GTA San Andreas: The Funniest Mods You Have To Try

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Dealing with crime and gang wars never gets old. But Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is far from being the most serious game around.

The wacky characters that populate Los Santos make sure you never take anything too seriously… but what to do if you want to bring this wackiness to the next level?

You download these mods and let the good times roll!

Ranging from total gameplay modifications to simply changing some features with quirky new models, all of these mods offer a way to spice up your next playthrough in the most hilarious of ways.


15. Redhare Horse

Redhare Horse mod San Andreas

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Son asks for Red Dead Redemption 2 on PlayStation 2.

Father says that they already have it at home, thanks to the Redhare Horse Mod. Son will never speak to him again.

Jokes aside, the Redhare Horse mod will not miracously turn San Andreas into Red Dead Redemption 2.

But it will allow you to leave an impression on both pedestrains and police alike, thanks to the beautiful red mane that will make them think that you are riding fire shaped like a horse.


14. Dinosaur Attack Mod

Dinosaur Attack Mod for GTA:SA

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Welcome to Grand Theft Auto: Jurassic Park, where cold-blooded tyrants from an era long past are just another pebble on the road to total criminal domination.

The Dinosaur Attack Mod, sadly, doesn’t turn Los Santos into a proper theme park filled with dinosaurs.

Yet it still manages to provide some ridiculous thrills, since it allows you to fight against three different dinosaurs.

What’s funny about this, you ask?

Try fighting them with your bare hands, then we’ll talk again. Or maybe not, as you probably won’t make it out of that battle in one piece.


13. Spongebob SquarePants Skin Pack

Spongebob SquarePants Skin Pack in GTA San Andreas

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Is this still Los Santos, or did we get transported to Bikini Bottom?

The Spongebob SquarePants Skin Pack transports you and your fellow gang members straight into the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, transforming all of you into Spongebob and his friends.

I challenge you to keep a straight face when you hear Spongebob and Patrick talking about dealing drugs and keeping the hood safe. Or performing hits on seemingly innocent people.

Never before have the creatures of the sea been so criminally fearsome.


12. Zombie Alarm

Zombie Alarm - GTA San Andreas mod

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Sometimes, you might feel like San Andreas lacks a certain supernatural element.

Well you can stop complaining now, because instead you need to get ready for a zombie outbreak.

The Zombie Alarm mod allows you to spawn a zombie horde at any time during the game by pressing a key on your keyboard.

True to their nature, the undead are somewhat slow and not particularly bright. So you probably won’t have any trouble turning them all into bloody pulps with the help of your trusty rocket launcher.


11. Alduin Dragon

Alduin Dragon for GTA San Andreas

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The wellspring of the Nordic pantheon, the harbinger of the apocalypse, the creator of the dragon civilization has arrived in the State of San Andreas.

You, as the last Dragonborn, fought hard to take down the mighty Alduin.

But it does not always have to be this way.

With this mod, you’ll be able to summon the main antagonist of TES5: Skyrim and use him to fly all over the state and terrorize your rivals with fire raining from up above.

Arguably one of the coolest crossovers on this list.


10. Chicken Gun

Chicken Gun mod for GTA San Andreas

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In life, especially if you’re not exactly a law-abiding citizen, you always need the right tool for the job.

A Chicken Gun should suffice.

I honestly don’t know how some people can come up with such ludicrous ideas. The Chicken Gun mod replaces the Colt45 with a… you guessed it, chicken that shoots some very dangerous eggs.

Well, at least judging from all the blood on the ground and the damage on vehicles.

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t think these eggs would make a good omelet.


9. Carmageddon

Carmageddon mod for GTA San Andreas

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If Grand Theft Auto is one of the most controversial video game series in the world, combining it with Carmageddon can only make it the most controversial series in the entire universe.

The Carmageddon mod is a rather simple modification, but its small changes are enough to turn San Andreas into a goofy experience.

By modifying the game’s car handling database, all cars in the game get some extremely crazy physics that leaves them bouncing all over as soon they’re hit.

Just download the mod and let your cars fly!


8. Explosive Bullets

Explosive Bullets in GTA San Andreas

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All San Andreas needs is a little push to bow before Carl Johnson.

A little push like explosive bullets.

The Explosive Bullets mod is as straightforward as it gets.

You’re able to shoot explosive bullets from all of your weapons, transforming Carl Johnson in something akin to the Terminator as he dispenses total mayhem on his rivals and the police alike.

Ever wanted a truly easy mode in the game? This is it.


7. Atomic Poop

Atomic Poop in GTA San Andreas

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Have you heard of the most powerful weapon in GTA: San Andreas?

It’s not a gun. It’s not a shotgun. It’s not a rocket launcher.

The most terrible and terrifying weapon ever seen in-game has to be the Atomic Poop.

Just let yourself loose, wait for five seconds, and enjoy the fireworks. Possibly from as far away as your legs can carry.

And you’ll be running just from the power of the blast, but away from the smell.

I mean really, what the front door does CJ eat?

I’m not sure we want to know.


6. Chicken Gang

Chicken Gang mod in San Andreas

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The hood is everything in Los Santos. No matter who or what is part of it.

With this Chicken Gang mod, you’ll become the most badass of all badass gangsters in the city. The bane of the police, and the terror of your rivals.

Try picturing this in your mind: you’re roaming Los Santos without a care in the world, with your fellow chicken gangsters beside you.

Another gang eyes you from afar, challenging you to a deadly shootout.

But it won’t take place, as your feathered brothers have already turned your enemies into mincemeat. Good times.


5. Iron Man Mod

Iron Man Mod in GTA San Andreas

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Avengers, assemble! Time to move out to Los Santos!

Very few mods are as detailed and fun to use as the Iron Man Mod.

Complete with J.A.R.V.I.S. voice system, you’ll be able to turn into Los Santos’ Tony Stark. You can fly all over San Andreas and right any wrong, becoming the supercriminal the city needs, but never truly deserved.

And for any GTA5 fans here, if you dig superhero stuff take a peek at our list of superhero mods for the 5th incarnation in the series(well, 7th but who’s counting?).


4. Portal Gun Mod

Portal Gun Mod for GTA San Andreas

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Wouldn’t it be convenient to teleport from one place to another instantly?

Especially when you’re being followed by angry gangsters armed to the teeth? Well I guess if you’re a fan of the Portal series, this mod will be a double whammy.

The Portal Gun has been lifted straight from the popular game developed by Valve, and it allows you to spawn portals to teleport anywhere.

Can you imagine other gangster’s in shock as they’re ready to gun you down, only to see you disappear in front of their very eyes? Shockingly shocking.


3. GTA Extreme Indonesia Mod

GTA Extreme Indonesia Mod - San Andreas Screenshot

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The Grand Theft Auto series sounds like it’s only the fictional recreation of the United States that’s plagued by rampant crime.

But really that’s not the case, we deserve a global GTA!

The GTA Extreme Indonesia Mod is exactly what you should download if you need something with a different flavor. Maybe something exotic that you cannot find at home.

With this mod you’ll notice that CJ, Los Santos, and the whole San Andreas state will become a thing of the past.

The new story of Ucock coming back to his hometown in Java will grip you so tight, that you’ll might feel like you’re an Indonesian at heart. A great one to play through with some fun quirks.


2. Dragon Ball Mod

Dragon Ball Mod for GTA San Andreas

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With this Dragon Ball mod, we’re really playing with power. Over nine thousand powers!

With this installed you can experience yourself how Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and all the main Dragon Ball Z characters feel when they fly over West City on their way to save the planet for the hundredth time.

Only now you’re not going to save Los Santos.

I mean really, are you really going to waste your precious Ki to save a world beyond saving? Better put it to good use instead by attacking innnoect civilians.


1. Rainbomizer: San Andreas Randomizer

Rainbomizer: San Andreas Randomizer mod

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This universe was born out of chaos.

And to chaos it will eventually return.

Rainbomizer essentially randomizes every feature and mechanic in San Andreas, making the entire game absolutely unpredictable.

With this mod installed you can randomize traffic, parked cars, missions, voice lines, cutscenes, weapon stats, pretty much everything you can think of.

It creates an incredibly entertaining experience, and certainly a difficult one too.

I will personally come and congratulate you if you manage to complete the game this way.

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