10 Best Genshin Impact Mods & Skins For GTA 5

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Genshin Impact’s Teyvat and GTA5’s Los Santos aren’t all that different.

A large open world, enemy factions plotting your downfall, and plenty of violence can be found anywhere you look in both games – though I admit there’s a significant difference between Los Santos Police and the Fatui.

Pick up any character from Genshin Impact, drop them in Los Santos, and they’ll get the hang of it in a couple minutes.

Plenty of mods exist to bring some of Genshin Impact’s charm and characters into GTA5.

So let’s look at some of the best.


10. Genshin Impact Loading Screen

Genshin Impact Loading Screen / GTA5 Mod

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One of the easiest & less invasive ways of getting some Genshin Impact into your hyper-violent street crime simulator is with the Genshin Impact Loading Screen pack.

This cutesy little add-on will show you a different Genshin Impact character every time you enter a loading screen. It works just like vanilla loading screens, so it’s actually animated.

It’s a perfect addition to your game if your character is an anime enthusiast or if you’re playing with the following mod…


9. Play as Keqing

Play as Keqing / GTA5 Mod

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Keqing is a bad-ass Electro-powered fencer who’ll teleport around the battlefield faster than the Fourth Hokage – and now, she’ll be blitzing all around the city of Los Santos.

As the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing, this lilac-colored beauty is expected to be a figure of authority.

She must embody the values of a productive society, such as diligence, honesty, and honor.

In Liyue, Keqing always keeps this in mind – but in Los Santos, she’ll let her revolutionary tendencies take over. If you can’t change society with hard work, maybe an Assault Rifle will do the trick.

If regular firearms aren’t your style, don’t worry.

Keqing can still wield her Electro Vision in Los Santos. Expect a thunderstorm and a lot of destruction.


8. Nissan GTR with KeQing Livery

Nissan GTR with KeQing Livery / GTA5 Mod

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Now that you’re wreaking havoc on Los Santos with Keqing, you’ll need some fast wheels that can keep up with your teleporting.

The Nissan GTR is a beautiful car by itself, but this mod shines for its stylish lilac color palette and sleek Genshin Impact livery, featuring Keqing.

Covering race cars in cute anime girls isn’t anything new.

The practice – known as “Itasha” – has been around since the early 2000s, and has continued growing.

Maybe you shouldn’t turn your 2021 Honda Civic into Itasha, but there’s no harm in having some fun with it on GTAV.


7. Play as Raiden Shogun

Play as Raiden Shogun / GTA5 Mod

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Yet another fantastic Electro character that can’t be missing from your GTAV is Raiden Shogun, the current Electro Archon looking over Inazuma.

The Shogun of Inazuma wields the power of thunder to protect her nation to the best of her abilities.

What many don’t know is that the Raiden Shogun is actually a puppet, while the real Archon spends her time meditating.

Well, time for meditation is over.

There’s a police barricade waiting outside your house, and no amount of shogunate authority will make LSPD back down. Show them what the god of thunder can do!


6. Mistsplitter Reforged

Mistsplitter Reforged / GTA5 Mod

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If you find that either Keqing or the Raiden Shogun are having more trouble with law enforcement than you anticipated, Mistsplitter Reforged might give you the edge you need to terrorize Los Santos.

This powerful blade was forged with the time-honored techniques of Inazuman blacksmiths, and carries the power of Electro within it, as you can tell from the purple-glowing edge.

I can’t imagine a world where the police won’t feel intimidated by a cute anime girl with a glowing purple sword.

If they keep messing with you… it’s time to let some sparks fly.


5. BMW M3 (E92) with Ningguang & Zhongli Livery

BMW M3 (E92) with Ningguang & Zhongli Livery / GTA5 Mod

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Nobody has made Ningguang or Zhongli skins for GTA5 just yet.

But you can show your love for these paragons of Liyue society with a BMW M3 Itasha.

These two are essential to Liyue existing as we know it, so it’d make sense that their likeness would be used to promote the city through racing team sponsorships.

Both Ningguang and Zhongli have Geo visions, so you’ll see the symbol for Geo power on the livery. The brown and yellow colors also represent Geo.


4. BMW M4 with Three Heroine Livery

BMW M4 with Three Heroine Livery / GTA5 Mod

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Ningguang and Zhongli may be popular.

But they can’t compete with the lovely ladies featured on this BMW M4’s Genshin Impact-themed livery.

Three colors are prominent throughout the car: Red, blue, and purple.

Each represents a heroine from Genshin Impact and the element their Vision belongs to:

  • Red is for Klee’s Pyro
  • Blue comes from Qiqi’s Cryo
  • And Keqing brings purple to the mix

Few things will disorient your criminal rivals or pursuing policemen like cute anime girls looking out for you from every angle – and the BMW M4 will give you the power you need for a clean getaway.


3. Play as Hu Tao

Play as Hu Tao / GTA5 Mod

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Hu Tao is currently one of the most popular Genshin Impact characters, thanks to her unique personality and attractive design.

What makes Hu Tao such an interesting character is the clear contrast between her job as the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor’s director and her whimsical personality.

As a Pyro heroine, Hu Tao is used to the smell of smoke in the heat of battle.

She’d do great with heavy fire-power like a mini-gun or some Molotov cocktails.

There’s no better way to make the funeral business boom than going on a shooting spree.


2. Play as Lumine (Female MC)

Play as Lumine (Female MC) / GTA5 Mod

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There’s no bigger bad-ass in Genshin Impact than its female protagonist.

Lumine isn’t afraid of anything.

She just woke up one day on a shore with a weirdly-named faerie following her around, and instead of panicking as any average person would have, she just rolled with it.

Everywhere she goes, Lumine inspires those around her.

Even her enemies respect and admire her once they get to know her. The fact that she can wield different elements to wipe the floor with anyone probably has something to do with it.

I have no reason to doubt she’d continue kicking ass in Los Santos – and if you don’t believe me, try out the Anemo and Geo abilities included in this mod.

LSPD won’t know what hit ’em.


1. Play as Klee

Play as Klee / GTA5 Mod

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Lumine might be the biggest bad-ass in Genshin Impact.

But Klee is queen when it comes to wanton destruction.

This little elfish cutie might look like a fairy on the outside, but she’s more like a grenade launcher with infinite ammo.

She might not have access to her fiery Pyro powers in Los Santos, but it makes little difference to Klee.

What makes her so dangerous aren’t her powers, but her hunger for fire and explosions.

Give her a rocket launcher, some C4, and maybe a couple grenades – she’ll take care of anything you throw at her and look adorable doing it.

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