The Best Mods For Hitman 3 Worth Trying (All Free)

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Hitman has brought us some of the most exciting special agent experiences in gaming.

It’s what James Bond games wish they were – without the whole “hired killer” thing.

While most fans got started with the original Hitman: Codename 47 released for MS Windows in the year 2000, lots of new fans have discovered the franchise thanks to the 2016 reboot.

These last three games brought enemy AI and operational freedom to the next level. You can clear a mission in a thousand ways, but your foes won’t make it easy.

Hitman 3 (2021) brings with it more missions than I can count – but even the biggest games can get stale after a while. And mods are your friends if you want to shake things up.

So let’s take a look at the coolest mods available for Hitman 3 and see what they can do.


20. No Hitmarkers

No Hitmarkers Mod for Hitman 3

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The more detailed and photorealistic games get, the more people want minimal HUDs.

The less “gamey”, the better.

One way Hitman reminds you that it’s a game is with hit markers, a staple in shooters for as long as I can remember.

These hit markers can be handy when using sleeping darts or emetics, but other than that, they’re pretty useless.

Thanks to this mod by Atampy26, you can remove them. It probably won’t affect your gameplay, but your immersion will be just a bit deeper.


19. Numbered Barcode

Numbered Barcode Mod for Hitman 3

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We all remember Agent 47’s barcode and the number below it.

It’s the number that ultimately lets us know he’s Agent 47 and not one of the inferior clones.

Regrettably, the developers opted for removing it in favor of a more minimal design with only bars for Hitman (2016), and it stuck.

I get that simplicity is often for the best in these situations. But if you’re going to remove the single thing that makes Agent 47 identifiable without a barcode scanner, you might as well replace it with a QR code.

This mod by Hoovyspenser and Duckilous slightly modifies the barcode to resemble the one in Hitman Absolution, which clearly reads “640509-040147”.


18. 47 IS PISSED

47 IS PISSED Mod for Hitman 3

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You can’t let your emotions get the better of you when you’re a killer for hire – especially at the level of Agent 47.

Having to stay cool in stressful situations puts a lot of pressure on the bald assassin. Once in a while, he likes to blow off some steam the only way he knows how: more killing.

Instead of remaining undercover, this custom mission by Andrew Pratt takes a page from Paranoia Agent (2004) and lets you run around Miami smacking people in the head with a baseball hat.

Well, head, knees, ribs… as long as they’re incapacitated, anything goes.


17. Better Contract Mode Target Portraits

Better Contract Mode Target Portraits Mod for Hitman 3

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Hitman 3 is a great-looking game with a sleek UI and consistent art direction.

But some things could always be improved.

Creator Winnod adds his grain of sand to beautify Hitman 3 with better pictures for your Contract Mode targets.

Instead of the regular gray background pictures for unique NPCs, you’ll get custom images from in-game intel, challenges, or user screenshots.

The mod replaces 276 images, including 16 in Paris, 21 in Sapienza, 15 in Marrakesh, etc.

It even includes the Mascots from Miami!


16. No Yellow Braces on Shortcut Ladders and Doors

No Yellow Braces on Shortcut Ladders and Doors Mod for Hitman 3

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Games have been color-coding shortcuts and hard-to-spot climbing routes in yellow for a while now.

Usually the bright yellow color helps minor, subtle marks get your attention without completely destroying your immersion.

Hitman 3 does much the same with its own shortcuts, except they don’t seem to care about keeping them discreet.

The yellow braces on doors and ladders can be seen from miles away.

It’s pretty useful for newbies, but they start becoming a bit obnoxious as you continue playing.

This mod by HMBM47 simply removes them, leaving us with a more challenging, more immersive game.


15. Attack of the Saints

Attack of the Saints Mod for Hitman 3

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I’m a simple man.

I think adding hot girls in bikinis can improve almost anything.

And thanks to this mod by TridentSuper, we can test that out in Hitman 3.

This alluring mod replaces the guards from Colorado, Santa Fortuna, Isle of Sgail, and Chongqing with female models in bathing suits and other tight clothing.

You’d think this would make the game more relaxing, but having a bunch of hot women toting assault rifles and other weaponry around you is nothing short of panic-inducing.

Get this if you liked Charlie’s Angels but felt three were too few.


14. Enable Camera Shoulder Switch

Enable Camera Shoulder Switch Mod for Hitman 3

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For some reason, the devs left out the option to flip which shoulder you look over in Hitman 3, even though it works just fine in Hitman 2 (2018).

You can still change angles while aiming, but it can put a wrench in your flow.

Despite IO Interactive explicitly stating that adding that as a toggle wasn’t easy, creator GreenHouse had no trouble enabling it himself through the Cheat Engine.


13. Poisonous Item Pack

Poisonous Item Pack Mod for Hitman 3

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What kind of assassin would you be working for the ICA?

I’d be a dead one, that’s for sure – but maybe you’d be the kind to favor poison rather than trauma to complete your assignments.

With the Poisonous Item Pack by OnionSquid, you can experiment with all sorts of strategies involving a high amount of tactical substances like sleeping agents, emetics, and lethal gas.

You’ll get access to the Kalmer Extreme – an improved version of the Kalmer 2 – along with the Sieker Extreme. These tactical guns shoot sleeping and emetic darts and carry more than enough ammo for an entire mission.

There are also poison gas flasks to throw when you’re not too worried about remaining discreet.


12. Permanent Shortcuts in Offline Mode

Permanent Shortcuts in Offline Mode Mod for Hitman 3

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Hitman 3 is all about replayability. And persistent shortcuts are one way players can approach previously-cleared missions from a new perspective.

This self-explanatory mod by creator Cybore makes all shortcuts available from the start during offline play, so you don’t have to go around unlocking them.

This is ideal for veteran assassins and anyone who has lost their save file and can’t bear to do the missions the same way again.

One of my favorite activities in Hitman 3 is exploring the lush environments without necessarily killing anyone. Having all of these access points and passages unlocked gives me more freedom.


11. Time to Die ReShade

Time to Die ReShade Mod for Hitman 3

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Hitman 3 is a gorgeous game with fantastic lighting and outstanding graphics.

But even the best-looking games can benefit from a good ReShade preset.

Time to Die by KWZ was one of the first custom tweaks released for Hitman 3. It provides deeper colors, enhances contrast, and sharpens the image for a moody, atmospheric look.

This mod will look incredible in large, opulent halls, hotel lobbies, and anywhere the light shines bright.


10. Elsa of Arendelle

Elsa of Arendelle Mod for Hitman 3

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A big chunk of what makes modding so fun is trying out ridiculous add-ons – and I think I’ve found the silliest Hitman 3 mod so far.

You need ice-cold blood and nerves of steel to survive in the life of a contract killer, making the Snow Queen from Disney’s Frozen II a prime candidate.

I’d love to tell you this mod by Huckpie makes the game more appropriate for children, but it absolutely doesn’t.

If anything, the image of Elsa strangling someone to death with a piano cord might traumatize them.


9. The Icon Suit

The Icon Suit Mod for Hitman 3

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If you played through the bonus missions, you know the somewhat goofy Icon outfit worn by Dino Bosco while shooting a movie in Sapienza (which Agent 47 brings to an abrupt end).

Creator HMBM47 just couldn’t get enough of the Robocop-like costume and decided to let 47 wear it whenever he wanted.

The outfit replaces the 47 Signature Suit or Lynch Suit, depending on your preferences.

Just keep in mind it only changes how your outfit looks. Don’t go expecting this to be bulletproof!


8. Readable UI

Readable UI Mod for Hitman 3

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The Hitman (2016) HUD was a work of art.

It was sleek, readable, and easy on the eyes.

On the other hand, Hitman 3 made questionable choices like ALL CAPS and excessive vignettes that strain the eyes.

This mod by Atampy26 can’t bring back the previous HUD, but it takes pointers from it to make a more enjoyable experience for Hitman 3.

Among other things, it removes the vignette and color bleed from the minimap, makes NPC dots pop out more, and increases the objective text size for improved readability.



FOCUS Mod for Hitman 3

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Many firearms in Hitman 3 carry the Marksman perk, which lets you briefly slow down time while aiming to land shots on moving targets more easily.

This exists as a basic mechanic in many shooters, and it works wonders to make you feel like a bad-ass.

With this mod by Atampy26, you can make the Marksman perk a permanent boon regardless of your equipment.

You’ll be able to “focus” while wielding anything from handguns to sniper rifles.

Just don’t rely on it too much if you plan on returning to the vanilla game.


6. Previous Hitman Face Variations

Previous Hitman Face Variations Mod for Hitman 3

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Agent 47 has changed a lot throughout the years.

This mod by MusicalMushr00m aims to capture that history.

This pack includes new facial textures fitting Agent 47’s look in Hitman Alpha (2015), an improved take on his face in Hitman (2016), and the one from Hitman 2 (2018) as well.

The most unique of them all has to be Agent 47’s Hitman Absolution (2012) look.

He looks much more mature, has some extra scars, and his bone structure is noticeably gaunt.

Killing people for a living definitely takes its toll on you.


5. Ave Maria Death Music

Ave Maria Death Music Mod for Hitman 3

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The original post-death music track is pretty good.

But if you want to give your death a more classic cinematic style, this mod by Andrew Pratt is for you.

With it, you’ll hear a haunting rendition of Ave Maria (Hail Mary in Latin) upon meeting your end, much like you did in Hitman Absolution.

The subject of Agent 47’s religion is a complex one, considering his job makes him a capital sinner, but that’s all the more reason to raise a prayer for this lone warrior.

There’s nothing quite as bad-ass as going down in a blaze of glory as Ave Maria plays in the background.


4. Play as The Undying (AKA Sean Bean)

Play as The Undying (AKA Sean Bean) Mod for Hitman 3

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Sean Bean has participated in countless video game projects. One of my favorites so far was his role as Mark Faba, the first Elusive Target you could take on in Hitman 2.

The fact that a Sean Bean model exists creates an inescapable need to play as the famous actor, and thanks to modder HMBM47, we can.

This mod replaces Agent 47’s signature outfit for a Mark Faba skin – complete with a silver suit and Sean Bean’s self-righteous scowl.

Make sure to eliminate your targets as loudly and viscerally as possible so you don’t break character. Explosives are encouraged.


3. The Lee Hong Assassination

The Lee Hong Assassination Mod for Hitman 3

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My first contact with the Hitman franchise happened over 15 years ago, back when male pattern baldness hadn’t turned me into a permanent Agent 47 cosplayer.

I remember bothering my older cousin about letting me play his M-rated games for a while. Eventually, he yielded – but decided to have a little fun at my expense.

He turned on his PC, navigated to The Lee Hong Assassination in Hitman: Codename 47 (2000), and sat me – a console kid – in front of his keyboard and mouse.

Needless to say, I did not clear the mission.

This custom mission by Kercyx gave me a second chance.


2. Accent Overhaul Mod

Accent Overhaul Mod for Hitman 3

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For a game as detailed and immersive as Hitman 3, it always surprised me to hear perfect US or UK English coming from most characters – no matter how they looked.

Creator Chucky spotted this shortcoming and did something about it with the Accent Overhaul Mod, which tries to give the world of Hitman 3 a little bit more linguistic diversity.

With it, you’ll no longer hear Brits arguing about football in the middle of Paris or Bangkok.

You’ll hear Europeans in Berlin and the Swedish Embassy, Asians in Hokkaido and Bangkok, and many more Hispanics and South Asians all around.


1. Offline Megapack

Offline Megapack Mod for Hitman 3

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A lot of Hitman 3’s content is hidden behind the online barrier.

Even if you’re online, there are still plenty of missions and content you can only access whenever IO Interactive decides to launch an event.

An excellent option for those who don’t want to be always online is this mod by Kercyx and Onionsquid, which gives offline players access to the entirety of the game.

The biggest addition is persistent Elusive Targets.

You can tackle any of these exclusive missions at any time, as many times as you need to!

This extends to sniper and seasonal missions as well.

You’ll also enjoy extra outfits, new weapons and items, plus all sorts of custom missions and lots more.

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