How To Farm Jade Runestones in GW2

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Jade Runestones are both a currency and a crafting material, needed to craft 3rd Generation Legendary weapons.

The two fastest & most efficient methods to obtain Jade Runestones are:

  1. Doing the Echovald Wilds and New Kaineng City meta events
  2. Or purchasing them directly at the Trading Post

There are a couple other ways to obtain them which are worth mentioning, but first let’s take a closer look at these two methods.


Method 1: Purchasing Jade Runestones At The Trading Post

Jade Runestones in the Trading Post / GW2
Jade Runestones in the Trading Post

Players can sell and buy Jade Runestones at the Trading Post. It is currently the most efficient way to obtain them.

Their price is 28 silver and 88 copper per Runestone.

However, depending on player demand, their price may go up or down.

Tip: It’s recommended that you don’t buy all the Runestones you need from the Trading Post, as the more you buy, the more they will cost.


Method 2: Meta Events in Echovald & New Kaineng City

Defending the labs at “Kaineng Blackout” meta event / GW2
Defending the labs at “Kaineng Blackout” meta event

There are only two meta events in all of Cantha which will reward you with Jade Runestones:

  • “Kaineng Blackout” in New Kaineng City
  • “The Gang War of Echovald” in Echovald Wilds

Of course, you must reach these places first. Either by completing story chapters, by finding gateways to them from other maps in the Continent, or by teleporting to a party member.

At the end of each meta, you will receive the map’s corresponding Hero’s Choice Chest.

You can choose between several rewards once you open it, including 1 Jade Runestone.

The only con is you can only obtain these rewards once per day, and they’re account bound.


Other Ways To Get Jade Runestones


Alternate Method #1: Purchasing Jade Runestones With Unusual Coins

Unusual Coin Collector Chin-Hwa / GW2
Unusual Coin Collector Chin-Hwa

There’s a merchant in Daigo Ward, a section of the Seitung Province map, called Chin-Hwa. He’s the only vendor in the game who sells Jade Runestones, in exchange for Unusual Coins.

Unusual Coins are another currency you can find while doing a wide variety of stuff in Cantha, specially opening chests.

You need 200 Unusual Coins per Jade Runestone.

The best way of farming these coins is by opening specific chests, like the one at the end of the “Wind Through The Walls” jumping puzzle in northeast New Kaineng City, or the chests found while completing the darkness maze in Zen Daijun.

If you have several characters, you can open these chests with all of them once per day.

These chests will also grant you 1-3 Jade Runestones each.

Grand Jade Tech Chest at the end of “Wind Through The Walls” jumping puzzle / GW2
Grand Jade Tech Chest at the end of “Wind Through The Walls” jumping puzzle

Alternate Method #2: Completing “End Of Dragons” Achievements

Chest spawned after playing with Shrine Guardian infants / GW2
Chest spawned after playing with Shrine Guardian infants

There’s a specific set of achievements that will reward you with both Unusual Coins and Jade Runestones when completed.

They all involve finding Shrine Guardian infants in different spots throughout all 4 maps in Cantha, and playing with them.

Playing with the Shrine Guardians consists of checking rocks, crates, and other objects to find them, following a trail of checkpoints, or interacting with certain objects in a specific order.

There are up to 4 achievements of this kind – one for each map.

They each have different tiers, and when the last tier is completed you’ll get 3 Jade Runestones.

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