GTA V: The Best Batman & Batmobile Mods

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Getting away with robbery, arson, and all sorts of dastardly crime is easy in a city like Los Santos.

Still, that can all change at a moment’s notice with the arrival of The Batman.

Franklin, Trevor, and Michael are bad-asses, but they have nothing on the Dark Knight. Luckily for them, they’ll be mysteriously absent while you bring the city’s criminal underworld to its knees as this iconic superhero.

The following mods will let you wreak havoc in Los Santos as Batman – or just steal his Batmobile to sell on the black market.


10. BvS Batman

BvS Batman / GTA V Mod

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Ben Affleck’s Batman is a divisive figure, to say the least.

Some love the super-buff, gritty version of the Caped Crusader seen on Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman, while others think the strongman look doesn’t fit the Dark Knight.

Whatever the case, Batffleck has become an icon of the DC Universe under Zack Snyder’s direction – and now, he can be the symbol of justice in Los Santos.

I think this grace-lacking hero couldn’t be better for a game like GTA V.

He might not look all that heroic, but if I saw this guy heading toward me in a dark Los Santos alley, I’d need fresh underwear.


9. Telltale Batman

Telltale Batman / GTA V Mod

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A much more stylish version of the World’s Greatest Detective comes from Batman: The Telltale Series, a violent and gritty game that explores Bruce Wayne’s broken psyche in great detail.

Telltale created some of my favorite Batman looks with their signature comic-like animation style.

The game features at least three versions of the Batsuit – depending on how you count them – which become increasingly armored as the game continues.

This mod brings Telltale’s Batman to Los Santos in his full comic-style glory, with access to each one of the suits, from the Prototype to Mark III.


8. Devastator – Batman from Earth-1

Devastator – Batman from Earth-1 / GTA V Mod

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One of the most exciting parts of DC Comics lore is the wealth of wacky alternate universe versions of each character.

Batman himself is pretty damn menacing, but he doesn’t compare to Devastator – the Batman from Earth-1.

This Batman became infected by the Doomsday Virus in an attempt to kill a murderous, rogue Superman. He succeeded, but the world was already lost. He’d go on to become a force of destruction under the leadership of the Batman who Laughs.

Think of him as a sort of Batman hulk – only spikier.


7. 1966 Batmobile

1966 Batmobile / GTA V Mod

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Back in the day, comics used to be a lot less dark and gritty.

Take Batman: The Movie, for example.

There are pirates, a penguin-shaped submarine – and the whole premise of the movie is that the Penguin has a dehydrator capable of turning people into dust. It’s so silly that it might as well be a comedy by today’s standards.

Still, one thing remains 100% bad-ass after all these years: the 1966 Batmobile.

The bold shape, the prominent tailfin, and those red highlights! It’s like Batman went to town on a Cadillac: El Dorado.

In reality, it’s a modified 1955 Lincoln Futura concept from Ford.


6. Batman Beyond Batmobile

Batman Beyond Batmobile / GTA V Mod

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For something more modern – or wildly futuristic – consider the Batmobile from the 1999 Batman Beyond animated series.

Honestly, calling this Batmobile a “car” might be taking the concept of an automobile a little bit too far. In reality, it’s more of a personal hovercraft – used by Bruce’s successor Terry McGinnis to fight an all-new Rogues Gallery in 2039’s Neo-Gotham.

Flying this unusual vehicle around Los Santos makes you feel like a superhero. If you want the whole Batman Beyond experience, make sure to get the suit too.


5. 1989 Batmobile

1989 Batmobile / GTA V Mod

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A more traditional variant of the Batmobile is the 1989 version seen in the Tim Burton Batman film.

This modified Chevrolet Impala is characterized by its bat wing-shaped tailfins and front-facing Rolls Royce jet engine. The Batmobile also supports a variety of mounted weaponry.

It might be a bit hard to handle because of how long it is, but it’s definitely bad-ass. It’s a unique, powerful-looking car worthy of the Bat.


4. The Batpod

The Batpod / GTA V Mod

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Batman needs to be able to jump into action at a moment’s notice.

Sometimes, firing up the Batmobile can be a little bit cumbersome. For those times, the Dark Avenger can turn to the Batpod – a sort of escape pod integrated into the Tumbler military vehicle seen on The Dark Night trilogy (also available for GTA5).

This “Bat-bike” features a minimal and lightweight design in everything but the wheels. After all, they’re designed to carry the weight of the entire Tumbler.

It’s a pleasure to drive, and the built-in machine guns couldn’t be more convenient while trying to outrun the police – or catch a criminal with mods like LSPD: Dangerous Individuals.


3. Wayne Manor & Batcave

Wayne Manor & Batcave / GTA V Mod

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You can’t be billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne without a manor, and you can’t be Batman without a Batcave.

After all, where else would you store all of these Batmobiles?

This beautiful home located on the outskirts of Los Santos will provide the perfect base of operations for a vigilante like yourself.

The dense foliage helps protect your privacy and hides the entrance to the Batcave from prying eyes.


2. The Batman 2022 Set

The Batman 2022 Set / GTA V Mod

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When I first heard Robert Pattinson had been cast as the new Batman, I was more than a little worried about the fate of the Dark Knight – but after watching the film in 2022 I breathed a sigh of relief.

This neurodivergent, socially awkward Batman was very different from anything I’d seen before – but it worked. He’s still a dark and troubled billionaire with an obsession with putting his life on the line to protect Gotham, and his fighting skills are as bad-ass as ever.

Something else that remains just as bad-ass is his outfit, easily one of the best versions in recent memory. Something about it looks real – and it translates wonderfully to GTA V.

This mod also features the Batmobile and Batbike seen in the film, along with a mask-less version of the suit so you can play as Robert Pattinson with heavy eyeshadow.


1. The Batman Script

The Batman Script / GTA V Mod

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If you genuinely want to turn GTA V into a full-fledged Batman game, look no further than JulioNIB’s notorious Batman Script.

This beefy mod features everything from batwing flight and bat-gadgets to updated melee combat. You can even control the Batarang mid-air, just like in Arkham Asylum.

That’s hardly the only gadget at your disposal, though. You’ll have everything from the grappling hook to the Kryptonite Spear from the BvS film.

You’ll also find a variety of different Batsuits and Batmobiles ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice from a simple in-game menu.

It’s a whole different game, so make sure to try it out!

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