Best Alternate History Mods For Hearts of Iron 4 (All Free)

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Alternate history mods are some of the most ambitious & fun changes for HOI4.

We get such diverse scenarios as “the Central powers winning the Great War”, and “the Entente winning the Great War”, or even “Russia winning the Great War”.

Yeah, there’s a lot in there about winning the Great War…

Nevertheless, here’s a look at the better alternate history mods worth trying.


10. Apres Moi Le Deluge

Apres Moi Le Deluge Hearts of Iron 4 Mod

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Apres Moi Le Deluge is a rather ancient mod compared to most of the other stuff on this list.

Its Point of Diversion (POD) is itself older than most other mods – that of a Napoleonic victory.

The continental system, which has managed to somehow hold on for the past century, is being challenged once again.

While complaints about the mod’s lack of diverse focus trees and age hold weight, it is still definitely worth a try for its rich flavor and setting.


9. Disaster

Disaster Mod for Hearts of Iron 4

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Following our elderly previous entry, we have a rising star.

This brand new mod (as of this writing) is set in a world where the treaty of Versailles wasn’t signed…

Leading to continued war and the eventual collapse of numerous nations.

In other words, Disaster.

The mod is promising, if unfinished. Currently you can mostly only play as the successor states of divided Germany and Turkey. But keep an eye out for future updates.


8. In The Name of Tsar

In The Name of Tsar HOI4 Mod

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As evident by the name, this is a mod focused on a Russian victory scenario in World War I.

Germany is partitioned, America is in isolation, and the Tsar ascendant.

Where will the world go from here?

It’s a nice mod that’s a relatively complete experience, if a bit unpolished.


7. Red World (Fan Fork)

Red World (Fan Fork) Mod screenshot

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A world where the USSR won the cold war and the United States collapsed instead.

Interesting stuff.

Kaiser1871, the original developer of Red World, sadly passed away. This fan fork keeps his legacy alive.

The mod is even set in the modern day so you can bring the revolution to America as Bernie Sanders, or maintain Russian hegemony as Putin!

A very fun mod with loads of great nations to try.


6. Fuhrerreich

Fuhrerreich Mod for Hearts of Iron 4

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What if Germany lost WWI?

Okay, so this is kind of complicated.

Fuhrerreich is a double-blind alternate history scenario.

What that means is that it’s the creation of a world in which Germany won the war.

That world being of course Kaiserreich, which we’ll also talk about coming up shortly.

So, the Fuhrerreich team imagines what a Kaiserreich-er written timeline of a German defeat look like.

The mod does offer more than the interesting concept.

It’s a rich scenario in its own right, offering many fun nations to explore the fascinating world.


5. Thousand Week Reich

Thousand Week Reich Hearts of Iron 4 Mod

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Thousand Week Reich is a mod set in 1952: a thousand weeks since the Nazis first came into power.

Germany has reigned over Europe ever since they were victorious in the Second World War.

Its cruel hegemony has consumed countless souls, plunging the continent into a nightmarish dark age.

But now the Führer’s health falters.

TWR is an incredibly well done mod that features a “realistic” Nazi victory scenario.

You get multiple fleshed out paths and interesting mechanics exist for many nations. However, the mod loses out from becoming direction-less after the Reich does come to an end.

Still, very much recommended.


4. Kaiserredux

Kaiserredux HOI4 Mod

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Another offshoot of Kaiserreich, yet this one is a self-proclaimed expansion for the popular mod that has taken on a life of its own.

If you’re willing to look past Kaiserredux’s… daddy issues, this is certainly worth a try. Because it has much to offer.

For one, it’s a time capsule from Kaiserreich’s early lore.

The German presence in China is a lot less metaphorical, Italy isn’t so complicated, all while Mittelafrika definitely is.

Ultimately, this is a massive expansion to Kaiserreich, adding new focus trees and expanding others too.

Of course, considering that it parted ways with Kaiserreich for that very reason, don’t go in to find meme-y and unrealistic stuff.

Some might prefer this raw type of fun – while others appreciate a more grounded approach.

But no one is stopping you from getting the best of both worlds.

Be sure to give Kaiserredux a go!


3. Red Flood

Red Flood Mod for Hearts of Iron 4

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Red Flood is perhaps the craziest timeline in this whole mod lineup – and it is without a doubt the fastest.

It’s answer to the obligatory “Who won the war?”

Answer: no one.

When Germany simply refused to accept defeat, the continuation of the carnage caused all hell to break lose. Soon they would pay for their hubris, falling to socialists.

And France falls to something else entirely.

Red Flood really is crazy. The mod has a very flexible relationship with balance and realism too. But that is precisely what makes it so fun.

Deal with the industrial revolution and its consequences, or ban individual existence.

All for Le Patron.


2. Kaiserreich

Kaiserreich HOI4 Mod screenshot

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Kaiserreich needs no introduction.

The legendary mod has spawned an incredible community, countless offshoots, and an anime, among other things.

It has defined the modding scene for Hearts of Iron ever since its inception in 2005. In summing itself up, the mod simply asks:

What If Germany had won World War I?

There are many things that Kaiserreich does right.

For one, all the gameplay and mountains of new content for even the most minor of countries is incredible – in stark contrast to vanilla.

The passion this mod is able to rouse in players for long-dead figures, as well as ideologies, is one of its most unique and defining aspects.

And finally, it has an absolutely sublime collection of music, which is honestly half the appeal.

Overall, Kaiserreich definitely deserves its special place, at the heart of Hearts of Iron. (sorry)


1. The New Order: Last Days of Europe

The New Order: Last Days of Europe HOI4 Mod

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Taking the brand of “total conversion mods” very seriously, we now turn a war game into a graphic novel.

A very, very graphic, graphic novel.

The New Order asks the question of what would happen if the Nazis won WW2.

It answers that question in a suitably grim manner.

From the giant hole in Africa, to the warlord’s paradise that is Russia, there’s a lot here.

And at the center of it all, the man (in the big building) whose health now falters.

TNO may be intimidating at first. The colors and graphics might not be to everyone’s taste, and that’s before you even go into the tech screen.

And maybe you prefer to actually wage war in a war game…

But if you do give this a chance, you might find yourself pretty impressed.

Perhaps the most unique feature of TNO is its attempts at modeling economics – from GDP and debt to poverty rates.

So it should come as no surprise that TNO was originally intended as a mod for Victoria II.

But this is merely the beginning. Development is ongoing on the Toolbox Theory Update, which is set to transform the mod completely.

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