10 Best Quality of Life Mods For Hearts of Iron 4

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Whether you’re playing HOI4 with iconic total conversion mods like Kaiserreich, or community made reworks such as BlackICE, mods are very much the way to go.

But there are also plenty of mods for those not wishing to stray too far from Vanilla. (Although a little distance from Vanilla is advisable)

Don’t get me wrong, HOI4 is a great game. It really is.

It’s also kind of a broken mess. Well what can you do, right?

As it turns out, quite a lot.

One of the best things about HOI4 is the way it has inspired an entire dedicated community around it. And in this list we’re following the works of these dedicated fans to fix the game.

From mods that help sort out all of the multitudes of information, to essential aids for the color blind, this list offers the ultimate compilation of QOL mods worth trying for Hearts of Iron 4.


10. Ledger

Ledger Mod / Hearts of Iron 4

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Ever wondered about your nation’s standing in the halls of power?

Or perhaps yo0u’ve wished to covertly look over the enemy’s shoulders for a bit?

Either way, the Ledger has got you covered.

It’s a great addition to the game that allows players to get all of the information they need at a glance.

For those of you who have also played EU4, this feature may have been sorely missed. Well the wait is over now.

“If you know the enemy…”


9. Peace Deals

Peace Deals Mod / Hoi4 screenshot

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Have you ever felt that HOI4’s “all or nothing” peace deals are a little too static?

I mean, how are you even supposed to roleplay as the principled imperialist who would never violate your sovereignty? (content merely to rob you blind).

Peace Deals expands your diplomatic options greatly, allowing you to offer “peace deals” to your enemies.

Demand a limited territorial exchange, reparations, disarmament, and more!

Once again, this is another mod that’s reminiscent of other Paradox titles – but a welcome addition to Hearts of Iron all the same.

It’s quite ideal for multiplayer sessions, being the perfect tool to properly reflect intensely bargained deals in the game.


8. Expert AI 4.0

Expert AI 4.0 HOI4 Mod screenshot

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The Vanilla AI is quite adept at providing a challenge for you.

Anyone who doesn’t believe me hasn’t been buried under “help” while in Siberia without supply. Sadly, the AI is less competent at ruining you when it’s not allied to you.

That’s where Expert AI comes in.

This mod takes over every aspect of AI behavior, and revamps it to make it harder to beat.

No longer will you be able to casually stroll your way into Berlin.

However, note that the mod has limited flexibility.

It’s not very compatible with other mods, and even in Vanilla you’re best off sticking to historical focuses.


7. Colored Puppets

Colored Puppets Mod for Hearts of Iron 4

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Colored Puppets is a very handy mod that colors puppets the same color as their masters.

It’s a great way to take in power blocs at-a-glance.

Besides that, it also provides a means to paint the map without overextending your empire with untidy borders.

And it’s also compatible with other popular mods, such as Kaiserreich and the Great War.

The federal Austria-Hungary path is now somewhat more palatable.


6. Player-Led Peace Conferences

Player-Led Peace Conferences / HOI4 Mod

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No one likes border gore.

No one except the AI, that is.

Because for some reason the AI absolutely does love to spell out its satanic incantations using the fields of Flanders for ink.

But no more!

The Player-led Peace Conferences mod allows you to dictate the terms in any wars you participate in.

Dole out hard-won land to your whims, rewarding allies, or spurn them and keep the spoils of war for yourself.

But much more importantly, you’ll have nicer borders.

(It’s also usable in multiplayer).


5. State Transfer Tool

State Transfer Tool Mod for HOI4

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If you (for some reason) prefer a more subtle approach to border gore besides locking all the other guy’s diplomats in their rooms, then you may prefer this tool.

State transfer tool is a much more flexible option compared to player-led peace conferences.

However, it may be a bit more tedious.

Also do note that it’s not meant to be used in multiplayer.

But the mod also has a lot of other functionalities, such as adding or removing cores on any state.

Quite the perfect tool for post-war cleanup.


4. Strategic View Adjustments

Strategic View Adjustments Mod / Hearts of Iron 4

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Here’s an all-purpose improvement to your way of waging war that doesn’t involve a second front on your eyes.

This mod makes various UI changes so that organizing your assets and objectives is easier.

No more battle arrows blocking the view of the actual battles, and instead you get way better visibility on the things that matter.

Other changes include ALL victory points showing up even when zoomed out, and the supply map mode being much more solid.

Seriously, don’t listen to me. Go try it out and see for yourself.


3. Colored Buttons

Colored Buttons Mod for Hearts of Iron 4

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Here we have the Colored Buttons mod, which… adds dragons to the game!

No, just kidding. It colors the buttons.

Okay, I’m underselling it here.

This actually is quite a neat little addition that brightens up the UI, preventing misclicks and bringing life to the game.

And more than anything, it just makes sense.

Plus, because it’s completely compatible with achievements and all other mods, it doesn’t cost you anything to get this nifty upgrade!


2. FPS Map

FPS Map Hearts of Iron 4 Mod

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The FPS map is a comprehensive expansion to the game map.

It incorporates various other mods and features, including some featured on this list, to subtly improve the game experience.

The most visible change in the mod is in the seas, which are now “fully non-reflective” and much more realistic.

True to its name, the map also helps with FPS while not compromising significantly with the graphics.

And trust me, your computer is going to thank you.

It also really just looks better, personally speaking.


1. Colorblindness Mod

Colorblindness Mod for Hearts of Iron 4

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I’d say this is the only actually “must-have mod” on this list, if you belong to the target demographic.

This is designed for Deutans, or those with Red-Green color blindness.

But you don’t even have to be color blind to appreciate this mod, since it helps save anyone from straining to see the mild colors used for various minor bars and other UI.

Of course, you may also just prefer it for the aesthetics.

And yes, it is completely Ironman compatible.


Honorable Mention: Finally, the Go Outside Decision

Finally, the Go Outside Decision HOI4 Mod

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Purely in terms of wanting to improve your quality of life, there are perhaps few mods as ambitious as the “Finally, the Go Outside Decision” mod.

Want to stop staring at inanimate maps twelve hours a day?

Want to turn your life around?

Get this mod today!

It introduces an in-game decision that’ll immediately crash the game, allowing you to get off your computer and appreciate the finer things in life.

Go touch grass!

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