Half-Life 2: Ranking The Best Weapons In The Game

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Like any good FPS game, one of the most important parts of Half-Life 2 is the gunplay with all the sleek weapons available to Gordon Freeman.

With only 10 at your disposal, it seems like the lack of weapon variety could hinder how much you can do. But that could not be further from the truth.

Half-Life 2 has a nice mix of weapons including the ever-reliable SMG and shotgun, along with a basic crowbar and even the downright crazy gravity gun.

In this post I’ll rank my top picks for the best weapons in HL2 ranking down to the #1 best weapon.

10. 9mm Pistol

9mm Pistol HL2

An obvious choice for last place on this list, the 9mm pistol is a standard handgun found in many FPS games.

With an average range and weak to moderate firepower the 9mm is handy in some situations, but ultimately nothing special out of all weapons in the bunch.

While it may seem like a big upgrade from the trusty crowbar, the pistol actually deals less damage and as such is fairly ineffectual in many scenarios. Still though, it’s better than fighting with your hands!


9. SMG

SMG gun in Half Life 2

An indisputably more dangerous weapon, the SMG is capable of dispensing a quick burst of rounds which can prove invaluable in lengthy firefights.

While doing slightly less damage than the handgun, the SMG more than makes up for it with a fast rate of fire and a larger clip size.

Very useful for taking care of armed human adversaries without hesitation. The SMG also comes with a built-in grenade launcher with makes it much more effective than you’d think at first glance.


8. .357 Magnum

357 Magnum weapon in HL2

The .357 magnum is a real powerful handgun and a joy to use. It can deal some serious damage to any enemy, especially if you take your time to line up a clean headshot.

With a medium firing range, the magnum is a great choice for taking out anything daring to approach you within a matter of seconds.

And given its firing power the magnum can take care of most enemies in just a few shots.

Definitely a powerful weapon worth adding to your arsenal.


7. Shotgun

Shotgun from Half Life 2

A staple of most FPS games, the shotgun is the gun to call upon when you feel like you’re about to be swamped by the enemy – alien or not.

The shotgun in Half-Life 2 is very capable of dispatching enemies in one shot, and is especially useful for its ability to hit multiple targets with one shell.

This bad boy also has the ability to fire a double-barrel blast since this weapon’s secondary fire is especially good for protecting your personal space.


6. Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade from HL2

This is yet another FPS game staple that I could not live without.

The frag grenade is always a fun way to take care of a group of enemies, or those that choose to take cover and prove difficult to clear out.

Tossing grenades at the enemy’s position is not only fun to try and angle perfectly so it lands right on top of them, but also highly effective. This little technique will save you from many a sticky situation when you can’t seem to breakthrough.


5. Crowbar

Crowbar in Half Life 2

As much as I’d like to give the crowbar the title of best weapon in Half-Life 2, it would be a little misleading.

The nostalgia factor of the crowbar goes all the way back to the original Half-Life, when Gordon had to escape the perilous alien-invaded Black Mesa facility.

And all he had to take on the roast chicken-like alien crawlers was a rusty crowbar.

But along with nostalgia, the crowbar proves valuable in cracking open crates and other destructible items. Not to mention it’s an effective melee weapon for when you get up close and personal with the aliens.

Just something to keep in mind as you crawl your way through alien carcasses.


4. Crossbow

Crossbow Half Life 2 weapon

A high-powered crossbow that fires red-hot rebars with deadly consequences, this weapon is capable of dealing with the strongest of foes. And it was the inspiration for this hilarious video which is 100% worth a watch.

The crossbow is a very effective weapon at distance, and but for the slower reload time would be one of the very best in the game.

Still an excellent choice if you want a ranged battle.


3. AR2 Rifle

AR2 Rifle weapon in Half Life 2

As a high-tech pulse rifle, the AR2 has some serious firepower.

And with its secondary orb-firing function it is capable of wiping out a small group of enemies and insta-killing single targets.

Voted one of the best video game weapons of all time by IGN, the AR2 rifle is a hell of a lot of fun to use and allows you to toy around with the enemy. If you’re into that kinda thing.


2. RPG

RPG Rocket Launcher in HL2

Here’s a weapon powerful enough to make it onto most game’s top 3 weapons lists.

The RPG is as awesome to use as it is devastating.

With a super satisfying sound effect accompanying the rocket to its destination, the RPG in Half-Life 2 is no ordinary RPG.

With this one you’ll be able to guide the rocket directly to its target simply by moving the on-screen reticle.

Watching a rocket fly around before exploding precisely where you want it to. Not much else is so immensely satisfying.

And it makes the RPG a great choice for taking out bigger groups of enemies, even from a distance.


1. Gravity Gun

Gravity Gun from Half Life 2

The best weapon in Half-Life 2, and probably to nobody’s surprise, is the gravity gun.

It’s hard not to love this highly innovative weapon which is unlike any other weapon in the game(or really in any game).

And it provides a uniquely surreal feel to the crazy world in which Gordon has to fight his way through alien adversaries.

Arguably the most fun you can have in the game is using the gravity gun to send any object imaginable flying at your enemy. Whether it’s a wooden crate or a saw, the gravity gun will pick up anything around you and propel it towards anything.

It can do that with enough force to keep them at bay or even slice them apart. Ah, the memories.

Of course, there’s also the secondary laser-charged beam fire on this weapon too in case you needed another reason to love it even more.

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