Top 20 Best Weapons in GTA Vice City

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Vice City is essentially a large, urban playground from the 80s where your only limit is your imagination.

When you’re done racing around the city mowing down swathes of people, you’ll want to get out of the vehicle and test out the large arsenal of weapons. That’s half the run, right?

Especially considering this iteration of the series is based loosely around the cult classic Scarface, you’ll probably be keen to do your best impression and tear up the city around you.

And if you’re ready to revisit the 80s in style then these are the weapons you’ll want to seek out and pick up.

20. Hammer

Hammer weapon in Vice City

It’s hammer time, all the time, with this devastating melee weapon that will help you in those close quarters situations when you need to strike a deadly blow.

An easy to acquire melee weapon, the hammer should be the weapon of choice for anyone looking to cause havoc in the city without having to resort to firearms.

Sometimes stealthy is best and you’ll want something slightly more effective than hand to hand combat, so that’s where this hammer comes in handy.

Plus you can find it right from the start behind a hardware store(among other places) and it’s pretty darn simple to use. Swing and move, swing and move.


19. Machete

Vice City Machete

Ever wanted to run through the streets wielding a machete like a maniac?

Well GTA Vice City lets you get as close as possible without actually harming people(that’s definitely a good thing!)

Even digitally, this machete looks as menacing as it is ruthless.

Sometimes a knife just isn’t big enough and you need to strike some real fear into anyone who stands in your way. Running after someone with this in hand will probably be one of the most satisfying things you’ve ever done.


18. Nightstick

Vice City weapon Nightstick

Pretend you’re a cop and dish out some punishment Vice City style.

Obviously you know where to get this one so I won’t spell it out. But you might have to pick up a couple wanted stars in the process.

While perhaps not as efficient as the machete when it comes to finishing the job, the nightstick is fun as far as police roleplay goes. And it’s certainly better than going into a fight bare-handed.

Hotwire a cop car, get the sirens going, and when you see something going down that you don’t like the look of, get out and do what you gotta do.


17. Stubby Shotgun

Stubby Shotgun in Vice City

With a less than intimidating name, the stubby shotgun will surprise you with its booming sound and devastating power.

Always a good choice for close combat action whether it be storming a house or simply running up to that guy annoyingly talking on his 80s cell phone.

The stubby shotgun will get the job done in no less than 1 shell. Sounding like a high-powered rifle in the game, this one is highly satisfying and will serve you well, so long as you don’t try shooting from too far away.


16. MP5

MP5 in Vice City

SMGs are often considered to be the less powerful, less appealing alternative to assault rifles in the gaming world.

Yet what they lack in aesthetics and firepower they more than make up for with their extremely high rate of fire and ability to fit in just one hand.

Ride your motorbike around the city, leather jacket and shades donned, with an MP5 resting on one handlebar to make sure folks will think twice about messing with you.

Great for vehicle combat, the MP5 is tailor made for those moments when you are caught up in police chases and need some cover fire. And you can find them readily available throughout the various Vice City gun shops.


15. Knuckle Dusters

Knuckle Dusters in Vice City

While it wasn’t until GTA 4 that Rockstar introduced an overhauled hand to hand combat system, the knuckle dusters in Vice City are fun to use in a fist fight.

As previously mentioned, running at someone fists raised ready to box them to death probably isn’t the smartest strategy in this game.

But running at them with brass knuckles on is much more effective and more likely to end in your favor.

A few well-timed punches can be all you’ll need to take one down.

And if you’re sick of going bare handed then look up some locations of these brass knuckles. You can find them in a few alleyways and rooftops.


14. Grenades

Grenade example GTA Vice City

Improving upon the explosion effects from GTA 3, the grenades in Vice City are fun to use and guaranteed to ensure you never get pinned down by a group.

Sounding like a true explosion when they go off, grenades in this game are also accompanied with the familiar screen-shaking effect for maximum authenticity.

The high arc of the toss will make mastering this thrown weapon slightly more difficult, but I actually think Vice City makes it easier to aim in a specific location.


13. Colt Python

Colt Python gun Vice City

Based on a revolver, the colt python is a good choice for a weapon that could be described as a handheld shotgun.

With plenty of recoil and smoke emitted from the barrel, you’ll feel like a badass wielding this hefty handgun which will finish the job nicely.

The Colt Python has a beefy sound when you fire it and I’ll say it’s guaranteed to knock back any unfortunate soul who attempts to take you down.

It’s also one of the classier looking weapons in the game and likely to be a fan favorite.


12. Remote Grenade

Remote Grenade weapon Vice City

One downside to the smaller grenades is that you not only have to figure out how far to throw it with the high arc, but you also have to wait a few seconds after it lands for it to blow up.

With this remote grenade, however, you’ll have access to a detonator. This means you can set the explosive off whenever you see fit to achieve maximum effect.

Great for setting traps for the enemy and preventing the use of cover, this weapon is highly effective.


11. Golf Club

Golf Club weapon in Vice City

Practice your swing and assert your authority on the streets at the same time with this fun to use golf club.

Not usually par for the course when it comes to open-world games, the addition of a golf club as a melee weapon in Vice City is certainly on the fun side of things.

Larger than other melee weapons in this list up until this point, the golf club is for those moments when you want to just throw caution to the wind and teach people a lesson with sports equipment.

And you can find this bad boy at, you guessed it, the golf course.


10. PSG-1 Sniper Rifle

Vice City PSG-1 Sniper Rifle

From close-range to long-range, the PSG 1 Sniper is the go-to weapon for when you need to assassinate a target from a safe distance.

Maintain your discretion by whipping out this deadly sniper rifle, zooming in on the scope, and lining up a headshot to take out whoever is unfortunate enough to be your target.

Fantastic for hiding out while you incite chaos, this weapon is as covert as it gets. Certainly moreso than charging someone with a golf club.


9. M4 Assault Rifle

M4 Assault Rifle from Vice City

Packing a serious punch is #9 on this list. The M4 assault rifle is the weapon you’ll want handy when you find yourself in a stand-off.

This one will make you feel like Scarface himself as you spray a hail of bullets in the direction of countless enemies, mowing them down with a smile that only Tommy Vercetti could give off.

The M4 sounds and looks great in this title which really adds to its appeal.


8. Molotov Cocktail

Molotov Cocktail in Vice City

A classic in combat games, the molotov cocktail is useful for pretty much any situation.

The only drawback to this weapon is you might find yourself using it over-enthusiastically and accidentally setting yourself on fire in the process. We don’t want that.

Now the molotov is intended to set large areas ablaze and can even be used to light an entire car on fire. Use with caution, but please do use it.

Only one issue: this is a rare weapon that you can only find on one location(no way to purchase it either). Head to the Tacopalypse restaurant downtown and have a look around. Maybe even hang out for a bit to stock up.


7. SPAS 12 Shotgun

SPAS 12 Shotgun Vice City

The Spaz 12 shotgun is an automatic weapon in GTA Vice City. Being a shotgun, while also automatic, is definitely a scary thought.

With that in mind you’ll have no trouble clearing out entire buildings and even neighborhoods with this frighteningly effective weapon of choice.

This is a virtual gun that should definitely be a top choice for storming any small space.

If you’re looking where to pick it up and snag some ammo check this map for more info.


6. M-60 Machine Gun

M-60 Machine Gun Vice City

A seriously heavy-duty weapon among a list of other behemoths, the M60 machine gun is ruthless and just a joy to play with.

Almost unmatched in firepower, the M60 is capable of taking down hordes of people or even police helicopters should you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Not only is it capable of dealing major damage but the M60 has a large ammunition capacity and can be held while running or even jumping around.

To grab this you’ll also need to go out of your way but using some handy maps you’ll pick it up in no time.


5. Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher Vice City weapon

With an unbelievably high rate of fire for a weapon as devastating as it is, the rocket launcher is for those sessions when you’re only interested in blowing as much as possible.

Or if you’re looking to reach 6 stars so you can get a tank.

A surefire way to get the police interested in your activity, the rocket launcher is a fun catalyst for full-on escalating waves of police raids.

Find a suitable place to hide like the top of a building, and then just fire away until the police send the big guns after you.

You can eventually buy rocket launchers for $8,000 in-game. But if you’re strapped for cash head to the Hooker Inn and go for a quick swim in the pool. You never know what you’ll find…


4. Katana

Katana sword from Vice City

Live out your Samurai fantasies with a GTA katana and decapitate all who defy you.

Now you might be wondering why the Katana beats the rocket launcher out on this list, and the answer is that it wins on pure entertainment value.

While the rocket launcher might be one of the best for causing chaos at a distance, it has been around in every GTA game. It’s not boring, but it’s expected.

The katana is undoubtedly one of the most unique for charging down your enemies and beating them in a very outdated form of combat.

The great thing about the Katana is that you won’t need more than one opportunity to get the job done as the weapon is capable of legitimately cutting up bodies with each slice. Leave it to GTA to provide this kind of, um, detail.


3. Flamethrower

Flamethrower weapon in Vice City

Get up close and personal with anyone as you scorch them into.

When all else fails, maybe you’re struggling to pin down a gang or they’re hunkered down in a building and making life difficult for you.

Then it’s time to run in the building throwing flames to light the whole place up.

Funny enough, flamethrowers are actually more common than the rocket launcher in some respects. Once you get to Starfish Island just head to the rockstar’s massive mansion. Root around in his back yard a bit, jump into his swimming pool and see what you find.

Pretty weird how many people in Vice City leave destructive weaponry in their swimming pools.


2. Chainsaw

Chainsaw from Vice City

Arguably the best melee weapon in the game, the chainsaw is both incredibly violent and undeniably efficient. And pretty gory for a PS2 title.

Rev the chainsaw and run into action ready to decimate whoever gets in your way.

The chainsaw is definitely not for the faint-hearted. But then, if you’re playing GTA you’re probably not going to be stopping at stop lights and exchanging pleasantries with the locals either.

You can just run into crowds with this and get the attention you want. So it’s certainly not the most practical, but for sure it’s one of the most fun options.


1. Minigun

Minigun weapon from Vice City

Taking top spot on this list is the every-so-enjoyable minigun.

Don’t let the name fool you: this is anything but mini.

Basically a whopping 6 barrel rotating machine gun, the minigun will dispense hundreds of bullets in a matter of seconds as if it were nothing.

Once you’re done taking great pleasure in the incredible fire rate and firepower of the huge machine gun, there’s only one thing left to do – become the Terminator in Vice city.

Now this one is pretty tough to find but if you can get into Little Haiti I think you’ll know where to go.

Or better yet just use cheat codes. This is a GTA game after all.

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