How To Farm Core Dust in Goddess Of Victory: Nikke

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The best way to farm Core Dust is to upgrade your Outpost as much as you can by playing Campaign stages.

That way, you’ll get more resources when claiming rewards from your Outpost Defense, which gives you a set amount of Credits, Battle Data, and Core Dust passively.

Other great ways to farm Core Dust include farming Events or Passes, clearing Daily, Main, and Challenge Missions, or just straight-up buying them from the Content Shop.


Farming Core Dust

Core Dust (Reward Claimed) / NIKKE: Goddess of Victory
Core Dust (Reward Claimed)

Listed below are the best methods that you should consider following to farm as much Core Dust as you can.


Method #1: Claim Outpost Defense Rewards & Do Wipeouts Regularly (Best Method)

Outpost Defense (12 Hours) / NIKKE: Goddess of Victory
Outpost Defense (12 Hours)

Claiming your Outpost Defense rewards is the most reliable and convenient way of farming not only Core Dust, but also other resources like Credits, Battle Data, or Equipment.

But before you rely on this method, I highly recommend you clear as many Campaign stages as you can first, as doing this levels up your Outpost Defense.

The higher your Outpost Defense level is the more Core Dust and other resources you’ll be able to farm. Simple as that!

You’ll also be able to get more Core Dust if you open Core Dust Cases with a higher Outpost Level, so there’s really no reason why you should focus on your Campaign – especially in the early game.


Method #2: Clear Daily, Main, & Challenge Missions

Challenge Missions / NIKKE: Goddess of Victory
Challenge Missions

The next method is to simply collect all the mission rewards from your Main & Challenge Missions, as these give you either Core Dust or Core Dust Cases.

Core Dust Cases give you a set amount of Core Dust depending on how high your Outpost Level is, which is exactly why I’ll remind you again to focus on clearing your Campaign stages early!

Daily Missions / NIKKE: Goddess of Victory
Daily Missions

Daily Missions also give you 50 Core Dust per day as long as you complete the first mission (reach 20P), so don’t miss it.


Method #3: Farm Events & Mission Passes

Event List / NIKKE: Goddess of Victory
Event List

Clearing Events is another great way to earn some free Core Dust or Core Dust Cases – especially clearing the HARD mode of some Story Event stages.

These Events can be Giveaway Events, Coupon Events, Holiday Events, Surveys, or even Collabs with other IPs. Keep track of all of ’em by joining NIKKE’s official Discord server.

You can also get some Core Dust, Core Dust Cases, or other resources like Credits and Battle Data just by clearing monthly or event mission passes and claiming the rewards.


Method #4: Buy from the Shop

Recycling Shop / NIKKE: Goddess of Victory
Recycling Shop

Finally, we have the last method which is just buying Core Dust or Core Dust Cases from the Shop.

You can do this by going over to the Recycling Shop, where you can buy Core Dust Cases in exchange for Broken Cores:

Available Core Dust Cases (Recycling Shop) Purchase Cost Purchase Limit
Core Dust Case (1H) 100 Broken Cores 6 per week
Core Dust Case (2H) 575 Broken Cores 5 per week
Free Core Dust (x0 Gem Cost) / NIKKE: Goddess of Victory
Free Core Dust (x0 Gem Cost)

You can also farm a decent amount of Core Dust over time by visiting the General Shop and buying the Core Dust you see that are either sold for free or at a discounted price.


What Is Core Dust Used For?

Core Dust (Item Description) / NIKKE: Goddess of Victory
Core Dust (Item Description)

Core Dust is used for leveling up Nikkes, which increases their overall stats and improves their performance during battles.

Nikke Upgrade (Level 80 > 81) / NIKKE: Goddess of Victory”><figcaption class=Nikke Upgrade (Level 80 > 81)

Upgrading a unit doesn’t consume Core Dust at every level, but only for every 10 to 20 levels.

Levels Where Core Dust Are Required Levels Unlocked
Level 10 Levels 11 to 19
Level 20 Levels 21 to 39
Level 40 Levels 41 to 59
Level 60 Levels 61 to 79
Level 80 Levels 81 to 99
Level 100 Levels 101 to 119
Level 120 Levels 121 to 139
Level 140 Levels 141 to 159
Level 160 (SSR Nikke Only) Levels 161 to 179
Level 180 (SSR Nikke Only) Levels 181 to 200

To further elaborate, Core Dusts aren’t required if you want to upgrade your Nikke from levels 1 to 9 or 21 to 39, but they are necessary if you want your unit to go from level 9 to 10 or 39 to 40.

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