15 Funniest GTA 5 Mods: From Memes To Weird & Stupid Add-ons

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Every GTA game needs its share of ridiculously stupid mods.

And it couldn’t have been any different for GTA5.

The latest entry in the glorious open-world series brought some new possibilities with a new version of the game’s engine, and the power of the current generation of consoles, allowing modders to go crazier than ever.

I mean, can you imagine the poor old PlayStation 2 properly run an underwater map?

Well regardless, let’s have a look at some of the most absurd, strange, and just plain funny mods to add into your GTA5 gameplay.


15. My Leg – SpongeBob Ped Pain/Death Sounds

SpongeBob My leg sound mod for GTA5

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A healthy dose of violence can only be made healthier by enhanced audio.

Since Grand Theft Auto V is all about letting loose to commit the most heinous crimes, why not make everything more surreal?

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “my leg!” then you’ll love this mod.


14. The Shark Cannon

Shark Cannon mod for GTA5

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Remember that ridicous movie Sharknado?

Now you can recreate it in GTA5. Sans the tornado, thankfully.

With the Shark Cannon you can summon Hammerhead and Tiger Sharks at will, and let them devour all the pedestrians they find.

Well, not quite… as these poor sharks are dead. But hey, pair this with the Tsunami Mod to become a twisted, ugly lord of the sea. Now that’s something to keep you busy.


13. Peel P50

Peel P50 car mod for GTA5

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With so many beautiful sports cars roaming around Los Santos, how is any one of the, to stand out?

With the smallest car ever made.

The Peel P50, in case you did not know, is the smallest production car ever made in history. It’s so small, that it has a single door, no reverse gear, and some very weird handling.

With this baby you can be sure to go all-out on the mischief, as the police are surely going to take pity on you in this jalopy.


12. Quick Whale Spawner

Quick Whale Spawner funny GTA5 mod

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Have you ever wished you could fill the world with whales? No?

Well it doesn’t matter. Now you can!

The Quick Whale Spawner mod’s only goal is to make you laugh your socks off by letting you spawn gigantic whales any time you want.

Want a single whale?

Just press the dedicated button gently.

Want an army of whales to rain down?

Mash that button like there’s no tomorrow!


11. Ragdoll on Demand

Ragdoll on Demand mod screenshot

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For the uninitiated, ragdoll physics are used to create dynamic death animations that look great for the player, much less for the killed virtual character.

If this extremely short description on the joys of death animations wasn’t enough for you, I invite you to Los Santos to try out Ragdoll on Demand.

Just press the dedicated button, say goodbye to the ground, and make death something to be laughed about.


10. Animal Cannon

Animal Cannon mod for GTA5

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Do you know the name of the most powerful and most devastating weapon ever created in the world of Grand Theft Auto? I do.

This weapon is the Animal Cannon.

And what it does is shoot animals. Many different animals.

Want to shoot down choppers with a whale? You can.

Want to take on the cops with cat ammo? You can.

Want to rob banks and shoot dogs at the guards? You can.

And they don’t even bite! If this is not true power, I do not know what it is.


9. Vehicle Cannon Mod

Vehicle Cannon Mod for GTA5

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I don’t know if anyone ever asked for such a weapon, but here it is: the powerful Vehicle Cannon!

With this, you’ll be able to crush any and all opposition by shooting a truckload of cars at them.

Or a carload of trucks, depending on your preference.


8. Grand Theft Space

Grand Theft Space for GTA5

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Grand Theft Auto in space. What else can you ask for?

This amazing Grand Theft Auto V expansion mod lets you go past the borders of old, boring Earth and go into the deepest reaches of space.

While all planets seem to have the same gravity as our own world, you can combine this mod with the Ragdoll on Demand mod and a few others for some very hilarious effects!


7. The Tsunami Mod

Tsunami Mod for GTA5

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A massive tidal wave has hit Los Santos. And it’s not as catastrophic as one may think.

The Tsunami mod is considered to be one of the most hilarious mods ever made for the game, and for all the right reasons.

I mean, how could you ever keep a straight face seeing NPCs swim in circles for hours, cars floating, and chaos erupting behind every corner?

Add in some bugs that can’t be fixed and you get a dangerously funny mix that you’ve gotta experience for yourself.


6. Mario Kart 8 – N64 Yoshi Valley

Mario Kart 8 modded into GTA5

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Mario Kart 8 in Grand Theft Auto V? Oh my barnacles!

And it’s even less violent than the real thing.

This recreation of the classic Mario Kart track is extremely, extremely faithful. And it would be perfect if it weren’t for one thing. There are no power-ups!

How am I supposed to get my friends to hate me without a Blue Shell?


5. Gravity Gun

Gravity Gun mod for GTA5

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The Gravity Gun is a staple mod for every Grand Theft Auto game. So there was no way it was skipping GTA5.

Just in case you’ve been living in the desert up until now, I’ll tell you how this works.

Point. Aim. Shoot. And watch things fly!


4. Vehicles Jetpack

Vehicles Jetpack mod for GTA5

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The coolest item ever made for any Grand Theft Auto game was San Andreas’ Jetpack.

Which sadly never made another appearance.

Until someone made it for Grand Theft Auto V.

Simply copying things is not a good way to go, so how could the Jetpack be improved? By making it work with vehicles!

And with the Vehicles Jetpack mod, your entire garage can be taken into the skies to awe pedestrians and partners in crime alike.


3. Pokémon Go GTA Edition

Pokémon Go GTA Edition - Charizard screenshot, GTA5 Mod

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I haven’t watched Pokémon in a long time.

But I’m pretty sure Ash Ketchum wasn’t into stealing cars and robbing banks.

My how times change.

Pokémon Go GTA Edition is an extremely ambitious mod that allows you to play Pokémon GO inside Grand Theft Auto V.

You know what this means, right?

You can catch Pikachu, Squirtle, and Charmander, and let them get acquainted with the harsh reality of Los Santos’ crime life.

What a horrible wake up call for these innocent creatures! And what a very enjoyable experience for you.


2. Pedestrian Riot

Pedestrian Riot mod for GTA5

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With all that goes on in Los Santos, one has to wonder why pedestrians never, ever riot.

Until one of them wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, that is.

Pedestrian Riot arms all pedestrians with weapons, and they are all eager to use them against basically anyone who attacks them.

You, especially.

Are you regretting driving over them just for the fun of it? Well it’s too late now: let’s see how long you survive when they can fight back!


1. God Mode

God Mode - mod for GTA5

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Time to become a god, but for real.

Grand Theft Auto V’s God Mode makes the entirety of the map your playground.

While having unlimited ammo and health are good things to have, they do not make you a god.

Special powers like running as fast as the Flash, teleporting around like Son Goku, and slowing time certainly do.

This is one mod you’ll absolutely want to try. Check it out here with more details on each feature.

It’s part funny, part amazing, and all parts entertainng.

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