Best Half Life 2 OST Soundtrack Music

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One of the most highly rated games of all time, Half Life 2 is an FPS with a totally unique story with an apocalyptic setting.

Winning many awards for its gameplay, narrative, and sound, HL2 is proof that video games are an art form and beautifully illustrates that idea through its incredibly atmospheric soundtrack.

Forming part of the Orange Box collection, along with the hugely successful Portal and Team Fortress 2, Half Life 2(and the two expansion DLCs) comes with music to match its compelling story.

I’m going to highlight the best tracks of the bunch so you can dive into that same atmosphere and relive this epic game anywhere that you have speakers.

10. Guard Down

A slow-building track that emphasizes the action on screen perfectly, “Guard down” provides plenty of ambiance for those action-packed sequences as you work your way through alien-like creatures with silent protagonist Gordon and his trusty crowbar.

With a slightly melancholy tone, Guard Down conveys the harsh reality of war while also offering a catchy beat to rock out to when the action gets more intense.

Doesn’t get much more HL2 than this.


9. Hazardous Environments

Perhaps the most iconic song of not just the game, but also of the company behind it, Valve.

Hazardous Environments is a haunting track which ties in so well with the eerie ambiance of the game.

With more than just a hint of creepy undertones, the peculiar beat is the ideal accompaniment to some sneaking and alien-beating antics in Half Life 2.

Like every good movie, Half Life 2 has a signature soundtrack with so many great songs.

Except only this one instantly brings you into the game world and brings memories of playing the game flooding back since it’s so iconic to the series.


8. Sector Sweep

An uptempo track that is more action and less suspense, Sector Sweep from the episode 2 expansion is a heavier beat to enjoy as you progress through the weird and wonderful world of Half Life 2.

I can’t think of many other tracks as suited to kicking alien ass than this masterpiece.

It’s fair to say this one is simple, but once it kicks in it will have you pumped up and ready to go on a spree.


7. LG Orbifold

With a unique sound to it all its own, LG Orbifold sounds like what would happen if the combine got hold of some DJ equipment and dropped their very own track.

With some very interesting sounds contributing to the tension in the game, LG Orbifold is what you’d expect to hear as you work your way through hordes of strange and unknown extraterrestrials.


6. You’re Not Supposed To Be Here

A track that will make you feel slightly uneasy and unwelcome (hence the name), You’re Not Supposed To Be Here will take you by surprise but also provide you with an extra adrenaline hit with its drum and bass nature.

Taking the formulaic electronic song and layering it with atmospheric sounds befitting of a game featuring aliens, this track is definitely worth a listen on your next crowbar rampage.


5. End Credits

The end credits soundtrack for Half Life 2, this track isn’t the typically emotional or triumphant music you’d expect to accompany the end of an adventure.

But instead it’s a dark and gritty piece that will drag you in and leave you wanting more.

Capturing the spirit of the game wonderfully, the end credits theme is an uptempo track that mixes in lots of elements from the game and really epitomizes the feel of Half Life 2.


4. Lab Practicum

Here’s a thoughtful piece that will leave you pondering the meaning of events in the game through the eyes of silent protagonist Gordon.

Lab Practicum is a welcome change of pace from the fast heavy beats and nonstop action elsewhere in the game.

An incredibly atmospheric track, this song plays as you are high up on a bridge with a combine soldier looking out to sea.

A perfect example of the music matching what’s happening on screen.

It’s rare to see such moving moments conveyed visually with graphics, and through music, at the same time. And in a video game no less.


3. CP Violation

The best soundtrack for any escape scene I can imagine, CP Violation really gets the blood pumping and increases the tension of an already tense scene.

This plays in a progressively more threatening scene that’s complimented amazingly by this track.

The music really helps add a lot of suspense and get your heart racing as you try to get away as quickly as possible. From what, exactly? Well I won’t spoil it but I will say it’s worth a playthrough.


2. Something Secret Steers Us

Starting out with a tense introduction, Something Secret Steers Us develops into the best action track in the game.

With a rhythmic beat, this track maintains some of the tension while keeping you on your toes and providing a great soundtrack to the action on screen.

This plays in the background as you take down as many Combine enemies as possible.

Not needing to rely on being fast or heavy to generate excitement, this track manages to pull it off with a steady beat that will have you bobbing your head – voluntarily or not.


1. Triage at Dawn

This is quite an emotional track that underlines the need to take on the Combine and beautifully addresses the brutality of war and the consequences.

Triage at Dawn is hands down the best OST track of Half Life 2.

Seeing your friend Winston on the floor bleeding out while this music is playing is easily one of the more moving moments created by the game, and is certainly worthy of respect. If you haven’t beaten the game this far yet, sorry for the spoilers… but come one the game’s almost 20 years old!

After making it through Ravenholm and making contact with another human, this track highlights the moment perfectly.

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