Hardest GTA 5 Missions: Our Top 10 Picks, Ranked

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Grand Theft Auto V, considered by many as one of Rockstar’s best games, features the kind of technical breadth that only a few open-world games can dream of.

Even years after its release, GTA V is still on top of contemporary gaming conversations. That’s in part because of Grand Theft Auto Online. Yet I’d argue what sticks in the minds of most gamers are the many missions that populate the exciting world of Los Santos.

Many of those missions were compelling, for sure. A few, of course, have also infuriated even the franchise’s most hardcore fans. But to really get a strong sample I’ve listed below my picks for the hardest missions that are just so hard to complete.

But I’m laying a few ground rules here: ten of the missions featured here are included in the single-player campaign. I’m not including missions from GTA Online, but might do so on a future list!

So with that said we’re off to the races! Here are ten of the hardest missions found in GTA V, ranked from least to most difficult(but they’re all pretty darn hard).

10. Friend Request

Friend Request mission

The mission is to bomb Lifeinvader’s posh office. Easy, yet typical, enough.

So credit should go to the game for throwing a curve ball by having you– not kidding–close pop-ups in a computer.

That might sound mundane (and it is) but do you think you can close them all under 30 seconds to earn an achievement? This gives speedrunning a whole new meaning.


9. Scouting the Port

Scouting the Port mission

GTA V has plenty of heist missions that involve a lot of pre-planning. One of those involve drudgery like learning to control a crane and then moving giant containers with it.

Of course, you also have to not try to damage anything or harm anyone.

Yes, you’re basically simulating factory work here. But at least you won’t have to clock eight hours.


8. Minisub

Minisub mission

File this mission under “Vehicles That I Only Learned Driving Because GTA Forced Me To”.

Like Scouting The Port, this is a pre-planning mission where you steal a vehicle(a minisub, of course).

What makes this difficult comes down to controlling the vehicle. Driving the minisub really feels like maneuvering a large, unwieldy vehicle.

To this mission’s credit, it’s basically a sink-or-swim tutorial on letting you get a feel for driving the minisub. That will prove to be essential once you take on the Merryweather Heist (Freighter option) mission.


7. Bury The Hatchet

Bury The Hatchet mission

GTA V is much like any other open-world game where it gives players the feeling that that they can do anything.

Well, what happens when one of those “powers”–the ability to shoot someone’s head off–gets yanked off of you?

This is the primary hook behind Bury The Hatchet. The mission sees Michael losing all his weapons, save for a paltry handgun.

That, and waves of armed goons descending on the cemetery he’s hiding in. This is challenging for sure. But you won’t even mind because it’s designed well!


6. Minor Turbulence

Minor Turbulence mission

Oh, what do you know?

Another mission that involves yet another vehicle that isn’t a car! Sensing a theme here yet?

Then again, if you played any of the “flying” missions in the GTA series you know what to expect for this.

Thankfully running Minor Turbulence pales in comparison to the mission mentioned next on this list…


5. Flight School

Flight School mission

Airplanes and choppers? Check.

Aerial stunt movements? Got it.

Rigid landing spots? Of course.

Everything you ever expected from a GTA mission involving aircraft travel is all here. The good news here is that, by mastering every course in Flight School, every flying mission eventually becomes a piece of cake afterwards.


4. Coyote Cross Country Triathlon

Coyote Cross Country Triathlon mission

Are you old enough to remember the 1980s game Track & Field, released for NES?

You know, the game where you drum up your hands on the footpad to win the race?

Well I’ve got good news if you’re a fan: GTA V completely aped its controls for the Triathlon missions.

By simply mashing a single button you get to run, bike, and swim to overtake your opponents.

And just like real triathlons, the Coyote Cross Country course is the most infamous of all.

For one, it features a hellish 30-minute romp that spans almost the entire game map. Think your thumb is up to the challenge? Better do a bladder check before starting this.


3. Did Somebody Say Yoga?

Did Somebody Say Yoga mission

Oh yes, there are gonna be people who have nothing good to say about this one.

Basically it’s a “Simon Says” mini-game patterned with the Wii dancing games in mind.

Hey, motion controls in gaming were popular at the time. So it’s tough to blame Rockstar for including this in a GTA title.

Then again, can you say with a serious face that “GTA” and “yoga” seemed like a good match?

Well really, who knew that training balance would be such a controller-throwing experience? Worth completing but yeah not the most fun.


2. Derailed

Derailed mission

For better or worse, GTA is known for missions that have plenty of balls-out action sequences.

Derailed is one of them.

You’ll be constantly switching between Trevor and Michael here. Trevor, as the insane one, aims to land a bike at the top of a railway car by jumping off an elevation.

It might be frustrating to miss a few times. However, landing a bike on top of a moving train should be enough to make you feel like a badass.

You’ll need that feeling too since you have to take on scores of enemies riding on boats and helicopters. Yes, seriously.


1. The Big Score (Obvious option)

The Big Score mission

Player choice is a factor in how you complete heists in GTA V. Only a few showcase this more than The Big Score.

While you can always go for the Subtle option, be honest: you’re not playing GTA to do some quiet robbery, right?

The Obvious option is the all-guns-blazing variant of this mission.

You drill a vault full of goodies. As if blatant stealing isn’t enough, you then have to fight through security, cops on level-5 alert, and choppers to get away with your loot.

It’s you against the literal (in-game) world. And if you must know, yes, it’s also wicked fun!

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