Best Weapon Mods For GTA: San Andreas (Ranked)

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Nothing spices up the GTA experience like mods. They give you the chance to do things that are not normally possible, expanding gameplay so that your 100th playthrough actually feels fun again.

One of the best ways to liven things up is to bring new weapons to the city of Los Santos.

While the game does feature a very good selection, the vanilla weapons can’t compare to the ones created by dedicated fans.

I mean really, can you teleport around with regular weapons? Or stomp on people or rain down fireballs? You couldn’t. But now you can, at least with this list of new weapons mods for San Andreas!


11. Buster Sword

FF7 Buster Sword in GTA San Andreas

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Feel the wrath of Cloud and bow before this intense crossover!

Adding in a classic Final Fantasy weapon seems crazy enough. But into the world of San Andreas? Come on.

With this sword at your hip, nothing will ever stand in your path.

Any serious Square-Enix fans are going to flip over this one. The thing is really looks HD too, so it’s perfect for binging on immersion.

Well, and for destruction, naturally.


10. GRIMs Weapon Pack Volume III

GRIMs Weapon Pack Volume3 for San Andreas

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Not all mods have to be highly destructive to be good.

The GRIMs Weapon Pack includes 14 highly detailed weapons that will distract your enemies with their great looks, and send them over to hell with their amazing firepower.

These new add-ons look so good, they can put the entire game’s graphics to shame!


9. M18 Claymore AP Mine

M18 Claymore AP Mine in San Andreas

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Every great feat requires a well laid-out plan to be successful.

Or a well laid-out mine.

The M18 Claymore is an anti-personnel mine that has been made popular by a lot of different games, so there was no way we could skip San Andreas.

Named after a massive Scottish sword, the mine packs pretty much the same punch, transforming NPCs into unrecognizable bloody pulps, and cars into an unrecoverable mess.

Perfect for those who want to dominate Los Santos alone.

Meaning you’ll end up being the only living man in the city after you’re done.


8. Float Gun

Float Gun in San Andreas

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Man has always dreamt of flying.

But he probably never dreamt of achieving it with a gun!

The Float Gun does exactly what you expect it to do.

With it you can raise NPCs and vehicles to the sky, and then throw them for maximum hilarity.

While they’re in the sky, however, they will burn for some reason… so I’m pretty sure that police officer you just lifted isn’t particularly happy of becoming one with the clouds.


7. Master Spark

Master Spark Mod for San Andreas

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Master Spark isn’t the name of a particularly clever martial artist. But rather the name of the most powerful energy attack ever seen on this side of San Andreas.

The Master Spark is an incredibly straightforward & incredibly powerful weapon.

Once it has been readied, you shoot a continuous beam of energy that destroys everything in its path.

And you can keep the beam going for as long as you desire. Good times!

Indiscriminate destruction is probably not the best way to complete missions that require a little finesse. But if you want to just let loose, you won’t find anything better, I assure you.


6. Laser

Laser Weapon Mod for San Andreas

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If you’re looking for an basic laser gun weapon, you’re actually in the wrong place.

This Laser mod does much more than just arming Carl Johnson with a powerful laser gun.

It grants him the power to create and manipulate laser nets that will destroy everything they touch.

While these nets will not help you a whole lot in most missions, you surely couldn’t pass an opportunity to play the game in God Mode, right?


5. Pulse Launcher

Pulse Launcher for San Andreas

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If the wait for Half-Life 3 has become unbearable, you can let off some steam with the Pulse Launcher.

This mod brings you that same weapon from Half-Life 2, right into San Andreas. The mod adds a new firing mode to the SMG too, giving you a pulse beam that not only kills any NPC with a single shot, but also bounces off any object, including buildings.

Not just a crime lord, but also a master of ricochet. Now that’s mighty impressive!


4. Murder Doll

Murder Doll for San Andreas

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Ever wanted to become the Master of Puppets? Here’s your chance.

The Murder Doll mod allows you to become a real, and extremely dangerous puppet master.

The Doll will be following you at all times, and you can either command it to attack the NPCs or cut its strings and let it loose on the streets.

Just make sure it doesn’t end up pulling your strings, twisting your mind and smashing your dreams!


3. AirStrike

AirStrike Mod for San Andreas

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What’s the best way to show rival gangs that you mean business? Raining fire, of course.

San Andreas features a few flying vehicles to use. But none of them carry bombs and torpedoes.

With this AirStrike mod, however, they will!

And you’ll be able to unleash destruction from up above while taking absolutely no risk. Ain’t this fun!


2. Metal Gear REX

Metal Gear REX for San Andreas

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Solid Johnson, we have a problem.

A weapon to surpass Metal Gear has appeared in San Andreas.

Metal Gear REX is a weapon that requires no introduction, as pretty much everyone took it down at least once on Shadow Moses Island in Metal Gear Solid.

We’re in the San Andreas state, though, and the rules are different here.

Install the mod, summon the giant mech, and enjoy stomping on everything that moves. Or shoot down your enemies with the devastating machine gun, or burn them to ashes with the powerful laser gun.

Never before has GTA: San Andreas felt so mindlessly fun!


1. Portal Gun

Portal Gun - Weapon Mod for San Andreas

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Let’s defy the laws of physics a bit, shall we?

Lifted straight from the Portal series, this Portal Gun mod will grant the power to traverse space while retaining momentum. Something that has some rather useful gameplay applications.

Think how many missions you could easily complete by simply not phsyically being there anymore.

Just equip the gun, create the blue and orange portals, and have fun.

Fun tip: vehicles and rockets can pass through them as well. I can already picture some of the mayhem you could cause!

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