Nikke: Goddess of Victory Social Point Recruit Guide (How To Farm & Use Social Points)

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The only way to get Social Points in Nikke is to go to your Friends List and receive these points from the friends you’ve already added into your account.

Social Points are very useful in-game though, as they allow you to pull for Nikke in the Social Point Recruit gacha. Here, you can potentially obtain even SSR-rank Nikkes if you’re lucky!

In this guide I’m going to show you everything you need to know about Social Points, how to obtain them, and how the Social Point Recruit gacha works.


What Are Social Points Used For?

Social Point (Item Description) / Nikke: Goddess of Victory
Social Point (Item Description)

Social Points are used for pulling units in the Social Point Recruit gacha, where a single pull costs 10 Social Points and a multi-pull (10x) costs 100 Social Points:

Social Point Recruit / Nikke: Goddess of Victory
Social Point Recruit

This makes Social Points one of the most important currencies in the game, as you can use them to either obtain new units or pull duplicates for Limit Breaks.

I highly recommend adding as many friends as you can – especially for beginner NIKKE players, since this is the only way you can earn Social Points.

Gacha Rates (Social Point Recruit) / Nikke: Goddess of Victory
Gacha Rates (Social Point Recruit)

In the Social Point Recruit gacha, you can pull all three Nikke rarities:

Nikke Rarities Friend Point Recruit Probability (Pull Rates)
SSR 2%
SR 43%
N 55%

As you can see from the table above, the pull rate for SSR units in the Social Point Recruit gacha is 2% lower compared to other gacha banners.

Even so, this is still good enough since other gacha-related resources like Gems and Recruit Vouchers are much harder to farm.

You’ll also gain a lot of duplicates that you can use to Limit Break SR-rank Nikke just by using the Social Point gacha often. This’ll help you take full advantage of the Synchro Device feature early on.


How To Get Social Points (Step-By-Step)

The only method that you can use to farm Social Points reliably is to exchange them with your friends.

To do this, go to your lobby and click the “Friends” icon that’s located on the upper-right side of the screen:

Lobby > Friends / Nikke: Goddess of Victory”><figcaption class=Lobby > Friends

After doing so, your Friend List will then be displayed – along with other Friend-related features such as Friend Requests and Search.

To proceed, simply click the “Send and Receive” button. This will automatically send and receive Social Points to and from the players listed on your Friend List:

Friend List (“Send & Receive” Button Highlighted) / Nikke: Goddess of Victory
Friend List (“Send & Receive” Button Highlighted)

You can send Friend Points to 30 different friends, but you can only receive Friend Points from 15 different friends per day.

This is why I recommend you add at least 20 active Friends, just in case a few of them won’t be able to send you Social Points for any reason. Of course, having 30 friends is still ideal.

You can also send and receive only 2 Social Points per player.

This means you can get up to 30 Social Points if you have at least 15 Friends and give away up to 60 Social Points per day if you have 30 Friends.

Social Points Sent & Received (Prompt) / Nikke: Goddess of Victory
Social Points Sent & Received (Prompt)

The most important thing to remember if you wanna farm Social Points consistently is to add as many active Friends as you can.

There are two effective ways to do this:

The first way is to add recommended friends via the Search feature. This feature allows you to add random players that are around your level, though they may not always be active so be careful not to pick ones that aren’t:

Friends (Search) / Nikke: Goddess of Victory
Friends (Search)

The second way is that you can also go to your Union and add active Union members as friends:

Union Members List / Nikke: Goddess of Victory
Union Members List

I recommend you do this more often than just adding recommended friends, since you should be interacting with your fellow Union members anyway.

Regardless of what method of adding friends you decide to go with, all that matters is that you’re receiving your 30 Social Points daily.

Those Social Point Recruit pulls don’t come cheap!

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