you’ll then be presented with all the possible Sign in options — including email and social media accounts:

Login Options / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Login Options

From there, you can choose whatever Sign in option you want to use and play up to BOSS Stage 1-4 to get another chance at pulling the units you want in the gacha.

I recommend creating multiple Gmail accounts for rerolling in NIKKE: Goddess of Victory, as more often than not, you’ll also be able to use these Gmail accounts for rerolling in other games!


Is Rerolling Necessary?

Ordinary Recruit (Tutorial Banner) / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Ordinary Recruit (Tutorial Banner)

If you want to be able to blitz through the early game stages with little to no bottlenecks, then yes, rerolling is necessary.

The disparity of power between meta and non-meta units in this game is quite high. Having even one meta unit as a beginner just makes your early game much easier.

If you care more about the story, collecting waifus, and accessing the countless features the game has to offer, however, then rerolling won’t be necessary at all.

Sure you’d most likely progress slower than players that have meta units. But hey, at least you won’t get stuck in the dreaded “reroll hell”, right?


Who To Reroll For

Recruitment Results (x3 SSR) / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Recruitment Results (x3 SSR)

If you decide to reroll for only the best SSR units in the game, then I recommend you try to get:

Recommended SSR Nikkes Limit Burst Types Manufacturer Types
Drake Type 1 Missilis
Ludmilla Type 1 Tetra
Scarlet Type 3 Pilgrim
Noah Type 2 Pilgrim
Harran Type 3 Pilgrim
Volume Type 1 Tetra
Guillotine Type 3 Elysion
Novel Type 2 Tetra
Liter Type 3 Missilis
Pepper Type 1 Missilis

Picking up just one or two of the SSR units listed in the table above and pairing them with top-tier SR units will carry you through the early game easily.

Here are a few top-tier SR Characters that you might want to consider investing in:

Recommended SSR Nikkes Limit Burst Types Manufacturer Types
Rapi Type 3 Elysion
Neon Type 1 Elysion
Belorta Type 2 Tetra
Anis Type 2 Tetra
N102 Type 1 Missilis

For team building, I highly recommend creating a Squad with at least one of each Limit Burst type.

Preferably, this Squad would also have at least 2 DPS/Attacker units on it, which more often than not are Type 3 Burst units.


Combat Mechanics Guide

Combat / Goddess of Victory: Nikke

The basic mechanics of combat in Nikke: Goddess of Victory will be fully explained to you during the tutorial, so it’s worth paying attention to that in a new account.

Simply put: you can aim, fire, use Burst Skills, and take cover to protect your Nikkes, but all of these you can do automatically by turning on Auto Mode once you get to Chapter 2.

Full Burst Description (Tutorial) / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Full Burst Description (Tutorial)

I do not recommend that you rely on Auto Mode often, however, as your Burst Skills are better off being activated manually most of the time.

Activating all three types of Burst Skills triggers a Full Burst, which is a very important mechanic to master for beginners.

Full Burst gives your Nikkes increased damage for a short amount of time — allowing you to mow down your enemies faster.

If you want to take full advantage of this mechanic, you need to time your Burst Skills perfectly. This is something you just can’t do in Auto Mode.


Primary Objectives For Beginners

To help you get through the early game quickly and efficiently, here are the five most important objectives that you should accomplish as a beginner in NIKKE: Goddess of Victory.


Objective #1: Focus On Clearing Your Campaign Stages

Stage 5-11 (Campaign) / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Stage 5-11 (Campaign)

Clearing Campaign stages is key to unlocking most of the features and game modes.

You will also be able to farm more materials and resources through the AFK (Outpost Defense) reward system the more Campaign stages you clear.

Outpost Level Up (Level 11 > Level 12) / Goddess of Victory: Nikke”><figcaption class=Outpost Level Up (Level 11 > Level 12)

The Outpost Defense feature accumulates account growth items regardless of whether or not you’re playing the game:

  • Credits
  • Core Dust
  • Battle Data
  • Equipment

Your Outpost Defense’s reward capacity is increased for every 5 Campaign stages you clear, so make sure to clear as many of them as you can early on!

Ark Game Modes / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Ark Game Modes

Here are the Ark game modes you’ll eventually unlock just by playing the Campaign:

Ark Game Modes Primary Resources Farmed Unlock Requirements
Lost Sector
  • Gems
  • Harmony Cubes
  • Core Dust
  • Recruit Vouchers
  • Boost Modules
  • Credits
Clear Campaign Stage 5-3
Tribe Tower
  • Credits
  • Core Dust
  • Gems
Clear Campaign Stage 3-3
Simulation Room
  • Battle Data
  • Skill Manuals
  • Burst Manuals
Clear Campaign Chapter 1
  • Equipment
  • Boost Modules
Clear Campaign Stage 3-9

Objective #2: Unlock Your Recruitment Wishlist

Recruitment Wishlist / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Recruitment Wishlist

The Recruitment Wishlist feature allows you to choose five SSR Nikkes per manufacturer (Elysion/Missilis/Tetra) and increase their drop rates in the gacha.

You can unlock this feature once you reach 40 total pulls in the gacha, and I strongly advise that you fill out your Wishlist right after you unlock the feature.

Being able to increase the chances of getting specific units you want will boost your long-term progress, as some Nikkes are just built better than others.


Objective #3: Join a Union

Union List / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Union List

The Union system is NIKKE: Goddess of Victory’s version of a guild system.

Most Unions require you to log in every day, and in exchange, you’ll be able to farm Union Chips which you can exchange for resources in the Union Shop.

Union Shop / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Union Shop

There are a lot of useful items you can purchase here, but I especially recommend buying out Battle Data Sets first if you’re still a beginner.


Objective #4: Add Multiple Friends

Recommended Friends / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Recommended Friends

Adding friends in this game is a must if you want free pulls in the Social Point Recruitment gacha.

Social Point Recruit (SP Banner) / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Social Point Recruit (SP Banner)

The rates for SR and SSR units are lower here compared to regular banners, but I still recommend that you add as many active friends as you can and farm Social Points early on.

You can add friends easily by sending friend requests to players who are listed on the “Recommended Friends” page or by simply sending them to members of your Union or other Unions.


Objective #5: Use Your Outpost Facilities

Outpost Facilities List / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Outpost Facilities List

Your Outpost is where your Nikkes stay, and where you can find various useful features that’ll allow you to farm resources and strengthen your units.

Visiting your Outpost often and unlocking new Outpost facilities lets you unlock more non-combat features in the game:

Outpost Facilities Purpose
Synchro Device Allows you to synchronize the level of any unit to the unit with the 5th highest level you own
Bulletin Board Allows you to dispatch units and farm resources and materials
Tactics Academy Unlocks QoL features (Increased Building slots, Increased Building range, etc.)
Recycling Room Strengthens Nikkes with general stat boosts
Infrastructure Core Unlocks QoL features (Auto Dispatch, Claim All, Increased Advise daily limit, etc.)

How To Increase Power (Powering Up Nikkes)

Nikke List / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Nikke List

Here are all the methods you can use to power up your Nikkes in the early game as a beginner:

Power Up Methods Primary Requirements Upgrade Effects
Level Upgrade
  • Credits
  • Battle Data
  • Core Dust
Increases level and overall stats
Limit Break
  • Unit Duplicates
Increases overall stats and max level
  • Equipment
  • Boost Modules
Increases some stats when equipped
Skill Upgrade
  • Skill Manuals
  • Burst Manuals
Increases skill effectiveness (healing amount, buff effectiveness, skill DPS, etc.)
Harmony Cubes
  • Harmony Cubes
Increases stats & adds passive buffs

NIKKE: Goddess of Victory General Tips

Anis (In-game Cinematic) / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Anis (In-game Cinematic)

If you want your early game experience to go smoothly, here are a few tips that I encourage you to follow as soon as you start playing the game.


Tip #1: Conserve Your Wipeouts

Wipeout Notice / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Wipeout Notice

The Wipeout feature allows you to farm 2 hours’ worth of AFK rewards with a click of a button.

Only one Wipeout instance is free per day. You’ll have to pay Gems in order to keep on using the feature for up to 10 more times per day.

Considering how many resources and materials you can get from Wipeouts, I highly recommend waiting until the end of each day before using them for maximum gains.


Tip #2: Sync Your Low-Level Units

Synchro Device Page / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Synchro Device Page

Your Synchro Device allows you to increase the level of any unit to the level of your 5th highest-leveled unit.

This means that if your five highest-leveled Nikkes are Level 55, Level 54, Level 53, Level 52, and Level 51, the level of the units you’ll set on the Synchro Device will be adjusted to Level 51.

With the Synchro Device, you can get away with investing in five units at most — preferably SR units in the early game since they are easier to Limit Break than SSR units.


Tip #3: Always Look For Good Deals in The Shop

General Shop / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
General Shop

The Shop often features discounted items and even items that are completely free.

Do not miss these items — especially the ones that cost 0 Gems to buy! The Shop refreshes its stock daily, so make sure to visit at least once per day.

I do not recommend using your Gems on refreshing the Shop’s item stock. The return on investment from you doing this — even just once in a while — is quite low, especially if you’re F2P.


Tip #4: Use Gems For Only The Best Uses

Insufficient Gems (Recruitment Notice) / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Insufficient Gems (Recruitment Notice)

Gems are the premium currency in NIKKE: Goddess of Victory. They can be used in a lot of different ways, but that doesn’t mean you should.

Here are a few aspects of the game where you should be spending your limited Gems on:

  • Recruit Banners (where Pity carries over)
  • Wipeouts (max of 7-10 per week)
  • Synchro Device Slots
  • Discount Items in the Shop (optional)

Gems are quite hard to farm once you get over the honeymoon phase of being a beginner. Save them up and don’t spend them all in one place!


Tip #5: Always Clear Your Weekly & Daily Missions

Weekly Missions Cleared / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Weekly Missions Cleared

Daily and Weekly Missions are among the few sources of precious resources and materials:

  • Battle Data Sets
  • Credits
  • Gems
  • Recruit Vouchers
  • Core Dust

Once you exhaust all of the one-time sources of F2P Gems, the Daily and Weekly Missions will be your saving grace.

This is why building a habit of clearing these Daily and Weekly Missions early on is important for all beginner players — F2P or otherwise.


NIKKE: Goddess of Victory Do’s & Don’ts

Marian's Requiem (In-game Cinematic) / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Marian’s Requiem (In-game Cinematic)

Here’s a list of things you absolutely should and shouldn’t do while playing NIKKE: Goddess of Victory as a complete beginner.


  • Do focus on clearing Campaign stages early on
  • Do add as many Friends as you can
  • Do join a Union ASAP
  • Do connect with your Nikke by giving them advice and gifts (for stat bonuses)
  • Do visit and use your Outpost facilities often
  • Do check out the Shop for discounted or free items
  • Do sync only the most useful/top-tier units you have
  • Do invest in five units at most (preferably SR units in the early game)
  • Do save your Wipeouts until the end of each day


  • Don’t fixate on SSR units (some SR units are useful too)
  • Don’t skip your Ark game modes
  • Don’t ignore your Weekly and Daily Missions
  • Don’t rely on Auto Mode — especially on hard fights
  • Don’t waste your Gems on refreshes
  • Don’t Recruit until you’ve completed your Wishlist
  • Don’t miss Lost Relics on Campaign maps
  • Don’t miss any limited-time Events
  • Don’t make a Squad that doesn’t have all three Burst Types
  • Don’t waste your Limit Burst during combat
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