Best Custom BMW Car Mods for GTA 5

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BMW describes the prototypical BMW car as “the ultimate driving machine” – and a massive platform of loyal customers seems to agree.

This storied German manufacturer brings together luxury, cutting-edge tech, and a consistent design language permeating everything that comes from their factories.

A look over popular Grand Theft Auto 5 car mods will show you that style and prestige are king among gamers – and BMW has it in spades.

If you’re looking for a top-notch car fit for the criminal mastermind that you’ve built yourself up to be in GTA 5, these custom BMW add-ons should be your first stop.


10. BMW E30 M3 (1991)

BMW E30 M3 (1991) / GTA 5 Mod

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It might not look like it, given its classic, square body and overall mature personality, but the BMW M3 has the soul of a racer.

The M3 was a massive hit when it was introduced in 1986, both among racers and the general population. It won the 24 Hours Nürburgring five consecutive times and was famous as a rally car too.

This mod features high-quality exteriors and interiors, a fully-modeled engine, realistic handling, and extensive livery support.


9. BMW 2002 Turbo (1973)

BMW 2002 Turbo (1973) / GTA V Mod

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The BMW 02 series was a successful line of executive compact cars that hit the road in 1966.

While that car is pretty interesting, its biggest contribution was serving as a starting point for the 2002 Turbo – the first turbocharged production car in Europe.

Nowadays, its top speed of 211km/h might not sound all that remarkable – but it was a significant milestone for BMW when it was revealed at the 1973 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Regrettably, the 1973 Oil Crisis cut the 2002 Turbo’s run short – but it remains an icon of BMW’s ability to push the boundaries.


8. BMW 507 (1959)

BMW 507 (1959) / GTA 5 Mod

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In 1955, BMW was locked in fierce competition with Mercedes-Benz, who’d recently come out with the iconic Mercedes-Benz 300SL.

To combat the 300SL, BMW developed the 507 – an absolutely gorgeous roadster considered by many the most beautiful car ever made at the time.

I think it might still be one of the most visually striking models ever made. Even Elvis Presley owned a couple of them, and if there’s something the King knew about, it was style.

This high-quality model features fully-functional lights, realistic performance, and correct physics for an authentic driving experience.


7. BMW X7 Manhart MHX7 (2021)

BMW X7 Manhart MHX7 (2021) / GTA V Mod

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Most people know BMW for their coupés and sedans, but I’m a sucker for their high-profile SUVs.

The BMW X7 is a full-size luxury SUV introduced in 2018, featuring the company’s latest tech, like adaptive LED headlights, heated three-row seating, and full driver assistance.

This add-on is modeled after the 2021 Manhart-tuned edition. Manhart Performance is a German auto tuning company famous for taking extraordinary luxury vehicles to the next level.

It works for wealthy businessmen moving the family to Disneyland, and it’ll work for rich criminals carrying duffle bags and contraband all around Los Santos.


6. BMW M1 ProCar E26 (1981)

BMW M1 ProCar E26 (1981) / GTA 5 Mod

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The first BMW to sport the German manufacturer’s well-known “M” badge was the BMW M1.

First produced in 1978, the M1 is a mid-engine sports car powered by a six-cylinder 3.5L engine capable of outputting 274hp and propelling the M1 to a top speed of 265km/h.

This beast was advertised along with the Procar BMW M1 Championship, where famous Formula 1 teams and drivers competed in racing-modified M1s.

The current mod brings you a high-quality rendition of these cars, complete with 14 liveries, including many seen in the championship mentioned above.


5. BMW M6 F13 Shadow Line

BMW M6 F13 Shadow Line / GTA V Mod

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Since then, many cars have borne the “M” badge – including the BMW M6.

Introduced in 1983 as a high-performance variant of BMW’s successful 6 Series Grand Tourer line, the M6 has seen many incarnations.

It started with the classic M635CSi model that used the same engine as the M1 and continues with the third-generation M6, powered by a BMW S65 twin-turbo V8 engine shared with the F10 M5.

This specific add-on features the Shadow Line trim, which colors the regular chrome window panel weather strip and the car’s roof all-black.


4. BMW Z4 M40i (2019)

BMW Z4 M40i (2019) / GTA 5 Mod

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If you’re looking for a stylish, sexy ride that’ll cement your position as Los Santos’ most coveted bachelor or bachelorette, the BMW Z4 M40i should be at the top of your list.

The Z family has been BMW’s line of visually striking roadsters since 1989, and though the base look hasn’t changed much since the Z3, the German manufacturer kept polishing the concept every year.

The Z4 M40i takes performance to the limit under the experienced eye of BMW’s M team. It’s powered by a 3.0L twin-power turbocharged 6-cylinder engine capable of generating 382hp for a top speed of 250km/h.


3. BMW i8 Liberty Walk Roadster

BMW i8 Liberty Walk Roadster / GTA V Mod

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The BMW i8 Roadster is already among the most stylish cars in existence.

The design team wanted to project an image of technological advancement that matched this sports car’s status as a plug-in hybrid, and they excelled at it.

Still, I grew up playing Need for Speed, and I believe no car is so stylish that it can’t be improved by the right body kit.

This mod brings you the BMW i8 outfitted with a bad-ass body kit by Liberty Walk that gives it a beefier look while taking nothing away from its forward-facing futuristic appeal.

Alternatively, check out the AC Schnitzer kit or the original, non-roadster BMW i8.


2. BMW M8 Coupé Prior Design

BMW M8 Coupé Prior Design / GTA 5 Mod

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Another top-notch vehicle made even better by expert tuners is this BMW M8 Coupé by Prior Design.

The BMW M8 is the high-performance cousin of the BMW 8-series, boasting a power output of 617HP and a top speed of 305km/h thanks to its S63 twin-turbocharged V8 engine and excellent aerodynamics.

The Prior Design body kit includes wider wheel arches, extra side sills, a small rear spoiler, and a vented bonnet.

It gives this lightning-fast car a much more aggressive character that’s fitting for the ruthless criminals that will drive it in Los Santos.


1. BMW M4 Raijin Body Kit

BMW M4 Raijin Body Kit / GTA V Mod

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Those who prefer truly unique, attention-grabbing cars will go wild for the Raijin Body Kit on the BMW M4.

The high-performance sibling of the BMW 4-series is already a beautiful automobile, but it’s not exactly the most visually striking. The BMW M4 Competition is a bit more attention-grabbing, but not much.

Now, this Raijin-modified M4 is the stuff dreams are made of – and you’re free to customize it to your heart’s content.

The mod features 17 tuning parts, including seven different spoilers, three bonnet mods, three exhausts, and so on.

If you like aggressive cars with a big personality, you can’t miss out on the M4 GTS Liberty Walk either.

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