Best GTA 5 Helicopter Mods To Get You Into The Sky

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Who has ever dreamt of piloting a helicopter at least once? I know I did.

But only Grand Theft Auto helped me realize my childhood dream. What a sad, cruel statement that is.

Helicopters have been in the series a long time ago, but they never looked as good as they do in Grand Theft Auto V.

The game does feature a decent selection of helicopters to fly around, but we’re demanding players. And if there’s still no GTA6 then new helicopters are needed!

Let’s take a peek at some mods that might satisfy those cravings.

10. Red Bull Helicopter

Red Bull Helicopter GTA5 mod

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Red Bull gives you wings. And for real this time.

I know it doesn’t sound particularly epic since the Red Bull Helicopter is a simple helicopter in Red Bull clothing.

But could you imagine the look on NPC faces when you fly around Los Santos shouting that annoying catchphrase over and over?

I’m pretty sure it could be treated as a criminal offense, so may want to keep your guns ready.


9. Camera-Chase Helicopters

Camera-Chase Helicopters Mod for GTA5

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If Grand Theft Auto were ever to become a choose-your-life type of game, I would choose to become a movie director.

If only to use this cool helicopter mod.

The Camera-Chase Helicopter is just a Havok helicopter fitted with a Frogger, which you sadly cannot use in the game, so it really won’t make your life any easier on the streets of Los Santos.

But think of the beautiful screenshots you could take. Epic, I daresay!


8. AS-350 Ecureuil (LAPD & CHP)

AS-350 Ecureuil LAPD GTA5 mod

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One day, we may be able to play as the cops in Grand Theft Auto.

But for now, we have to suit ourselves.

The AS-350 Ecureuil (LAPD & CHP) may not be the most spectacular helicopter ever made for GTA5.

But it lets us pose as those pesky cops who never leave a criminal alone in Los Santos.

With the added advantage that we do not have to deal with bank robbers, kidnappers, and the like. Isn’t that reassuring?


7. Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Yorkshire Air Ambulance GTA5 mod

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I don’t know about you, but I always like to hijack ambulances in Grand Theft Auto games for no particular reason. I know, I’m a bad person.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance mod made me an even worse person.

This extremely detailed replica of the H145 helicopter lets me fly the skies of Los Santos while making its inhabitants think that I was out to save someone’s life.

How very wrong they were.


6. Mil Mi-26 Halo

Mil Mi-26 Halo for GTA5

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Are you one of those people that always needs more? I have a solution for you.

The Mil Mi-26 Halo is the largest mass-produced helicopter ever made.

It’s so big that you can actually drive cars inside and bring them wherever you want.

You know what they say: go big or go home!


5. Amphibious Armed Cargo Plane

Amphibious Armed Cargo Plane for GTA5

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If the Mil Mi-26 Halo is way too big for you, but still want to get anywhere on the map, the Amphibious Armed Cargo Plane is the helicopter mod to test out.

While much smaller in size than the Russian juggernaut, the Amphibious Armed Cargo Plane still allows you to carry your vehicles on it, land pretty much anywhere on the map, and expand your horizons.

The Marines Logo on the side is just the icing on the cake.

Do you think cops are willing to go after the most elite of military corps? Probably not, but then again this is GTA we’re talking about.


4. MH-47G Chinook

MH-47G Chinook for GTA5

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For a game that involves so many firefights, there’s a marked shortage of military choppers, is there not?

Or rather, there was before this mod.

The MH-47G Chinook is the right helicopter if you’re planning to complete the heist of your life.

You know, the one that will make cops all over the world tremble at the sound of your name.


3. Sikorsky S-64E Fire Fighting Helicopter

Sikorsky S-64E Fire Fighting Helicopter for GTA5

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Don’t deny it. You love setting things on fire in any GTA title.

Well now it’s time to clean up your mess and make things right.

The Sikorsky S-64E Fire Fighting Helicopter is *drum roll* the very first fire fighting helicopter in all of GTA5.

And what a beauty it is.

It may lack the slick design of other modded helicopters, but it’s beautifully detailed and so efficient – 800 gallons of water released in just 10 seconds.

I’m sure you’re already getting some ideas.


2. AH-64D Longbow Apache

AH-64D Longbow Apache for GTA5

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Don’t you hate when your favorite toy gets snagged away?

The iconic Apache did make an appearance in Grand Theft Auto V in the form of the Hunter, but the helicopter was later removed for apparently no reason.

Modders, however, came to the rescue with the real deal.

Introducing the AH-64D Longbow Apache mod. Complete with a powerful machine gun that can shoot in any direction as you’re flying, making mincemeat of anything that moves!


1. AT-99 Scorpion

AT-99 Scorpion Helicopter for GTA5

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Sky domination, in the form of the coolest helicopter you can find.

This has to be the best modded helicopter to check out.

The AT-99 Scorpion, lifted straight from James Cameron’s Avatar, comes packed with some serious firepower: guided missiles, rocket pods, and machine guns.

Even without these weapons, this modded helicopter would still be deadly. Plus a slick design that shows you really mean business.

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