How To Get Mounts in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

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There are four ways that you can obtain Mounts in the game:

  1. Getting them naturally by playing the main story
  2. Participating in events and Kingdom activities
  3. Buying them from shops
  4. And pulling them from Al Khemi’s Lucky Pot

The Mount feature allows you to collect vehicles that make you travel faster in the game.

You can also increase your Combat Power and boost your stats across the board by obtaining and leveling up Mounts with upgrade materials. But this guide will focus solely on how to get mounts for each of the methods listed above.


How To Get Mounts (All Methods)

Here are the only four methods that’ll allow you to get new Mounts in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds. Each method has slightly different requirements though, so we’ll cover them all below.


Method #1: Playing The Main Story

Catarumpus (Mount Page) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Catarumpus (Mount Page)

Available Mounts: Catarumpus

Playing the Main Story is very important regardless of whether or not you want to get Mounts — especially if you’re a beginner.

This is the only way you can unlock the Mount feature, and get upgrades for the Mount that you’d most likely end up using as your main Mount for the majority of the game — Catarumpus.

Catarumpus will be the very first Mount you unlock, and you’ll be able to upgrade it consistently as long as you keep playing through the Main Story.


Method #2: Participate In Events & Kingdom Activities

Dingo (Mount Page) / NNK:CW
Dingo (Mount Page)

Available Mounts: Dingo & Dimensional Deer

Among the very few sources of F2P Mounts are limited-time Events and Kingdom activities.

Events that give away free Mounts are very rare, but I highly recommend tuning in for them as they often feature exclusive Mounts as rewards. You will not be able to get them once the Event expires.

Doing Kingdom activities — such as participating in Relic Wars — also gives you a chance to earn an exclusive Mount called the Dingo. Don’t miss them!


Method #3: Buy Them From Shops

Birby Mount Package / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Birby Mount Package

Available Mounts: Magic Carpet, Birby, Rustbucket, Wing Glider, & Badgey

There are several shops in the game where you can purchase Mounts:

  • Diamond Shop
  • Event Shop
  • Bundle Shop
  • Kingdom General Store
  • Honor Medal Exchange Shop
General Store (Rustbucket Mount Available) / NNK:CW
General Store (Rustbucket Mount Available)

Some Mounts can be bought with currencies that you can earn in the game — like the Rustbucket in your Kingdom’s General Store, and the Wing Glider in the Honor Medal Exchange Shop!

Honor Medal Exchange Shop (Wing Glider Mount Available) / Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds
Honor Medal Exchange Shop (Wing Glider Mount Available)

Buying these “earnable” Mounts without spending any IRL moolah involves quite a bit of grinding and saving up, so if you go this route then be ready.

Nobody ever said being a F2P player was going to be easy.


Method #4: Try Your Luck in The Lucky Pot

Al-Khemi's Lucky Pot (Yak Mount - Stock Depleted) / NNK:CW
Al-Khemi’s Lucky Pot (Yak Mount – Stock Depleted)

Available Mounts: Yak

You can only get one Mount by using Al-Khemi’s Fuse Pot And Lucky Pot, which is the mythical Yak.

I call it “mythical” because once it’s been revealed as one of the Lucky Pot rewards, the entire server will fight over it – and it’ll be gone before you could even attempt your pull.

Al-Khemi’s Fuse Pot Prize Rankings Drop Rates
1st 0.234%
2nd 1.405%
3rd 4.684%
4th 46.838%
5th 46.848%

Considering the competition you have to go through and the extremely low rates (0.234%), getting a Yak is quite possibly one of the most challenging achievements in the entire game.

If you want a Yak, I recommend coming to Al-Khemi ten minutes before the Lucky Pot appears and preparing your Lucky Pot tickets — just to give yourself a bit of an advantage over other players.

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