The Best Toyota Mods for GTA 5 (Cars, Trucks & SUVs)

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Toyota is one of the most popular automakers worldwide, and thanks to Grand Theft Auto 5’s vibrant modding community, their reach expands into Los Santos.

From the Land Cruiser to the Prius, Toyota’s rise to topping car sale charts globally is a history of resounding successes that shaped the automotive industry.

And now, they’ll shape your experience driving at unsafe speeds in Grand Theft Auto 5.


1. Toyota Corolla (2010)

Toyota Corolla (2010) / GTA5 Mod

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The Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car in history.

It has been one of the most ubiquitous cars worldwide for over fifty years and played a vital role in making Toyota the largest carmaker worldwide.

This 2010 Toyota Corolla custom car mod is perfect for adding a touch of realism to your Grand Theft Auto 5.

It’s a standard, garden-variety Corolla you’ve seen a thousand times – and that’s the point.

The model is nice and polished, and the interiors will hit you with some heavy nostalgia for the 2010s.


2. Toyota Prius (2017)

Toyota Prius (2017) / GTA5 Mod

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Toyota has become known over the past 20 years as a big proponent of green technology in the automotive business.

One of their main contributions to the fight for cleaner vehicles was launching the Toyota Prius as an affordable entry-level hybrid so more people could buy into the electric hype.

Going into the business as early as 1997 has given the Japanese giant plenty of time to polish its hybrid technology.

As of 2017, the Toyota Prius was the best-selling hybrid car worldwide – and thanks to this mod, that includes Los Santos.


3. Toyota Celica GT-/FOUR (1994)

Toyota Celica GT-/FOUR (1994) / GTA5 Mod

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The Toyota Celica was introduced in 1970 to compete directly with the Ford Mustang in North American markets as 2-plus-2 body sedan.

While still a stylized two-door liftback coupé, the sixth-generation Celica diverges greatly from the contemporary Mustang.

It became its own thing – especially when it comes to styling.

There doesn’t seem to be a single straight line on this stylish machine’s bodywork. Even the front lights are nice and round, making the Toyota Celica unmistakable.

The name Celica is a stylization of “Coelica,” a Latin word meaning “celestial” or “heavenly.” It’s also an apt description of this graceful and athletic car.


4. Toyota MR2 (AW11) (1988)

Toyota MR2 (AW11) (1988) / GTA5 Mod

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Does anybody remember that time Toyota made an adorable mid-engined sports car?

I’m pretty sure “adorable” wasn’t what the artists and developers at Toyota were going for with the MR2. Still, I can’t help but feel fuzzy inside looking at this toy-like car.

It was an affordable option for those who loved sporty cars but didn’t have that much cash. There’s something modest and unpretentious about it, and I find it irresistible.

The 1988 model year brought nice little updates, such as aerodynamic wing mirrors and a LED strip brake light on the rear spoiler.

You’ll get a lot more out of the Toyota MR2 thanks to the abundant tuning parts included in this mod.


5. Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser (1978)

Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser (1978) / GTA5 Mod

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Toyota is a widely celebrated manufacturer in almost every automobile category, ranging from the most basic everyday commuting sedan like the Prius to dynamic off-road trucks like the Land Cruiser.

This Willys Jeep-inspired off-road truck was designed during the Korean War in the 50s to supply the US’s demand for light utility vehicles.

Toyota had already made their own version of the Jeep during WW2 by reverse-engineering an abandoned American truck, so this was probably a piece of cake.

By 1978, the Land Cruiser had already evolved into the basic shape of the vehicle we know and love today. Its white roof and utilitarian personality are irresistible to some people – myself included.


6. Toyota FJ Cruiser (2012)

Toyota FJ Cruiser (2012) / GTA5 Mod

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The Toyota FJ is one of those cars you love with a passion or hate with an even bigger one.

It’s based on the original Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 from the 1960s, with the most noticeable inherited trait being the white roof that characterizes the FJ Cruiser.

Something else it got from its ancestor was the rugged off-road capabilities that make the FJ Cruiser a perfect choice for tackling the uneven terrain of Mount Chiliad, Mount Gordo, and Mount Josiah.

Its stocky frame is also somewhat reminiscent of a HUMMER. With a bright yellow color scheme, it’s an exciting throwback to the iconic yellow H2.


7. Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Executive Lounge (2020)

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Executive Lounge (2020) / GTA5 Mod

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If the Toyota FJ Cruiser is sporty and playful, the Land Cruiser 200 EL is sober and stylish.

Its powerful 4WD and 200kw Twin Turbo Diesel engine allow it to tackle rough terrain anywhere it’s sold, whether it’s the Australian outback, the Brazilian jungle roads, or Grand Theft Auto 5’s map.

This is the car for a rugged individual who’s self-reliant in the face of adversity.

Next time you have a run-in with the police, you can just drive into the mountains and lay low in the relative comfort of your LC200.


8. Toyota Land Cruiser 200 HAKAMA (2020)

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 HAKAMA (2020) / GTA5 Mod

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The Toyota Land Cruiser is a respectable truck, but you’ll need something a little bit bolder to impress your crime pals.

May I suggest the LC200 HAKAMA from SCL Global?

This Russian company’s name stands for Style, Character, and Life – and this is exactly what they pour into their tuning kits to unearth the monster within.

In the words of Viktor Frankenstein: “It’s alive!”


9. Toyota 4Runner (2020)

Toyota 4Runner (2020) / GTA5 Mod

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The Toyota 4Runner is one of the Japanese brand’s most successful vehicles in the Americas.

It began its life as a compact SUV offshoot of the Toyota Hilux but has since developed into its own thing. Now, it’s a mid-size SUV that surpasses the Hilux in popularity in territories where both are sold.

The name “4Runner” comes from being the first vehicle of its kind manufactured by Toyota – a “forerunner” – featuring 4WD and comfortable seating for four people.

The 4Runner has earned a reputation as an off-road icon since it was first introduced in 1984, and the 2020 model year upholds its legacy with ease.


10. Toyota Camry XSE (2018)

Toyota Camry XSE (2018) / GTA5 Mod

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The Toyota Corolla might have dominated the global market for decades now, but that doesn’t mean Toyota hasn’t tried to surpass itself.

According to the Japanese brand’s marketing department, the Toyota Camry is supposed to “elevate your everyday.” I hope that still applies if my everyday involves bank robberies and getting chased by police interceptors at high speeds.

The XSE package includes several visual and performance upgrades that make the garden-variety Camry a little more sporty.

These include 19-inch wheels and dual exhaust with chrome tips that look fantastic on this sedan.


11. Toyota Supra Turbo (1998)

Toyota Supra Turbo (1998) / GTA5 Mod

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You can’t compete with the Toyota Supra in the world of high speeds and fabulous bodywork.

This three-door liftback coupe started its life in the 80s as a high-performance offshoot of the Toyota Celica but has since evolved into a prestigious sports car with its own legacy.

The fourth-generation Supra was produced from 1993 to 2002 and was regrettably discontinued due to declining sales and increasingly restrictive CO2 emissions guidelines.

What makes me excited to share this GTA 5 mod is the massive amount of customization available, thanks to over 250 tuning parts.

These include body kits from Veilside, Abflug, and more, along with many racing liveries that’ll let you transform the Toyota Supra Turbo into whatever you need it to be.


12. Toyota Supra GR A90 (2020)

Toyota Supra GR A90 (2020) / GTA5 Mod

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After almost 20 years of missing in action, Toyota brought the Supra back from the dead in 2019 in collaboration with BMW.

The new fifth-gen Toyota Supra shares a platform with the BMW Z4, but the styling and performance are entirely unique.

As if the new Supra wasn’t exciting enough, the mod author included an extensive list of tuning parts to make this sports car into your ideal wheels.

Of the eight featured body kits, I find the Pandem and Liberty Walk ones irresistible – but make sure to try all of them!


13. Toyota 2000 GT (1969)

Toyota 2000 GT (1969) / GTA5 Mod

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Before 1970, Japanese cars were recognized as high-quality but considered the boring, practical choice.

The Toyota 2000 GT came into the scene in 1967 to change that view with its gorgeous styling and remarkable performance.

It became Japan’s first real “supercar” and showed everyone around the world that Toyota was perfectly able to produce a sports car that could rival European and American marques.

Today, it remains one of the most sought-after collectible Toyota models – and it’s easy to see why.


14. Toyota GT86 (2013)

Toyota GT86 (2013) / GTA5 Mod

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Developed in close collaboration with Subaru, the Toyota GT86 is Toyota’s equivalent to the Subaru BRZ.

Its name references the historic Toyota 2000GT and the unforgettable Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 – a legacy the GT86 carries with pride at a max speed of 225km/h.

You’ll notice its appearance to be stylish but subdued. The GT86 is gorgeous for sure, but it doesn’t have the edgier design language we’re used to seeing in sports cars of its range.

Its rear-wheel drive configuration helps keep it agile and balanced even at high speeds.


15. Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex AE86 (1985)

Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex AE86 (1985) / GTA5 Mod

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I grew up watching street racing anime Initial D (1998), so I couldn’t miss the chance to give the iconic Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex AE86 some love.

This humble-looking vehicle hides a beast within.

It’s what’s known as a “hot hatch,” meaning a compact but high-performing hatchback.

This means the AE86 can drive around town without raising a single eyebrow, then speed off in a hurry if the police get frisky or someone challenges you to a street race.

Its small size and front-engine rear-wheel drive configuration earned it the love of the Japanese drifting community – and the honor of being Takumi Fujiwara’s main car in Initial D.

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