Best GTA V Weapons (Our Top 20 Picks)

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Grand Theft Auto 5 brings a whole new level to gunplay to the popular franchise.

There are several key changes to the gameplay which help to add an extra dimension, along with some pretty insane graphics.

But one of the biggest changes has to be attachments that let you customize your firearms. Next is the ability to hold all weapons at the same time instead of one weapon of each category.

This way you don’t have to be as selective with what you carry around with you.

But as we all know, it’s good to be a little selective. There are plenty of free mods but what if you’re looking for vanilla-only weapons?

Well that’s why I want to share my picks for the absolute best weapons you can wield if you’re roaming the streets of Los Santos.

20. Knife

Basic Knife in GTA 5

Starting off simple: the knife in GTA 5 is a surprisingly effective weapon to quickly dispose of anyone in close proximity.

One of the handy features of the knife in this game is the ability to sneak up on someone and execute a stealth kill.

If you want to try a different approach to a mission then the knife is the way to go. It offers a different element to the gameplay meaning you won’t have to charge enemies down all guns blazing – unless, of course, that’s your style.


19. Baseball Bat

Baseball Bat in GTA 5

A staple of the series that seems to appear in every game, the baseball bat has always been one of the more fun weapons at the player’s disposal.

And GTA 5 is no different. While it may not be as effective, the baseball bat makes up for that with how fun it is to swing for the fences and charge down a gang of street thugs trying to hit them out of the park.

If you were wondering if the baseball bat was even worth using in terms of its efficiency though, fear not. As one hit to the head with this melee weapon is enough to get the job done and it’ll definitely get people on the street running for cover.


18. AP Pistol

AP Pistol GTA 5

The AP(armor piercing) pistol is a glock style, fully automatic handgun.

Like an SMG, the AP pistol has a high rate of fire and can be used for those situations when you need to get off a quick round of shots before making a quick getaway.

As well as being one of the best handguns available, the AP pistol is the ideal choice for vehicle combat.

For example, if you find yourself frustrated at a driving mission requiring you to keep pace with another or catch up to someone on a motorbike, you’ll want this pistol to lay down a barrage of fire to clear up the situation.

Not to mention this thing looks pretty awesome too.


17. Antique Cavalry Dagger

Antique Cavalry Dagger from GTA 5

A slightly more stylish, and more deadly, version of the standard knife.

This antique cavalry dagger is another great choice for a lethal melee weapon. With the added benefit of being able to be used underwater(for when sharks get a taste for human flehs) this dagger is small but very dangerous.

All it’ll take to cut down your enemies is a single swipe of this knife, making it a one-hit kill kind of weapon. Definitely useful for when you find yourself in a fist fight which you’d rather end quickly.


16. SMG

SMG sub in GTA 5

A bigger and better version of the micro SMG in terms of accuracy and firepower, the SMG packs a punch while still being lightweight.

The middle ground between a handgun and an assault rifle, the SMG is universally known as a drive-by gun.

If you’re going in by yourself just standing in open air with no ccover, the assault rifle(next on this list) is almost certainly better.

But when it comes to shooting out of a car window or from a motorbike the SMG is king.


15. Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle from GTA 5

I’d say there’s no denying that assault rifles are the better choice when it comes to those situations that require a last stand, a la Scarface.

Packing more firepower than SMGs and handguns, assault rifles are meant for those missions where you need to clear a base quickly and efficiently.

The ability to stand and spray bullets at a rapid rate is very useful for a lot of situations. So you’ll find yourself wanting to rely on the assault rifle many a time. And this thing looks insanely cool in GTA V.

If you’re in need of grabbing one check out this map for all locations.


14. Proximity Mine

Proximity Mine GTA 5 weapon

One of the more satisfying weapons to use, the proximity mine requires some thought and careful placement. But it has quite the explosive impact.

Guaranteed to deal with those pesky cops chasing you down, just place some of these nearly invisible proximity mines where you think they will pass through. Then sit back to watch the fireworks as their vehicle drives right through an explosion(probably harmed).

Definitely a fun way to mess with your friends in GTA online too. But also extremely practical in-game once you learn how they work.

The proximity mines are perfect for those with a little bit of patience and forethought.


13. Stun Gun

Stun Gun GTA 5

Taking on the appearance of a handgun made of LEGO, the stun gun is by far one of the most entertaining – if not slightly ineffectual – weapons in the game.

While you may not want this one for those serious missions requiring a high kill count, the stun gun is the weapon of choice for when you want to roam around the city and engage in some hilarious antics.

The ability to stun people is always helpful so that goes without saying.

But especially if you want to take care of them via non-lethal methods.

That said, I think the best part of this weapon is getting to see the incredible rag-doll physics and watching victims flail around endlessly. This game just keeps getting more realistic with each version.


12. Hatchet

Hatchet weapon in GTA 5

Bury the hatchet and end any conflict for once and for all with this lethal melee weapon.

Hack down your enemies with this brutal weapon and bury the hatchet(literally this time) into the skulls of your unfortunate victims.

A satisfying weapon to use in a modern day environment where most weapons are bullet-based.

This may be more old-school fun that practical but the hatchet is a good old-fashioned hack and slash kind of weapon that deserves some spot on this list.


11. Special Carbine

Special Carbine in GTA 5

The second assault rifle to appear on this list, the special carbine is more powerful than most (except the Gusenberg sweeper which we’ll look at later) and has a very stocky appearance which makes it quite visually appealing.

Looking through the iron sights of this fully automatic rifle makes long-distance kills easier. And the ability to switch to semi-automatic means that you don’t have to risk accuracy if you don’t want to stand and spray.


10. Assault Shotgun

Assault Shotgun in GTA 5

Easily one of the best options when considering weapons to use for close-quarters combat, the assault shotgun is just plain deadly.

When you want to enter a room with no fear of being able to clear it with ease, the assault shotgun is a safe bet.

Being fully automatic – and a shotgun – you will easily be able to blow away your enemies before they can even retaliate.

A meaty gun with a satisfying sound and plenty of power to obliterate anyone who stands in your way, the assault shotgun should always be a consideration in your arsenal.


9. Gusenberg Sweeper

Gusenberg Sweeper in GTA 5

Based on the Tommy gun which was made famous by gangster movies set in the 1920s, the Gusenberg Sweeper will make you feel like a true member of the mafia.

With this light machine gun you’ll find yourself wanting to stroll the streets in your best suit and hat, spewing your favorite Godfather quotes as you wreak havoc on everyone who has wronged you and your family.

A great weapon for role-playing as a mobster or just playing as a lunatic in the streets.

And once again: the graphics of GTA V really bring out the beauty of this bad boy.


8. Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle in GTA 5

The sniper rifle in GTA 5 might be slightly less powerful than its predecessor in previous games, but it still packs a punch here. And it is arguably much better due to the ability to equip it with a suppressor.

Now this is the first game where you can truly adopt a stealthy approach to any mission, the suppressed sniper rifle is now a perfect choice for taking out targets at a distance.

Not much left to say but go out and try it for yourself! They’re surprisingly easy to track down.


7. Grenade

Grenade GTA 5

Here’s another weapon that puts the rag-doll physics of GTA V on display in style.

Grenades are a staple of the series and its performance in this game is the most impressive.

As well as being a great way to test out the physics engine and watch bodies fly through the air, the grenade is still one of the best ways to clear a room and just dive in head-first.

Just be careful you don’t overcook it, or you could find yourself on the receiving end of the explosion. Good luck surviving that one.


6. Combat MG

Combat MG in GTA 5

Based on the mark 48 machine gun, the combat MG is arguably the best automatic weapon in the game(bar one, which we’ll get to further down the list).

Being a machine gun, the combat MG obviously has more firepower than handguns, SMGs and assault rifles, making it a strong contender during shootouts with the police.

While the slow reload might hinder you in the middle of an all-out firefight, the combat MG is capable of dishing out serious damage and can even be used to take out larger vehicles.


5. Flare Gun

Flare Gun weapon in GTA 5

Taking its spot in the top 5 more due to its fun nature than its functionality, the flare gun is like the stun gun mixed with a flamethrower. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

Unlike a flamethrower though, the flare gun is able to fire a long way and rather than spraying flames everywhere, this allows you to sit back and cause chaos at a safe distance.

This is another weapon to sit back and enjoy the physics of the game while staying just far enough away from the carnage to go a little undetected.

The flare gun will set people and vehicles alight for the purpose of your entertainment. What’s not to love?


4. Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher in GTA V

Perhaps one of the biggest downsides of the thrown grenade is its requirement for accuracy to nail exactly what you need to hit.

That, and the slight delay to detonate, are both addressed by this much more powerful grenade launcher.

Whereas with a typical grenade you will always be wondering if, after perfectly aligning your throw, it will just bounce harmlessly away from the target… with the grenade launcher you get to see your results live in real time.

And these are some results you’ll want to see.


3. Sticky Bomb

Sticky Bomb from GTA5

Sticky bombs, named so because of their sticky nature to cling to anything, are one of the most enjoyable ways to blow stuff up in GTA V.

Like a high stakes game of chase, throw one of these sticky bombs on an unsuspecting victim and run as fast as you can before they blow the both of you up.

Especially useful for vehicles, these explosive devices are the best at what they do and will make sure you get your fix of action the next time you sit down for a session of GTA 5.

And believe it or not, these are actually purchasable weapons you can get from Ammu-nation. Crazy world.


2. Minigun

Minigun weapon in GTA 5

Doing away with the need to reload this weapon, the developers at Rockstar thought it best to let the player have at it with the minigun giving the ability to fire as many rounds as you can.

This barrel-rotating heavy machine gun serves as the perfect Schwarzenegger-esque solution to all of your armored vehicle problems.

Simply stand and aim this giant firearm in the direction of whatever’s harassing you. Pretty soon you’ll get to see them explode into a thousand pieces.

I feel sorry for the first officer on the scene once you’ve added this into your cache of weaponry.


1. Railgun

Railgun weapon in GTA 5

A high-powered, single-shot rifle with the ability to destroy a vehicle in one shot. I think that sums up almost everything that gets this weapon into the #1 spot.

The railgun isn’t exactly as realistic a weapon but it’s incredibly creative for this type of game. Not to mention it’s also incredibly satisfying to use for taking out large vehicles and skewering multiple victims with one beam.

You’ll find yourself looking through the scope hoping your targets will line up perfectly so you can take them all out in one pull of the trigger of this high-tech rifle.

Looking for an easy way to pick up this destructive weapon? No worries hombre, this guide has you covered.

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