Goddess of Victory: Nikke Stats Guide (All Stats, Classes, Weapon Types, and More)

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Knowing how your Nikke’s stats, Burst Type, Weapon Type, Element, and Class affects their performance in battle is very important if you want to excel in the game.

These effects range from their role during battle, how much damage they can deal or tank, how effective they are at any range, how they perform against certain bosses and many more!

I’m going to show you every parameter and trait that all units in NIKKE: Goddess of Victory have and how to build your team around them.


All Stat Types Explained

Helm (Character Page) / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Helm (Character Page)

There are three Stat Types in the game:

Stat Types Recommended For (Class) Description
HP Any Class (Primarily Defenders) Determines how much damage a Nikke can take before fainting. This stat can also affect the amount of HP healed by certain skills.
ATK Attackers Determines how much damage a Nikke can deal against enemy units with their normal attack and skills.
DEF Any Class (Primarily Defenders) Determines how much of the damage dealt by enemy units towards your Nikke is mitigated.

As a general guideline, having high values for all three stats would be optimal for any Nikke regardless of their class.

Just make sure to prioritize the ATK of your Attackers, as this will allow you to clear combat stages much more easily.

The best ways to increase your stats is to:

  • Equip & Upgrade Gear
  • Increase their Level
  • Increase their Attraction Level
  • Upgrade the Recycling Room

All Weapon Types

Effective Ranges Of Weapons / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Effective Ranges Of Weapons

A Nikke’s Weapon Type determines their effectiveness in certain ranges during battle. If an enemy unit is in your Nikke’s effective range, they will deal additional damage to that enemy unit.

Weapon Types Effective Range Area Of Effect Single Target Firing Rate Burst Generation
Rocket Launcher Any Range (0-100) ★★★★★ ★★★★
Sniper Far Range (45-100) ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★
Assault Rifle Mid Range (25-45) ★★★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Minigun Mid to Far Range (35-55) ★★★ ★★★★★
SMG Close to Mid Range (15-35) ★★★ ★★★★
Shotgun Close Range (0-25) ★★ ★★★ ★★★★

If you want to make your team more effective in combat, make sure to invest in at least two weapon types with different effective ranges.


All Classes

Nikke Page / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Nikke Page

There are three different classes of Nikkes in the game:

Nikke Classes Remarks
Attacker They are usually the best damage dealers on their team. To make them excel at their role, invest in their ATK stat.
Defender They are usually the unit with the highest survivability on their team. To make them excel at their role, invest in their HP and DEF stats.
Support They are usually the healers, buffers, or debuffers on their team. To make them excel at their role, keep their stats balanced and focus on leveling up their most useful skills.

Take note of the word “usually”, since Nikke classes don’t actually have that much bearing when it comes to what role they’ll excel at.

For example, some Support or Defender units can deal great DPS, and some Attackers’ utility exceeds the amount of damage they can do in battle.

It all boils down to how well a unit’s skill set fits a particular role, which is why I recommend reading their skill descriptions first before putting them on a team.


All Burst Types

Full Burst Description / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Full Burst Description

Another important factor that you should consider before putting a unit on your team is their Burst Skill’s type:

Liter (Burst Type I) / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Liter (Burst Type I)

All Nikkes have a Burst Skill. These Burst Skills can be categorized into three separate types:

  • Burst Skill I
  • Burst Skill II
  • Burst Skill III

If you execute three Burst Skills in succession (Burst Skill I > Burst Skill II > Burst Skill III) during battle, you will trigger a Full Burst which increases the damage of your entire team for a limited time.

Here are my recommended team comps centered around the Burst Skill/Full Burst mechanic:

Recommended Full Burst Teams # of Burst Skill Type I Units # of Burst Skill Type II Units # of Burst Skill Type III Units
Full Damage Team 1 1 3
Damage Team 1 2 2
General Purpose Team 1 2 1 2
General Purpose Team 2 2 2 1

All players must create a team with at least one of each Burst Skill type, as you will not be able to trigger a Full Burst with one type missing.


All Elements

Element Pentagon / Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Element Pentagon

Finally, we have Element types, which dictate the amount of bonus damage an allied or enemy unit can deal against their opponents.

There are five elements in total. All enemy units and Nikkes have one element, and if their element is advantageous compared to that of their target, they will deal 10% additional damage.

Element Types Strong Against Weak Against
Fire Wind Water
Wind Iron Fire
Iron Electric Wind
Electric Water Iron
Water Fire Electric

Personally, I don’t factor in Element Types as much as Burst Skill Types or Weapon Types when I’m teambuilding.

The 10% damage boost is good, but building a team around their Burst Skills or Weapons is far more logical if you’re going for a well-balanced, yet highly effective team.

With that said, optimizing Element Types can also be useful when tackling harder battles – especially Boss stages where even a 10% damage boost can increase your total DPS by a lot.

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