Top 20 Best Moments in Hunter x Hunter

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There are few anime communities as patient as the Hunter x Hunter community, being that they get a chapter once in a blue moon… and a new anime season once in twenty years.

So while we wait for the next season (or wait to die, whatever comes first) let’s look back at some of the most amazing moments that the 2011 anime gave to us.

There are my picks for the best moments in Hunter x Hunter.


20. Illumi being oddly protective

Illumi protective HxH

From Episode 141

Even though Illumi has done nothing but terrorized his younger brother, I guess there is still an inkling of care in his dark, twisted heart.

We get to see this for a moment when his travel buddy Hisoka asks whether he can just kill the zappy twerp.

Illumi answers with one of the most terrifying faces he’s produced so far. And it’s obvious that he would have tried to kill Hisoka if his brother did get harmed.

You don’t expect such sensibilities from a man who literally just started his own Walking Dead series. But the Zoldycks have always been a little weird.


19. Killua being a maniac

Killua crazy in HxH

From Episode 11

The writers spared no time in showing us just how dangerous and cold-blooded Killua really is.

So, when the group had to face off against some pretty dangerous people(Killua’s foe being arguably the most dangerous) Killua flexed some of his assassin muscle and ripped the guy’s heart out.

To add insult to injury, he also put it inside a doggy bag and left it next to the recently murdered bastard.

As if he could take it home once he had paid the bill.


18. Gon vs terrorism

Gon vs terrorism battle HxH

From Episode 74

Whenever you see a character who can make things explode, you already know he’s bound to be a villain.

But instead of being a creepy hand-collecting maniac like his brother from another mother(Kira), Genthru was just kind of a douche.

So seeing him getting punched right in that smug face was quite the treat.

It’s also worth mentioning that Gon employed some suicide Naruto tactics in this fight, and literally allowed Genthru to blow his arms off so that he can get a good attack in.


17. Hisoka gets blue balled

Hisoka in HxH screenshot

From Episode 58

Just like the entire Hunter x Hunter community, Hisoka was less than pleased hearing that his fight with Chrollo just became impossible.

He was so dissatisfied that he just made a face that looks like it’s straight out of One Punch Man.

And our pedo killer clown doesn’t have these kinds of breaks in character that often, so it was quite hilarious to see.

And yes, I immediately read up on the fight in the manga like a true Hisoka fanboy.


16. Nanika appears

Nanika anime HxH

From Episode 139

As a plot device, Nanika was extremely entertaining in my opinion.

I mean, we all knew Killua had to save Gon somehow. But turning to his mysterious half-adorable half-demon child sister was a solution I really did not see coming.

And the first few episodes of her introduction do a splendid job of building up suspense, as we learn the extent of her power, as well as the deadly consequences that come with every wish.

It also kept up with the brutality we had grown accustomed to during the Chimera Ant arc.


15. Killua being a maniac part 2 – The Electric Boogaloo

Killuar being crazy again in HxH

From Episode 33

Although Killua doesn’t even kill anyone in this scene, it’s somehow one of his most terrifying presentations.

Especially in the 99 version.

Because instead of just murdering all his problems, he does the next best thing: threatening with murder.

He was so calm and collected, and I felt like I could sense his presence through the screen. It was that eerie.

The voice actor and the animation squad really pulled through on this scene, and it was glorious as a result.


14. The weirdest game of dodgeball

Dodgeball Hisoka HxH

From Episode 71

As a show, Hunter x Hunter is pretty chaotic. It introduces scenarios that you really wouldn’t expect to be present in its world.

Hisoka, like the favourite child of the series, is just as chaotic.

So once we found ourselves looking at a nen-infused dodgeball battle where Hisoka is suddenly one of the good guys, all logic flew out the window. And I had a blast.

The scene was also oddly hype, like I was watching the final clash of Haikyuu or something.


13. Ging gets sucker punched

Ging punched in HxH anime

From Episode 140

I honestly didn’t like Ging that much.

Even though he did the classic shounen dad thing and left his family, I expected him to at least be extremely powerful, wise, and loving.

But we don’t get to see him fight at all.

And all he does is annoy the people around him. He doesn’t even get that emotional when he sees his own son!

So, when Leorio sucker punched him in the middle of an election, I was over the moon.

Not only did Leorio just use nen, but Ging finally got what he deserved!


12. Killua being a maniac part 3 – Revenge of the Sith

Killua being insanely maniac HxH

From Episode 20

This is the last one, I promise!

It happened at the very end of the Hunter Exam when Illumi finally showed his true face to everyone.

And as luck would have it, he was supposed to face off against Killua. So he proceeded to mentally beat his little brother up to the point of ruining his psyche and making him a shell of what he once was.

No longer caring about anything, Killua one-shots an old man just trying his best. Then goes home covered in blood.


11. Casual Combat

Combat Zoldyck Chrollo HxH

From Episode 52

I feel like there was only one purpose of the Zoldyck vs Chrollo fight: to flex the animation team and show us what the big boy players of the series are capable of doing.

Right away you kind of know that neither side is really trying their absolute best, but rather feeling out their opponent.

After a few minutes of absolutely beautiful nen display, the two sides part ways, both now aware of the power of their adversary.


10. Killua is a zappy boy

Killua buffed HxH screenshot

From Episode 119

For a bit, it seemed like Killua wasn’t going to do much in the palace invasion.

He didn’t have any giant golden statues at his side, no dragons of energy, and he didn’t even get that sweet rage boost like Gon.

But, when I least suspected it, my boy got buffed and went Super Saiyan.

He wasn’t really that overpowered, as he had speed but lacked power. But it was still so satisfying to watch when he started playing zappy tag with Youpi.


9. Kurapika gets his first body

Kurapika HxH screenshot

From Episode 47

Kurapika’s battle against Uvogin was pretty nutty.

Being that Kurapika has talked about crushing the Phantom Troupe ever since he was introduced, it was about time we saw an actual fight!

Uvogin might not have the flashiest powers. But the battle was still fast-paced and incredibly fun to watch.

Kurapika finally used his scarlet eyes and landed his first W.

It’s also beyond savage that the man brought a shovel to a death match, like talk about confidence.


8. Gon returns the favour

Gon Heavens Arena HxH

From Episode 35

Ever since that fateful meeting in the forest, I was just waiting for Gon to finally return the number plate to Hisoka.

And in the Heavens Arena it finally happened.

Although it’s far fetched to say that Gon outpowered Hisoka in any way, shape, or form, it was still nice to see him finally stand his own ground and at least give the raging clown a few smacks to the face.

Then again, as we have seen in his fight against Kastro, Hisoka is not above allowing a few punches to land if it means a better show.


7. The end of Kite

Kite arm ripped head in lap - HxH

From Episode 85

Neferpitou was just so terrifying from the get go that it was unreal.

Just Kite and the boys get close to the King’s lair, she suddenly leaps forth across half the map, and tears Kite’s arm in a single blow.

Gon gets ready to fight, but luckily Killua (having a better presence of mind) knocks him out and runs to the hills.

The next time we see, Kite he’s no more than a head in Neferpitou’s lap.

Do you remember how innocent this show originally seemed? Boy were we wrong.


6. The Hunters have arrived

Episode 111 HxH screenshot

From Episode 111

The Palace Invasion arc started off with a boom.

Neferpitou gets blown away and a rain of energy bolts crashes upon the palace.

It really looked like the beginning of a bloody war. It was an excellent way to start this drawn out battle, and it also contributed a lot to the story too. As this rain of death eventually lead to Komugi getting hurt, and all of the things that happened because of it.

Also, is there no limit to Neferpitou’s leg muscles?

Like, you know for sure she doesn’t skip leg day.


5. Oppenheimer Netero

HxH Anime Episode 126 Screenshot

From Episode 126

To start off the top five I’m going to talk about the Netero vs King fight.

Although the fight was extremely one-sided, it was really interesting to see the power that the top hunter has at his disposal.

He shocked me quite a few times. But the biggest shock was how the fight ended.

There was no nakama powerup or mutual agreement. Netero had half of his limbs chopped off and then detonated a bomb on himself.

His face in those final moments is arguably one of the scariest things Hunter x Hunter has ever animated.


4. The reunion

Leorio Anime screenshot HxH

From Episode 145

If you’re telling me that you didn’t absolutely ball your eyes out when Leorio was finally reunited with a now-healed Gon, you’re either a liar or a psychopath.

There was nothing but pure happiness in Leorio’s eyes once he finally saw his little buddy again.

It doesn’t help that he even had an entire speech just prior to this moment about how much he cares for Gon, and how he wants to help him in any way he can. Truly touching.


3. Bump up that Mozart

Episode 51 Chrollo Anime HxH

From Episode 51

I have so much respect for the director in regards to this scene.

As Chrollo looks over the city, Mozart’s Lacrimosa starts to play. And we can see the Troupe quickly murder everyone who’s in their way.

Chrollo talks about Uvogin, in amazing poetic verses no less, and tells him that this is all a requiem for him.

It was an absolutely amazing scene that had chills run down my back thinking about it.

And the soundtrack was just perfectly picked for this scene.


2. Gon’s last stand

Gon in Episode 131 HxH

From Episode 131

Out of all the powerups I’ve seen in anime, Gon’s grownup form is probably one of my all-time favorites.

Because there’s no talking, no forgiveness, just revenge.

Gon doesn’t “come to his senses” once Killua appears. And he doesn’t pull his punches.

I know this sounds obvious, but when you really think about it, it’s extremely rare to see a protagonist like Gon tap into rage to this level.

He battered Neferpitou over and over again, without mercy. And even when he lost his arm he just stated that it made him feel closer to Kite.

It was a gruesome scene that will stick with me forever as one of my absolute favorites.


1. Meruem x Komugi

Meruem vs Komugi HxH Screenshot

From Episode 135

That’s right, my favorite moment in Hunter x Hunter wasn’t even a fight scene. But rather the tragic death of Meruem and Komugi.

By this point, Meruem is completely ‘human’ and no longer wishes to just destroy everything.

It can even be argued that he was more human than a lot of the character in the palace at that point.

So seeing this touching send-off as he and Komugi keep playing gungi in the dark, all while Meruem constantly questions whether she’s still with him, was simply beautiful.

Hunter x Hunter doesn’t really touch romantic situations that often. But when it does, it hits you right to your very core.

And that’s why this is by far my favorite moment in the HxH anime!

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