Top 10 Most Iconic Cars In Anime (Ranked)

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Slick, smooth, whizzing by at a million miles per hour – there’s little else that compares to cars in anime.

Whether it’s a dedicated series about street racing, or the shiny little run-around that a character pops to the shops in, there’s something about them that just immediately works in the anime style.

The main character might grab your attention, but it’s often their faithful metal steed that steals the show.

We’re looking into some of the best anime cars from every series out there, and ranking our top picks. Some may surprise you, some may shock you, and some may leave you feeling warm and content at their justified place on the list.

The only way to find out what you think is to read on…


10. Blue Falcon

Blue Falcon from F-Zero GP Legend anime

Anime: F-Zero GP Legend

While the second anime adaptation of the F-Zero games may have been cancelled after only a short run (and is also completely bonkers), there’s no denying the icon-status of the Blue Falcon, is there?

Captain Falcon’s immediately identifiable machine doesn’t get quite the spotlight you might think it would – there are too many militia forces to fight. And too many Infinity St– er, Reactor Mights to gather that you likely wouldn’t focus much on it.

But when this vehicle does get its chance on screen, Captain F does what he does best every time.

You’d be hard pushed to find a more immediately recognizable machine than the Blue Falcon. Well, you would if you didn’t keep reading the article.


9. Potato

Potato Pui Pui Molcar anime screenshot

Anime: Pui Pui Molcar

I can guarantee a fair few of you didn’t expect to see this fuzzy little speedster on the list. And I can’t blame you – this is very much a kid’s show, after all.

But check Google and look at them!

Look at their little faces and tell me you aren’t immediately in love.

Now, no reason is really given as to why these car/guinea pig hybrids exist. But I seriously don’t care.

It was hard enough picking one of these adorable things to actually put on the list. I’m not about to dive into the ethics and morality of a society consisting entirely of half-vehicle, half-pet beings.


8. Mercedes SSK 1928

Mercedes SSK 1928 in Lupin the Third anime

Anime: Lupin the Third

Ooft. Isn’t she a beauty?

There’s plenty of classic car eye-candy to choose from throughout the adventures of the young master thief Arsene Lupin III.

The show features a little of everything car-wise, from some of history’s most recognizable roadsters to sporty little city cars, but none of them come close to the style that the Mercedes brings with it wherever it goes.

Along with all the other cars featured in the anime series and the films, it’s actually a real car too – an eye-wateringly expensive one at that, given there are only approximately five left in the world.

Seems fitting for an expert thief though, doesn’t it?


7. The Devil Z

The Devil Z from Wangan Midnight

Anime: Wangan Midnight

Yet another car based on a real make and model (the Nissan Fairlady Z S30Z, a Japanese made & manufactured vehicle).

And this one really looks like the real deal.

Just the small matter of it being possibly cursed, that’s all. No biggie.

The “curse” does allow the S30Z to travel at almost impossible supernatural speeds, though. Which is a hefty advantage when it comes to street racing.

But in reality, it’s just been souped up to the gills and driven by skilled drivers.

A little less exciting than a possessed car, but it makes for a cool back-story all the same!


6. Lotus Super 7

Lotus Super 7 in eX-Driver anime

Anime: eX-Driver

Here’s another anime series that lets us gorge ourselves on seeing gorgeous historic cars until we burst – but in this case ex-Driver may actually wind up being mildly prophetic.

You see, it’s set in a future where nobody drives their own cars. And instead, AI takes the wheel.

Does this sound a little familiar?

And instead of what we’re likely to see in our future, where the AI car will likely just drive you into a tree or something, ex-Driver has a squad of super-drivers who will come to rescue you in flashy cars.

And among those flashy cars is the gorgeous Lotus Super 7.

Just ignore the fact the driver is 13.


5. Capeta’s Kart

Capeta’s Kart Capeta anime screenshot

Anime: Capeta

There are so many manga (and by extension anime) that focus on the sport of Formula 1 racing.

So it was tough to pick just one to go here.

But after a little thought, the choice was obvious – there’s good, there’s great, and then there’s Capeta.

At times it’s heart-warming, and at times it’s exhilarating, but it’s the plucky attitude of lead character Capeta that really shines – and it’s his trusty cart that gets him to where he wants to be (that’s not a pun, I promise).

From rise to fall and back again, there hasn’t been a vehicle that has exemplified the pure spirit of Capeta like his cart.

And what it lacks in speed, it more than makes up for in character.


4. F-1

F-1 from Tailenders anime

Anime: Tailenders

From F1 to F-1, these futuristic vehicles are as cool as they are… well, everything else.

And while the Tailenders story is madder than a box of frogs (think Iron Man by way of Herbie Goes Bananas), it’s the aesthetics that really shine here. Especially when it comes to the cars.

And none of them hold a candle to the F-1.

This car is beyond the realm of believability when it comes to speed, and the thing just screams “terrifying function” and “wonderful style” all mixed together.

If you like your cars fast, then Tailenders (and the F-1 in particular) is worth looking into.


3. Transam 2000 WR

Transam 2000 WR in Redline anime

Anime: Redline

For a film that took a staggering seven years to fully animate, every single scene of this high-octane racing drama is drop dead gorgeous.

And if you can pry yourself away from the visuals for long enough to see everything else, you’ll come across this beast of a car and fall in love all over again.

The adventures of “Sweet” JP and his attempts to win the galaxy’s most dangerous race make for a thrilling, unforgettable anime movie.

And getting to see the insane detail of the car, outside and in, while it does its thing makes this one of the coolest anime vehicles to ever grace a screen.


2. Mach 5

Mach 5 from Speed Racer anime

Anime: Speed Racer

Who doesn’t immediately recognize the Mach 5?

Nobody I’d like to meet in a dark alley, that’s for sure.

From its alphabetized gadgets list to its retro-futuristic look, the Mach 5 is basically an icon in its own right.

I mean, this show is over half a century old now and is still remembered fondly to this day, mostly in part due to just how cool this car is.

If that doesn’t speak volumes then I don’t know what will.

Though as a side note, the cold way in which Speed Racer just straight-up kills someone in the opening credits while that boppy theme song plays is the stuff of nightmares.


1. Toyota AE86

Toyota AE86 in Initial D anime

Anime: Initial D

And yes, drifting us into number one to a song you all remember well (get it?) is the top dog when it comes to anime cars, full stop.

There’s something so effortlessly stylish about Initial D. And it has had a ridiculous impact on media since its release.

Ever heard of a little indie film series called The Fast and the Furious?

You can thank Initial D for that (or don’t, I get it).

The cars take center stage here for sure. And there is no more iconic car than Takumi Fujiwara’s Toyota – a car so ingrained into street racing culture that it’s still a heavy presence in the circuit even to this day.

Cool in real life, cool in the anime – there’s every reason to put this car here at number one.

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