15 Best Superhero Mods For GTA V (DC, Marvel, & More)

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The most recent MCU film released when GTA V came out was “Iron Man 3”.

And “Thor: The Dark World” came out only a couple months later.

Back then, Thor was rubbish. Now look at him! He’s gained weight and plays Fortnite!

Sixteen MCU movies have been released since then(as of this writing).

So much time has passed, so many thousands of comics. So many mods, and games.

Yet still, no brand new free-roaming Rockstar-esque game with a variety of heroes to run amok in!

Well here’s the next best thing: a bunch of superhero mods from Marvel to DC comics, all designed for your GTA5 pleasure.

15. The Flash

The Flash Mod for GTA5

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First on our list we have a mod that lets you play as Barry Allen. The Flash himself.

Some powers for you to mess around with are super speed, fast jumping, slow motion toggle, wall and water running, aerial hijacking, and the ability to create a tornado by running in a circle.

Yes, a tornado.

The amount of detail put into this mod is incredible.


14. Captain America

Captain America Mod for GTA5

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If you have ever wanted to storm the streets of Los Santos as Captain America, then this is the mod for you.

Throw your shield like a boomerang and watch it fly back. Or deflect bullets and attacks, unleash a string of devastating star-spangled combos, and save the day with increased health and recovery abilities!

Taste that? That’s patriotism, is what that is.


13. Deadpool

Deadpool Character Mod for GTA5

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Wade Wilson, the Merc with the Mouth, was made to be played in GTA V.

The skin is fully realized and comes with a whole host of weapons (and a moterbike) unique to Deadpool.

This would be stuff like his signature akimbo pistols and mallet. As well as car customization, so you can look snazzy while leaving a pool of death in your wake.

Cracking wisecracks is mandatory.


12. Black Panther and Killmonger

Black Panther Modded in GTA5

Black Panter Mod

Killmonger Mod

Claw your way to victory with the Black Panther / Killmonger mod combo.

Featuring claws, increased statistics, and skins that have been painstakingly adopted from the movie.

If only we had a version of Wakanda to explore to match the amount of detail in these skins.

Lots of time and effort went into these textures, so if you’re a fan check them out!


11. Symbiote (Venom)

Symbiote (Venom) Mod For GTA5

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Tear, break, devour, and pulverize as Venom.

Oh and you get increased health, speed, and jumping distance.

This mod makes you tower over everybody else and includes gory tendril attacks for that authentic symbiote experience.

The alien entity will even try to escape if you stand too close to fire. Just like in the comics. And if you’re getting bored as Eddie, why not switch over to Cletus and wreck things in red?

I never thought I would be running from the cops holding only a pair of legs, but at this point anything can happen in this wacky world.


10. Thanos

Thanos GTA5 mod

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Roaming the streets as Thanos will improve your Endgame GTA V experience, for sure.

You can attack with special abilities, enhanced by the Power Stone, or teleport with the Space stone.

Harness the Reality Stone to transform things like pedestrians, cars, or even animals.

Slow down the game with the Time Stone.

Form massive black holes with the Space Stone. Effortlessly steal the lifeforce of your enemies with the Soul Stone.

Or, if you feel like it, kill half the population! I don’t feel so good…


9. The Hulk

The Hulk GTA5 Mod

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Everybody’s favorite angry fella is back, and greener than ever.

Playing as the Hulk lets you rampage the city by throwing cars, swinging on lampposts, and smashing everything in your path.

You can transform between the Hulk and Bruce Banner too, with each of them coming with their own sound effects and voiceovers. Sick!

Climb a building, send a shockwave out that decimates all surrounding, create earthquakes, or simply pick a man up and throw him at another guy with such force that they both vanish from the face of the planet.

Anything goes!

One hell of a stress reliever, that’s for sure.


8. Aquaman

Aquaman GTA5 mod screenshot

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Channel your inner fish-whisperer with this Aquaman mod, based on the DCEU movie.

Swim through the underwater streets of Atlantis, commanding sea-life and swinging your trident!

There’s no other mod on this list that lets you ride a dolphin, adjust the waves this much, and summon a shark to devour your enemies.

It’s a clear winner folks.


7. Superman

Superman Mod for GTA5

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You start out this mod as mild-mannered Clark Kent. But pop into a telephone booth and within seconds you’re beating the streets as Superman himself.

Your only kryptonite?

Random game crashes.

You can fly at persistently faster speeds, boosting with a button press to shoot across the skies. Then you can heroically crash into the ground and turn invisible before unleashing a barrage of laser beams from your eyes.

This is possibly the best simulation of being Superman out there, in any game!


6. Green Goblin

Green Goblin Mod for GTA5

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Based on the Green Goblin depicted in the first Raimi movie, this mod aims to realize flying above the city on a glider – and it does so wonderfully.

And hell, while you’re up there why not hurl bombs (from a selection of five different types) and shoot rockets into those who defy you?

There are fewer pleasures in life than gliding above the heads of those inferior, laughing like a madman. Embody your inner Willem Dafoe.


5. Batman

Batman Mod for GTA5

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Los Santos deserves a hero. It needs a hero.

And who better than you?

Especially considering this mod features a variety of customizable ground and aerial vehicles to tumble through the city (in both third and first person).

Plus it gives you Batarangs, gas canisters, a grapple hook, and a lot more.

The armor is gorgeously textured, with a flowing cape accompanying so you can protect the city in style.

Unless you’d rather destroy it. Which I don’t doubt you’d do.


4. Thor

Thor Modd design in GTA5

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The power of thunder and Mjolnir are at your fingertips.

Wield them unwisely to unleash destructive, earth splintering attacks. Or spin your hammer like a copter and shoot of into the clouds. For you are Thor.

And heck, if the sky ain’t your flavor, or if you are more of a ground-based Asgardian, then why not throw your hammer and teleport to it?

That’s right, this mod is so good that you don’t even need to use the WASD keys or joystick to be a God. If only life were so easy.


3. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange modded screenshot in GTA5

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Channel the psychedelic cerebral energy of the astral plane to make the world turn in on itself, like in those crazy films. Or Inception.

Amass a collection of hands, conjure a spectral whip, clone yourself, astral project, or control the world with telekinetic powers – the possibilities with this mod are seemingly endless.

It also features a collection of skins unique to the character in the comics and movies.

Aldous Huxley would be proud of the mind tripping this mod provides.


2. Spider-Man

Spider-Man GTA5 mod

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Swing through the cityscape of Los Santos as Peter Parker himself in this brilliantly developed mod.

Dangle from lampposts or helicopters in a variety of suits, or twirl and spin/flip before zipping to a rooftop.

The gloriously animated web behaviors & combat mechanics, coupled with the ability to cling to every surface, will completely change your approach towards the world of GTA V.

This is one of the best superhero mods available for GTA V. If you’re a Spider-Man fanatic you’ll wanna try this out.

But if you really want a top pick…


1. Iron Man

Iron Man mod for GTA5

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If there’s one superhero mod that feels like it was made by Rockstar themselves, it’s this one.

You can customize Tony Stark’s suits (multiple) by the color, the equipment, attachments, and weaponry. All to a surprising degree.

The flying mechanics are perhaps the most fully realized of any mod on this list, with propulsion coming out of your hands and feet just like in the comics!

And this isn’t just because of the incredible animations, of which there are hundreds. Oh, and weaponry! Tons!

Multiple laser beam types, inbuilt Gatling guns, combat swords, chest repulsion cannons, and more.

Iron Man fits so seamlessly into the urban background of Los Santos that skipping over this entertaining-as-hell mod would only be a disservice to yourself.

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