Top 5 Must-Try Weather Mods for GTA 5

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You can’t have a satisfying open-world sandbox without paying close attention to the weather.

Life isn’t a sunny Sunday morning all the time.

GTA 5’s weather system adds depth to your experience of Los Santos and the rest of San Andreas state.

Since it’s so important to the atmosphere of Rockstar’s urban open world, tweaking some weather values with a mod or two can make the game feel completely different.


5. Real Life Thunder

Real Life Thunder / GTA5 Mod

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The sound of thunder can move us to action – whether that’s hiding under the covers or running for the nearest window to try and watch nature’s firework show.

Lightning is already a part of Grand Theft Auto 5’s weather system, but the thunder’s sound quality leaves something to be desired. It lacks depth, so it doesn’t trigger such a visceral reaction.

The Real Life Thunder mod makes GTA 5’s storms more immersive and dramatic by replacing these sounds with real-life thunder recordings.

With these new, realistic sounds, you’ll feel the need to run for cover in-game even though you’re not the one standing in the rain.


4. Weather Forecast Notifications

Weather Forecast Notifications / GTA5 Mod

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I’ll be the first to admit that weather forecast apps (and TV shows alike) aren’t always accurate.

Still, I can’t imagine living my life without the vague guidance provided by the rain, cloud, or sun emoji under the clock widget on my smartphone.

The Weather Forecast Notifications mod gives you the same assistance in Grand Theft Auto 5 by sending you occasional notifications warning of incoming weather changes such as fog, rain, or a brewing storm.

It isn’t the most necessary thing to have, given you’re not the one getting wet, but it’s definitely more immersive this way.

You’ll catch yourself deciding what you want to do based on the weather, and you’ll know you were right to trust me and try this out.


3. Custom Weather Cycle

Custom Weather Cycle / GTA5 Mod

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Everyone can download a simple trainer and get immediate control over the weather in Los Santos.

What trainers won’t let you do is set weather schedules so the environment will change by itself at certain times of the day over 24 hours.

That’s what you’ll get from the Custom Weather Cycle mod, which makes it easy to design your game’s environmental dynamics with just a few clicks.

You can make a crazy apocalyptic climactic catastrophe or ensure every day is sunny and warm and every night is rainy and cozy – your choice!


2. Realistic Weather Values

Realistic Weather Values / GTA5 Mod

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If realism is what you seek, Realistic Weather Values is a no-brainer.

This mod tweaks multiple atmospheric values for each of the game’s weather types. These include lighting, color saturation, the likeliness of thunder, and the waves’ size.

It makes sunny days feel brighter and more vivid, and stormy nights become much more moody and dramatic. Overall, it’s a significant improvement.

Couple it with the NaturalVision Evolved visual overhaul mod for truly incredible results.


1. RealWeather

RealWeather / GTA5 Mod

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One of my favorite parts about Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch is how the in-game seasons and time of day mimic whatever time zone and hemisphere you provided on character creation.

We can take it one step further in Grand Theft Auto 5 with the RealWeather mod, which lets you synchronize your in-game weather with a real-life city like Los Angeles.

Just provide a city, state/province, and country address to the mod through its .ini file, and it’ll match your in-game weather with data from OpenWeather.

This can help you stay connected with the outside world despite staying cooped up at home or make Los Santos into the most accurate Los Angeles simulation possible.

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