15 Best GTA Vice City Weapons Mods (All Free)

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Despite the freedom to do a lot of things, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is all about destruction.

Because it’s pretty damn fun to cause havoc. I’m pretty sure each of us lined up cars in a random street to destroy them at least once.

Violence and destruction come in a lot of different forms in Vice City, with a variety of weapons that will satisfy your needs time and again.

But what happens if you’re an extremely demanding crimelord?

You hop online and download these free weapons mods, of course!

15. Scissors HD

Scissors in Hi-Def GTA Vice City mod

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Do we have any madmen in the house? This is a weapon for you.

The Scissors HD mod is way more detailed that one would expect for this type of weapon, as it comes not only with a great-looking model, but also a custom icon and two different variants.

Sadly, all you can do is stab enemies to death.

But does it really matter when you’re able to brag that you took over Vice City armed only with a pair of scissors?


14. HD Long Sword

HD Long Sword mod for Vice City

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Rockstar Games, the time has come for that medieval open-world game have always been begging for.

Comply, or we will take things into our own hands.

The HD Long Sword, sadly, doesn’t turn Vice City into such a game. But it will definitely make you a force to be reckoned with, as no one will try to defy you with this weapon on your shoulder.

You have been warned: Sir Tommy is not to be messed with.


13. Pikohan Bat

Pikohan Bat for Vice City

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Violence can get tiring after a while. Blood becomes the norm, and the excitement of bashing in heads with the bat wears down a lot.

Time to change your ways, folks.

The Pikohan Bat, which you should recognize if you have ever played a Tales of game, is set to become your favorite weapon right after you get it installed.

It’s colorful. It’s cute. And just as brutal as your regular bat.

So take them all out, but with a smile on your face.


12. Hunting Gun

Hunting Gun in Vice City

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Now now, I know what you’re thinking.

What’s the point of a hunting shotgun in a game that has no hunting?

The point of having the Resident Evil 0 Hunting Gun in Vice City is not to hunt zombies or giant scorpions.

It’s not to hunt deer.

It’s also to look cool. And very, very menacing.

How could it be any different, wielding a shotgun with two long scary barrels?


11. Wolfwood’s Gun

Wolfwood's Gun in Vice City

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Any self-respecting priest living in a post-apocalyptic world needs the right tools for the job.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood of Trigun fame is someone not to be trifled with.

Would you really get in the way of anybody armed with a giant gun shaped like a cross featuring two machines guns and a rocket launcher? Well with this mod, you won’t be shooting down infidels.

But your enemies are sure to kneel begging for you to release them of their pain. It also looks pretty BA.


10. Tattoo Machine

Tattoo Machine in Vice City

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I don’t know about you, but the thought of getting a bad tattoo is scarier than death.

With this Tattoo Machine weapon mod, you can now condemn anyone to eternal damnation with your horrible tattooing skills.

Or maybe not, as the only thing you can do with this weapon is stab them with the needle. Kinda saw that coming, right?

Now if only we could get an Inked death screen, that would be perfect!


9. Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle weapon mod for Vice City

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Very few firearms are as iconic as the Desert Eagle.

And its absence in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is very disappointing.

But modders are here to save the day once again.

This Desert Eagle mod introduces the popular weapon to the game, complete with a shiny HD model and a reflective texture that will always have you looking your best when you’re blasting down the road. Or showing the police that you mean business.

Real business.


8. Flame-thrower Extinguisher

Flame-thrower Extinguisher - Vice City mod

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Fires happen all over Vice City quite often. Mostly due to your involvement.

Shouldn’t you start taking responsibility and help put out those fires?

Well yes, but actually no.

The Flame-thrower extinguisher is the ultimate troll weapon in Vice City. It’s a weapon that will turn Tommy Vercetti from a wanna-be crime lord into a real, bona fide arsonist.

Just pull the trigger and watch the world burn!

Too bad there is no online mode in Vice City. Can you imagine the pranks you could pull with this?


7. Resident Evil 2 Remake Weapons (Pack 1)

Resident Evil 2 weapons mod for GTA Vice City

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You never know when a zombie outbreak could happen. Better be prepared!

The Resident Evil 2 Remake Weapons Pack1 includes all the tools you need to effortlessly send the undead back to the hell they belong to… if they ever appear in Vice City.

Among the weapons included is the iconic Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher which will turn any living being into a bloody, messy pulp.


6. Gundam Weapon Mod Pack

Gundam Weapon Mods GTA Vice City

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Do you know what Vice City really lacks?

Some mech action.

With this Gundam Weapon mod pack you’ll get everything you would need to save the planet from invaders from outer space.

An indestructible shield to stop missiles from reaching the surface.

Beam saber and rifle, to take on the toughest of opponents.

And a bazooka so powerful that you could erase Vice City in the blink of an eye.

None of this is really happening… but hey, a crime lord can dream, right?


5. God Katana

God Katana for Vice City

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Katanas are supposed to be deadly. And now they finally are.

The God Katana mod allows you to fulfill all of your anime Samurai fantasies, allowing you to kill all NPCs with a single hit if you swipe at them while walking or running.

And you can also destroy all vehicles around you. Which somehow totally makes sense!


4. Rocket Launcher UT2003

Rocket Launcher UT2003 mod for ViceCity

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The best way to wreak some serious havoc in Vice City is with rocket launchers.

An even better way is to use the UT2003 Rocket Launcher mod!

Lifted straight from Unreal Tournament 2003, a relic from the days when Epic Games wasn’t all just about Fortnite, the Rocket Launcher UT2003 allows you to destroy pretty much everything in the game while looking extremely menacing.

Warning: it doesn’t actually shoot three rockets at once. Slight bummer.


3. Lightsaber

Lightsaber weapon mod for Vice City

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… there was Tommy Skywalker.

This Star Wars Lightsaber is one of the coolest weapons ever made, even though it’s basically just a stick that lights up and makes those whooshing sounds.

And I know Tommy will not have to face any Sith, but when you’re fighting a war, anything goes!


2. Bullet Color

Bullet Color mod for GTA Vice City

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Becoming the most feared man in Vice City is a gritty feat to accomplish.

Unless you bring some real color to the table.

This Bullet Color mod makes every shootout a feast for the eyes, as all bullets will leave colored trails behind them. Sick right?

You don’t get increased damage. And you don’t get guaranteed one-hit kill shots.

But you will feel like a crazed Matrix-style unicorn. And a pretty violent one at that.

Maybe throw in some other VC mods to perk up the gameplay even more.


1. Plasma Gun

Plasma Gun Mod for Vice City

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Boy oh boy, now we’re playing with power!

The Plasma Gun is hands down the best modded weapon you can add to Vice City.

I challenge you to find a better one. What other weapon can shoot balls of condensed gas that hone in on pedestrians and vehicles, and make them fly in the air and set everything on fire?

With the Plasma Gun you’re not becoming just the lord of Vice City. But the god of Vice City.

Bow down, sinners, or suffer the consequences!

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