Best Jujutsu Kaisen Waifus: The Ultimate Ranking

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There’s no denying the fact that Jujutsu Kaisen is the new cool kid on the block.

Season one blew everyone away – and the movie is breaking records as well.

But what would a popular anime be without its waifus?

For that reason, we’re going to have a look at the cast and rank the most lovable female characters we can find.

Note this is just based on the first season of the anime – so manga readers may experience severe bouts of anger.


5. Utahime Iori

Utahime Iori in Jujutsu Kaisen screenshot

So far, Utahime hasn’t been given too much time to shine. She only appeared in a few scenes and generally didn’t stick out too much.

But that still didn’t stop her from becoming a community waifu.

This is mostly due to her relationship with Gojo.

We all know that he’s the star of the show – so being his potential love interest boosts your ranking quite a bit as well.

And her behaving like a strict mother in contrast to Gojo’s crackhead energy just made for a really fun dynamic. There isn’t much more to say about Utahime – aside from “I hope we get to see a lot more of her in the upcoming season!”


4. Momo Nishimiya

Momo Nishimiya in Jujutsu Kaisen screenshot

Design-wise – Momo was built for success.

With her basically looking like a witch (the adorable anime kind), she already had a lot of anime fans interested.

The pigtails, the small frame, and her trusty broom instantly grabbed us all.

And her monologue about sorceress sexism was definitely a treat as well. Woke characters do get bonus character points after all.

But she didn’t do too much aside from that.

She used her screen time well, but needed a lot more of it in order to compete with my top three!


3. Kasumi Miwa

Kasumi Miwa in Jujutsu Kaisen screenshot

Kasumi could’ve easily been the main character if you ask me.

She’s just so adorable that I have a hard time imagining anyone who actively hates her.

Her design isn’t too wild but it still sticks out (especially her bangs). And her character is just goofy. She idolizes Gojo, so we know that she also has good taste in men.

And her calling herself useless is honestly just a mood.

She was by far the most lovable character that came from the exchange arc, and I pray that we’ll see a lot more of her.


2. Nobara Kugisaki

Nobara Kugisaki in Jujutsu Kaisen screenshot

Nobara is everything Sakura wished she could’ve been.

She’s right next to the male leads in terms of power and her presence is always felt.

Plus, you have to love how people treat her temper tantrums like natural disasters. You either have to calm her down or run for your life.

But her anger never made her seem one-dimensional.

She wasn’t just a tsundere or anything like that.

She had her own principles and actually showed a lot of strength when it came to her personality.

And the fact that she can rock short hair instantly makes her an S tier waifu in my books. Overall, just a really good female lead that most shounen shows can only dream of.


1. Maki Zenin

Maki Zenin in Jujutsu Kaisen screenshot

Maki is just too badass not to be in the number one spot.

She’s the true underdog of the entire series and carried a lot of hype on her back. She is the Rock Lee of this series, and that alone should clue you into how amazing she is.

Especially since she never whines about her predicament.

My girl just has unwavering confidence and the discipline to rise through the ranks on hard work alone.

The main reason why I didn’t even include her sister on this list is because of how bad she seemed when compared to Maki.

Then again, most characters seem bad when compared to her.

She’s just an absolute treat – as she’s good-looking, strong, inspirational, and an underdog. Truly deserving of the waifu crown!

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