The Best Superman & Supergirl Mods for GTA 5 (All Free)

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People can come up with as many different superheroes as they want – but they’ll never make one as “superheroic” as Superman.

He’s perfectly virtuous, fit, and invincible – except for the one specific weakness, Kryptonite, which he needed to have to be a perfect superhero.

Only a superhero of this caliber and moral standing has any chance of making a dent in the massive web of corruption that encapsulates Los Santos.

Take a shot at rehabilitating Los Santos through violence with one of these Superman-themed mods.


1. Classic Supergirl Suit

Classic Supergirl Suit / GTA5 Mod

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Supergirl has rocked many different outfits in her comic book career – but the classic cheerleader-ish “Superman with a skirt” look remains the most well-known.

Like Superman’s outfit, these tights hug Supergirl’s body like a second skin. It screams “60s superhero” and does a great job highlighting Supergirl’s figure as much as Superman’s outfit highlights his pecs.

A superhuman being who can fly and is immune to all forms of damage not directly involving Kryptonite should wear the most unobtrusive, thin, and flexible layer of clothing possible.

Still, considering this has a cape, I can’t give it that much credit.

Etna Mode would be disappointed.


2. Superboy from Young Justice

Superboy from Young Justice / GTA5 Mod

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They say that opposites attract each other.

Sometimes, they attract each other so much that they splice their genetic codes into an unaging genomorph.

That’s what happened between Superman and Lex Luthor, giving rise to Superboy: a slightly rebellious and anti-social 16-years-old version of Superman featured in Young Justice.

This mod will let you terrorize Los Santos as that same overpowered half-Kryptonian teenager.


3. DC Unchained Superman

DC Unchained Superman / GTA5 Mod

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DC Unchained is a pretty solid action-oriented mobile game any comics fan can enjoy, at least for a while.

Featured characters include fan favorites like Shazam, Starfire, Wonder Woman, and Superman.

I always thought the Last Son of Krypton got a sweet design for DC Unchained. Thanks to this mod, I can get the look on Grand Theft Auto 5.

This is the classic comic book hero Los Santos deserves to protect it from the comic book-level villains running the local organized crime.


4. CW Supergirl (Multiverse Armor)

CW Supergirl (Multiverse Armor) / GTA5 Mod

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Something I love about the concept of a “multiverse” is that it has the potential to make your most outlandish, fan-fiction-ish desires come true.

For example, it makes it possible for Kara Zor-El to become Overgirl instead of Supergirl, work as a Nazi General, and lead the New Reich alongside her husband.

It can also put supergirl into armor, which feels ridiculous when you consider just how resistant to damage Kryptonians are.

This mod lets you play as high-quality renditions of both of these unusual Supergirls in GTA 5.


5. Superman Elite Pack

Superman Elite Pack / GTA5 Mod

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The Injustice games are a fantastic source for alternative versions of our favorite heroes collected from across the ages.

Injustice 2 Mobile is especially rich in variations thanks to character upgrades.

This mod brings the highest-level Superman and Armored Superman from Injustice 2 Mobile straight into Los Santos.

It’s time to terrorize the land as this immortal dictator from an alternate universe!

Armored Superman straight-up gives me Darth Vader vibes. They really missed a golden chance to give Superman a bad-ass helmet.


6. BvS Superman

BvS Superman / GTA5 Mod

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For something a bit more traditional but still sleek, check out Superman’s look from Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman (2016).

This mod will let you play as Henry Cavill clad in tight blue techno-spandex. It’s perfect to duke it out with an equally beefy man in black spandex!

When you put it like that, BvS sounds like going to the Colosseum in ancient Roman times. It’s just Hollywood actors and CGI instead of poor people spilling their guts out for real.

This is one of the least cartoonish takes on the classic red and blue ‘fit – so check it out!


7. Superman Justice League Black Suit

Superman Justice League Black Suit / GTA5 Mod

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Putting a black-suited Superman on a trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) was a genius move and a reason why so many people watched it – at least the first few episodes.

I’ll leave it up to you to determine whether the show lived up to the hype or was as bad as Zack Snyder’s original 2017 film. I only care about this amazing alternate Superman design.

This mod adds a high-quality rendition of Superman’s solemn black suit so you can live out your wildest dreams of villainous Superman devastation.


8. Superman God White Suit

Superman God White Suit / GTA5 Mod

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If he wanted to, Kal-El could present himself before the people of Earth as their God, and most people would be inclined to believe him.

In fact, many people probably think he’s some sort of messiah despite him saying otherwise.

His outfit choice – with the somewhat garish yellow, red, and blue colors – could be a way to stop people from thinking that by looking slightly ridiculous.

The polar opposite would be to don an all-white suit that projects a divine image, as seen in this GTA 5 mod.


9. Superman Pack VI

Superman Pack VI / GTA5 Mod

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Superman has donned many variations on his classic threads throughout his comic book and film series.

Sometimes, the differences are as simple as more or less saturation on the suit’s colors. These minor differences help tell apart different incarnations of our hero.

Other times, the Man of Steel blows your mind by replacing the iconic S on his chest with a hammer and sickle, as seen in Superman: Red Son (2020).

You’ll find ten variations on this convenient compilation, including the communist hero from Red Son.


10. Ultimate Superman Script

Ultimate Superman Script / GTA5 Mod

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So far, we’ve only looked at mods that help you look like Superman.

Here’s one that’ll let you become a real Son of Krypton in Los Santos.

The Ultimate Superman Script by superstar modder JulioNIB gives your player character every one of the Man of Steel’s powers, including flight, super-strength, immunity to almost all forms of damage, and – my favorite – laser eyes.

After using your superpowers for too long, you’ll have to stand in the sun to get your energy back. Remember, Superman gets his power from the sun!

The possibilities are endless with this mod. I’ve only scratched the surface!

Do yourself a favor and check this one out.

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