Top 15 Mods for Custom Boats & Yachts in GTA 5

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For centuries, fancy boats and yachts have been a symbol of wealth and power – and it’s no different in GTA 5’s Los Santos.

There’s something about owning their own sailing vessel that makes men and women alike happily open their wallets and purses – or risk their lives stealing a ship.

Alternatively, you can just download a mod.

If you’ve found your way here, you understand the melancholic beauty of the sea – or perhaps you just like speedy boats that go “brr.” In any case, you’ll find a lot to love in these mods.


15. Nagasaki Blazer Aqua

Nagasaki Blazer Aqua / GTA 5 Mod

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The Nagasaki Blazer is one of the coolest vehicles in GTA Online.

Regrettably, it never made it into the single-player portion of GTA 5 – until now.

With the Nagasaki Blazer Aqua, you don’t need to waste time switching vehicles from land to sea. Just drive into the ocean, and the ATV will give way to a Jet Ski so you can enjoy the adrenaline of riding the waves.

It’s handy to escape low Wanted levels, so give it a try!


14. Boat-Mobile

Boat-Mobile / GTA 5 Mod

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When someone mentions amphibious vehicles, the average person will think of a car or bike that can also float on water like a boat.

But what about a boat that can also drive on land?

The Boat-Mobile is, at the same time, one of the most ridiculous and extraordinary custom vehicles I’ve ever seen.

On water, it looks like any other small boat – on land, it’s a sailor’s idea of a monster truck.


13. Shark Jet-Ski

Shark Jet-Ski / GTA 5 Mod

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But if you’re looking for something truly absurd, you can’t go wrong with the Shark Jet-Ski.

Imagine the fear in local law enforcement’s eyes when they see a total madman approaching on a giant shark! They might just run away instead of chasing after you.

Riding on this beast reminds me of playing Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire and riding my Sharpedo by using Surf – though this might be a little bit larger.

Welcome to Shark Week.


12. Rapid Boat

Rapid Boat / GTA 5 Mod

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Enough with the joke boats. Let’s get into the good stuff!

Called simply the “Rapid Boat,” this graceful vessel is all about speed and style.

With enough space for only a small squad and maybe some duffle bags full of cash, this boat is perfect for a successful criminal who dabbles in smuggling.

It’ll get you and the team from point A to point B in no time, and you’ll look like a true professional as you approach the coast.


11. Aeroboat SV12 (2018)

Aeroboat SV12 (2018) / GTA 5 Mod

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Some people like to ride the waves.

Others want to cut through them like a hot knife through butter.

The Aeroboat SV12 flies over the waters like an arrow thanks to its sharp, thin body shape and mighty V12 Rolls-Royce engine refitted from – get ready – a WW2 British Spitfire fighter aircraft.

If it’s good for fighting fascists, it’ll be great for eluding the somewhat heavy-handed police of the San Andreas state.

Stylish, potent, and luxurious – the Aeroboat SV12 is a marvel of modern engineering.


10. Boat Thai Zing

Boat Thai Zing / GTA 5 Mod

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While there has been a slight shift throughout the years, it’s evident to everybody that the mainstream gaming industry makes games primarily for a Western audience.

One way non-American or European gamers have to bring some of their personal spice to their favorite games is through modding – and the Thai Zing boat is a beautiful example.

This unusually-shaped boat takes inspiration from traditional Thai boat crafting and merges it with a modern motorboat.

The vibrant wooden textures and Thai script on the boat’s sides give it an exotic appeal – at least in the context of Los Santos – and will help diversify your seafaring vessel collection.


9. Riva Aquariva Super

Riva Aquariva Super / GTA 5 Mod

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A more traditionally Western but not less appealing design can be found on the Riva Aquariva Super.

Manufactured by Italian yacht company Riva, the Aquariva Super inherits many design elements from the classic Riva Aquarama, which contributes to its timeless appeal.

With sleek, elegant lines, the Aquariva Super can seduce the most discerning customers – or yacht robbers, depending on how you got your hands on this boat.

While definitely potent enough to outrun the Coast Guard if need be, this boat was built for luxury and comfort.


8. Nagasaki Vortex

Nagasaki Vortex / GTA 5 Mod

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My favorite type of maritime vessel has to be the hovercraft – a lightweight boat propelled forward by a massive fan on its rear.

To call it “maritime” might be a bit of a stretch.

Hovercrafts are commonly seen in swamps, shallow rivers, and coastal waters. Take one to the high seas, and the chances of getting blown away or capsized by a large wave are close to 100%.

Luckily, GTA 5 doesn’t have realistic wind physics or anything of the sort – so the sleek Nagasaki Vortex can comfortably operate like any other boat.

If you like this spiffy hovercraft, make sure to check out this US Navy Hovercraft as well.


7. USS Missouri

USS Missouri / GTA 5 Mod

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The polar opposite of the light and juvenile Nagasaki Vortex would be something cumbersome, unwieldy, and definitely not meant to transport a single person.

It would be something like the USS Missouri.

The Missouri – also known as the BB-63 – is an Iowa-class battleship introduced toward the end of World War 2. It was used to rain devastation on the Japanese islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa in 1945, and later continued to see action during the Korean War between 1950 and 1953.

Now, it comes to the coasts of Los Santos to inspire the populace with its massive figure sailing slowly against the sunset.


6. US Bogue-Class Escort Carrier

US Bogue-Class Escort Carrier / GTA 5 Mod

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Another massive chunk of metal assembled during WW2 that’ll make a great addition to the waters of San Andreas state is the Bogue-Class Escort Carrier.

Finally, you can reenact the original Top Gun!

With a detailed model, gorgeous textures, and accurate specs – from size to top speed – this add-on will turn the waters of Los Santos and Blaine County into a World of Warships match.

This mod includes ten different liveries representing multiple specific carriers, including the USS Bogue, the USS Copahee, the USS Nassau, and the USS Breton.


5. The Batboat

The Batboat / GTA 5 Mod

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Everyone knows about the Batmobile – but had you heard about the Batboat?

Gotham City’s law enforcement seems chronically out-of-their-depth when it comes to any and all criminal activity, and the Coast Guard isn’t any better.

So, of course, Batman has a bad-ass boat.

This version lacks the original’s ability to submerge itself, but it looks terrific while speeding over the waves off the coast of Los Santos.

Hopefully Batman won’t mind you taking it for a ride.


4. Amels 200 Yacht

Amels 200 Yacht / GTA 5 Mod

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A successful criminal likes nothing more than living it up in international waters on a hyper-luxurious yacht.

Conceived by notorious yacht designer Tim Heywood and brought to life by Damen Yachting, the Amels 200 is a 60m-long leisure paradise with enough space for 12 guests – or more if you don’t care about security measures.

With sweeping exterior lines, sumptuous curves, and an athletic personality, the Amels 200 is the perfect modern yacht.

My favorite part has to be the little balcony on the side of the boat. Whether you use it to lounge in style, sweet-talk your latest conquest, or as a platform to dive into the sea – it’s simply sublime.


3. Explorer Yacht

Explorer Yacht / GTA 5 Mod

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So it finally happened.

The feds are onto you.

They have the pictures, the videos, the receipts…

They’re coming for you, and your only chance of escaping is stocking up on fuel and sailing to international waters, hoping you’re a good enough sailor to make it to Cuba or Trinidad.

It’s time to bring out the Explorer Yacht.

Explorer Yachts are designed to give their owner the freedom to roam around the world’s oceans without restrictions – hence the hull’s unique shape compared to most other yachts.

This remarkable add-on features high-quality sculpting on exteriors and interiors alike and is highly customizable in color. If you had to live in it for the next few weeks, you could do worse.


2. Sea Ray 650 Fly

Sea Ray 650 Fly / GTA 5 Mod

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The Sea Ray 650 Fly is precisely what I think of when someone uses the word “yacht.”

It’s sporty, luxurious, and looks like it costs more than I’ll make in my entire lifetime.

Released by Sea Ray in 2015, this modern flybridge boat overflows with beauty and sophistication. Every line serves a visual purpose, and they all come together to create something that looks more like a sea creature than an artificial vehicle.

This elegant beast will take you anywhere you want to go in extreme comfort and style.


1. HMS Victory

HMS Victory / GTA 5 Mod

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Modern boats and yachts are marvels of engineering and design – but in truth, they can’t hold a candle to the absolute swag of classic wooden ships from the Age of Sail.

Her Majesty’s Ship “Victory” was one of the largest, most devastating ships of the line in the English Royal Navy from 1765 to 1824. She served as the navy’s flagship in many operations and is the oldest naval ship still in commission.

At full sail, this enormous battleship looks downright majestic.

It’s the kind of thing that’ll make you want to leave the life of a petty criminal behind to become a glorious pirate, scurvy notwithstanding.

The Coast Guard won’t dare approach you when you have 104 cannons trained on their puny boats.

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