Gravity Falls Gift Ideas: Best Toys, Plushies & Collectibles

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Few shows have been as universally acclaimed by both kids and adults than Alex Hirsch’s mystery-adventure about Dipper and Mabel and their summer vacation in one of the weirdest places on earth, Gravity Falls.

Mabel and Dipper’s wacky occult escapades are a blend of mystery, adventure, and comedy in perfect balance. It makes for one very enjoyable experience with a ton of cool merch.

My little sister is obsessed with the show, even more than her geek of a big brother, so I was recently going through some merchandise trying to figure out what to get for her birthday.

There’s so much stuff out there that I thought I might as well put together a Gravity Falls gift guide for the site! I hope this list saves you some time and helps you find the perfect item, be it as a gift for someone you know or for yourself!

Gravity Falls Plushies


This officially licensed plush of Mabel’s best mud-loving friend is the cutest, softest thing you’re going to see all day.

Its bright pink color and adorable cuddly texture are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, and the high-quality materials will make sure it stays that way for a long, long time.

Waddles will make the perfect gift for any fan of the show who’s into squishy, huggable objects. Or anyone who needs some pink in their room decor!

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Bill Cipher

Folk tales tell of a strange entity, a being of sharp edges and sharper intellect.

It’s the main source of weirdness and occult activity in Gravity Falls, and he won’t give up until he brings down a veil of nightmares over our world.

Yes, my occultist friends, I’m talking about the dream demon Bill Cipher.

But worry not! The only thing this ultrasoft plush is going to bring is color and uniqueness to whatever room you put it in.

Any Gravity Falls fans or conspiracy theorists are sure to love it! Just… make sure to set up a dream catcher if you start having any weird encounters in your sleep.

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If bringing an evil demonic entity into your home isn’t your cup of tea, then consider this totally innocent-looking goat. Just look at those eyes!

Unlike real goats, this one can’t chew on your homework or shoes.

And I promise it doesn’t smell half as strong! Plus if you already have Waddles from the same collection, you can’t possibly pass over Gompers.

They’re married, and that’s a sacred institution we should all respect.

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The kind of merch I’ve always liked a lot is memorabilia from in-universe media.

It’s something that only the real connoisseurs will understand, and that makes it all the more special.

This aviary private eye will show anyone in the know that you’re, well, also in the know.

It’s from the Ducktective show that Grunkle Stan, Mabel, and Dipper watch in some episodes. If you get this for someone as a gift, I guarantee they will quack out in joy.

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Barfing Gnome

I sincerely hope you like the barfing gnome because we’re going to come back to this a couple more times throughout the list.


Well, not only is it both funny and cute in the way only a gnome vomiting rainbows can be, it’s also very well-liked by Gravity Falls fans. And it captures the overall feeling of the show very well.

It’s less in-your-face than getting a plush of any of the main characters, and it’ll add a lot of personality(not to mention color) to any sofa or bedroom.

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Gravity Falls Toys & Figures

Funko Dipper Pines

If there’s a safe, fail-proof gift for any collector or fan of… well, essentially anything even remotely relevant for pop culture… it’s gotta be a Funko Pop Figurine.

This one depicts Dipper as he stares wide-eyed at the weirdness of your room, your office, your camera lens or simply your silly smile as you marvel at his cuteness.

It’s an amazing gift for collectors, especially considering around 20% of humanity seems to be collecting Funko by now.

And it’d look great accompanied by other Pops such as Mabel or Grunkle Stan.

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Grunkle Stan

Some of us, however, would rather stay away from the mainstream mass-produced collectibles in favor of something unique and extra-special.

Something vibrant with the love of an artist.

This Grunkle Stan figurine, hand-crafted by FantasyCollectShop over at Etsy, is one such item.

It’s an amazing gift for the entrepreneurial Gravity Falls fans and it’ll keep anyone motivated to follow their dreams and build any type of business, regardless of whether it’s a website, a YouTube career or simply a humble tourist trap deep into the forests of Oregon.

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Mini Bill Cipher Statue

During the first few months of the year 2016, Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch organized an Augmented Reality Game called the Cipher Hunt.

Fans followed clue after clue, all around the world, to find a giant Bill Cipher statue.

Inside it was the prize for “winning” the game: a smaller version of the statue, to serve as a trophy for those who found it first.

As you may have guessed, this isn’t that same statue. But this reproduction is pretty cool in and of itself.

It’s ideal to decorate your home or have somewhere in the garden since it’s made of very resistant faux-stone. It looks amazing, and it’s a great gift with an awesome story.

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Puking Gnome Figurine

We’re back to the very colorful barfing gnome, this time in the form of a figurine. Totally handmade by SobolevCrafts at Etsy.

This will take anything the elements have to throw at it so it’s perfect to decorate your garden, posing as just another run-of-the-mill garden gnome.

Let the colors from this magical creature’s rainbow barf seep into the soil and invigorate your plants.

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Gravity Falls Apparel

Dipper’s Hat

There’s nothing quite as iconic and fashionable as Dipper’s pine-tree hat, which will complete any Dipper cosplay or just a laid-back outfit.

It’s an officially licensed product from Bioworld, made of only the best materials and complete with a Cipher Wheel printed under the hood.

It’ll make any real fan soar the skies with enthusiasm.

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Wendy’s Bomber Hat

If caps aren’t your thing then perhaps Wendy’s usual bomber hat will do the trick!

Not only is it very recognizable and high-quality, it’ll also keep you warm in colder climates.

Like Dipper’s cap, it’s also an officially licensed product and it’s perfect for cosplaying Gravity Falls’ most desired bachelorette.

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Grunkle Stan Fez

We continue our exposé on Gravity Falls headwear with this authentic reproduction of Grunkle Stan’s iconic fez.

It’s somewhat hard to imagine a situation where you’d wear this outside of a cosplay, but the quality is good enough for you to do so if you so desire.

It’ll inspire anyone to build their own mysterious tourist trap too!

Just stay away from Oregon or you might get sued by the Mystery Shack. Stan is no pushover.

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Rainbow Puking Gnome T-Shirt

And… we’re back to the gnome. I’m tellin ya it’s worth it to just buy one already!

This charming shirt from Just Jazzle Designs is available in several colors to suit anyone’s preferences. And the breathable, comfortable fabric will make sure you always want to wear it.

That is, as long as you’re not in a hurry… as you’ll get repeatedly stopped by fans who’ll want to congratulate you on your fashion sense.

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Drawstring Backpack

For something a bit more discreet and practical there’s also this awesome Bill Cipher drawstring backpack.

The Dream Demon’s likeness on an easy-cinch drawstring bag is an ideal gift for anyone who likes the show.

Whether it’s for school, carrying around toys, or everything you need to summon an entity from another plane of existence, this backpack has you covered.

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Gravity Falls Memorabilia & Collectibles

Gravity Falls: The Complete Series

Before going all-out and getting every Funko Pop! money can buy, any self-respecting collector should have the complete series on Blu-Ray or DVD first.

This collector’s edition is an especially good investment as it includes commentary on every episode by Hirsch and the show’s voice cast, over an hour of never-before-seen content, and quite a bit more.

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Cookie Cutter

These incredibly detailed cookie-cutters feature the fearsome yet somehow cute Bill Cipher.

They’re a great gift for anyone who likes to bake, and I guarantee the cookies will be a hit with your friends at the next dream demon cult meeting or birthday party.

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Passport/Wallet Covers

If you’re gonna put your passports and credit cards somewhere, it better be as high-quality as these hand-crafted, genuine leather covers.

The artwork on these vertical designs featuring the main cast looks incredibly detailed. And if you can resist the temptation of getting it for yourself, it’ll make a great gift for a kid’s first wallet.

Or even a more grown up fan who doesn’t mind flashing some Gravity Falls every time they’re at the checkout counter.

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Pendant Necklace

This interesting piece from OfficialOtaku is one of my favorites.

The rough finish on it makes it feel like a real relic of occult importance, which is what you’re generally looking for when buying a Bill Cipher pendant, and the details on the back reveal it was made to please the most discerning fans.

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Gravity Falls: Journal 3

Any fan of the show(or just miscellaneous lore in general) is sure to be thrilled with Stanley Pines’ third journal.

This is full of mystic information about the weirdness in Gravity Falls and complete with special notes made by Mabel and Dipper over the course of the series.

It totals 288 pages of full-color expanded universe goodness and it’s perfect to dive “dipper” into the show.

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Grunkle Stan Pillow

Look, I don’t know if Grunkle Stan is the best person to rest your head on and relax after a hard day at work.

But some people find the financial stability of a successful entrepreneur calming!

This pillow is hand-made from soft fleece and felt, and the manufacturer also offers Mabel and Dipper pillows if you’re interested in the whole collection.

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Mystery Shack Travel Poster

There are a lot of people collecting travel posters and similar sorts of publicity material nowadays. But what I really like about them is the style they bring to the forefront.

It makes for an amazing combination with pop culture, and this Mystery Shack travel poster is the perfect example.

It’s one for those of us who like showing our fandom in subtle, tasteful ways.

A couple of these travel posters designed by Danielle Sylvan can turn a wall into a decorative dream, and the sheer variety of fictitious destinations she’s covered is astounding.

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Canvas Print

If rather than discretion and moderation you’d rather let everyone in the world know just how hardcore of a fan you are, then PosterMMe on Etsy has just the thing for you.

This gigantic print made with high-quality ink on a resistant canvas is sure to turn any room into a temple of the occult.

One glance and everyone will know what you’re all about, even providing some useful information in case you get visited by the Dream Demon on short notice!

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Dream Catcher

Few things are as wonderfully ironic as having the likeness of a demon as your dream catcher.

Then again… I guess it’s best to specialize in protecting you from the greatest threat of them all.

This beautiful decoration from Russian manufacturer OtterDreamcatcher is an ideal gift for fans of the most occult aspects of Gravity Falls.

And it even comes with a smaller version of the catcher for you to wear as a necklace, attach to a bag, or just use to double your dream-safety.

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Domez Gravity Falls Collectibles

Zag Toys’ Domez collectible mini-figures are widely recognized and a very unique piece of memorabilia.

The idea is for you to get every Domez you can, then attach them side-by-side or stack them up to the sky.

It’s something any collector would love to do, and if you get it for a younger fan they’re sure to find the gimmick pretty interesting as well. Nobody can resist the allure to collect them all!

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