All The Best Homeworld 2 Mods (Free To Download)

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Relic Entertainment pushed the RTS genre into new territory with their 1999 release Homeworld.

They were able to separate themselves from other real-time strategy titles by introducing a fully 3D movement system, allowing you to control ships across both x and y axes.

A sequel was released four years later, and only improved what made the first game so good.

To delve further into Homeworld 2, there’s quite a few mods available all for free. They’ll keep the game fresh and likely keep you coming back for more, even all these years later.


12. Homeworld 2 Ultra High Graphics

Homeworld 2 Ultra High Graphics mod

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Even before the release of the Homeworld Remastered Collection, modders were finding ways to improve on the game’s graphics.

Though the game actually looked pretty good for its time, leave it to the modding community to keep pushing for new ways to make things better.

Homeworld 2 Ultra High Graphics does exactly that – it makes the game look better while leaving gameplay untouched.

Even with the remastered versions already out, modder TuranicRaider still believes that this looks much better.

Give it a try and see for yourself.


11. Homeworld2 v1.2 Modernized

Homeworld2 v1.2 Modernized Screenshot

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If you want to take the graphical upgrades even further, you might want to look into Homeworld2 v1.2 Modernized.

Homeworld2 v1.2 Modernized is actually the latest version of the HW2 community patch, which compiles improvement suggestions from the fans themselves.

The mod enhances your HW2 experience with new graphical effects, sound effects, and UI changes.

Also included are new game modes, maps, and a few units to explore.


10. Gameplay Enhanced for HWU

Gameplay Enhanced for HWU Mod

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If you’re looking to extend your HW2 experience without changing vanilla gameplay, Gameplay Enhanced is a great way to do so.

Before getting this mod, you’ll need to install Homeworld Universe, which simply makes all races within the game playable.

With that HWU installed, Gameplay Enhanced will give you new game modes to enjoy, either by yourself or with some friends.

A great example of some multiplayer fun would be the Defined Roles mode, where one player controls shop production, and another is assigned to resourcing, frigates, and platforms.

There are other modes to try as well, so definitely check this one out.


9. R.E.A.R.M.

R.E.A.R.M - Homeworld2 Mod

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R.E.A.R.M., short for Rearmament Expansion And Redesign Mod, is an unofficial Homeworld 2 expansion pack.

It aims to add exciting new content to “re-arm” the game and keep it exciting.

It’s another one for those of you who don’t really want to make major gameplay changes just yet, REARM simply introduces new units to the base game.

Both Vaygr and Hiigarans get a couple new units, each balanced to fit well with the ones in vanilla.

The additional units are pretty well thought out, too, as each new ship has its own purpose in battle.


8. Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander

Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander for Homeworld2

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Modders always find ways to bring their favorite space-themed shows, films, and video games to Homeworld 2.

Crossovers galore!

The popular science fiction series Battlestar Galactica is the first to be featured, with Battlestar Galactica: Fleet Commander.

You can choose to pilot the Battlestar Galactica and represent the Twelve Colonies, or play as the Cylons.


7. Homeworld: Blue Planet

Homeworld: Blue Planet Mod

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Next on the list is Homewolrd: Blue Planet, which aims to bring in the world of another popular space.

FreeSpace 2 is a space combat simulation game released around the same time as the original Homeworld. And though wasn’t very well received, it still managed to gain a following.

This mod replaces all units with ships from FreeSpace 2, and follows a storyline starting 18 years after the events of the game.

You’ll be able to play through a massive map based on FreeSpace 2 as well.


6. Star Wars: Warlords

Star Wars: Warlords Mod for HW2

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Of course, anything space-themed wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Star Wars.

Developers SW Rebellion gave the community what they wanted with the only Star Wars mod for Homeworld 2.

The mod includes around 80 new ships based from the Star Wars universe, so fans of the series will have tons to explore.

This mod does not have a single-player campaign at the moment, but should make for some good custom games nonetheless.


5. Tactical Fleet Simulator

Tactical Fleet Simulator for Homeworld 2

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Getting into the bigger Homeworld 2 mods now, we have Tactical Fleet Simulator.

TFS is the result of almost 9 years of development, and is a complete overhaul of the game.

Mostly focused on enhancing pacing through combat changes, TFS introduces split-second decision making in battles to make everything feel a bit more exciting.

Dynamic Combat is also introduced, where every unit plays a specific role.

No one ship is overpowered, so tactics and strategy are much more important in winning battles.


4. Slipstream: The Price of Freedom

Slipstream: The Price of Freedom Mod

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Slipstream is one of the more unique ideas out there, but definitely makes for an interesting Homeworld 2 playthrough.

The setting is 2631, and humanity has been divided into two separate factions.

They have been fighting in the “Freedom War” for almost a hundred years with no end in sight.

This mod focuses on creating a fast-paced multiplayer experience, where weapon damage and ship movements are randomized to make battles feel more tense.

It’s a great mod to enjoy with friends if you’re looking for an exciting space combat title to play around with.

A fun mod to help pass the time.


3. Path To Victory

Path To Victory Mod - Homeworld 2

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Path To Victory is just another brilliant way to expand on your HW2 experience.

It adds loads of new content to explore and it’s perfect for veteran players.

Instead of just the Vaygr and Hiigarans, there are now five different races to choose from.

On top of the two, you can choose to play as Keeper, Kadeshi, or Turanic Raiders, each with their own factions as well.

The mod also introduces new ships, along with a new capital ship class.

Each race has been designed to make for a unique campaign experience, so this one will surely add hours to your HW2 gameplay.


2. Gundam Mod

Gundam Mod Screenshot - Homeworld 2

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Let’s pay tribute to yet another fictional space universe with the Gundam Mod.

I saved this one just because I thought the idea of controlling giant mech suits in space would be such a cool idea.

Looking at the in-game screenshots with the mechs wielding giant cannons and shields, it convinced me to give this a try.

If you’re into mecha anime you’ll have lots of fun with this mod.


1. Homeworld 2 Complex

Homeworld 2 Complex Mod

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Homeworld 2 Complex is probably the biggest mod for Homeworld 2, and has been praised for how ambitious it is.

This expands on the concept of managing fleets of ships by adding tons of little nuances to make everything more challenging.

Instead of just producing ship after ship towards a massive fleet, let’s not forget that each ship requires a crew to pilot it.

Micromanaging takes a whole new level as you’ll have to worry about crew members, a new tech tree, and ship customization as well.

Homeworld 2 Complex expands on the base game in ways you would never have imagined.

If you’re looking for a fresh HW2 experience, this should be your starting line.

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