KH Birth by Sleep: The Best Grinding Methods To Level Up

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Ten years before the events of Kingdom Hearts 1, a darkness crept in the shadows, threatening the lives of three young keyblade wielders in Birth by Sleep.

It’s an evil unseen in this universe before, and if not stopped, could spell doom and terror for generations (and video games) to come.

How can you prepare yourself to stop this menace?

Getting strong through leveling up is one surefire way to survive.

Granted, some characters might have their own unique areas that suit them best. But a majority of the grinding methods in BbS can be reached by anybody.

So let’s journey through the game to look at the better grinding techniques to get all the exp you could ever want.


9. Victory Pose Battles (All)

Victory Pose Battles (KH:BbS) screenshot

Before we start getting into the nitty gritty of where the hotspots for exp are located, I’m going to introduce you to a super helpful command.

Every character can learn it in BbS, and you’re gonna wanna use it whenever you can during your grinding journey.

That command, my friends, is Victory Pose.

Each character gets their own unique little triumphant animation that you should use after defeating an enemy.

Every time you use it (after defeating an unversed), your exp will not double, not triple, but QUADRUPLE! Incredible right?

It only takes 5 seconds to reboot, so spamming that when the enemy is near death will net you so much more exp.

You can buy this command from the Mirage Arena for 100 medals.

We’ll get to the mirage arena soon too, so you might wanna wait to grind until you get comfortable there.


8. Exp Walker Trick (All)

Exp Walking / KH BbS Grinding

Here we have a simple grinding trick that works for all characters in the game.

It’s great for anyone who’s too lazy to actually grind levels with battles and such.

I mean, fighting the same enemies over and over can be boring, right?

Well what if I told you there was a way to level up without even playing the game? All you need is some folded paper and a good open spot in game.

Exp Walker is a skill that everyone learns in Birth By Sleep, and it grants you exp as you walk.

This is a lengthy leveling method, though, as you only get 1 exp per step.

But if you have other things to do in your life besides playing a Disney video game, then here’s a helpful little tip:

The open area outside of the coliseum tends to be the best place to walk in circles. Make sure you take lots of damage beforehand, as critical health increases your exp gains.

Then take that piece of paper and stuff it under your joysticks, and watch as your character slowly but surely levels up while you go about your day-to-day business.


7. Command Board (All)

Command Board in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

While leveling up your characters, you can’t forget about your deck commands.

These are your primary source of strength, and deserve as much attention and power as you can give them.

Sure, you can try to grind Command Points from battling enemies.

But there’s a much more unique and fun way to do so…

Introducing the Command Board!

Not only will playing this minigame give your commands a hefty exp boost, but you can also receive new powerful commands that you can’t get anywhere else!

Spells, Shotlocks, and even finishers are all waiting for you to win them and take them into battle.

If you find normal grinding boring and tedious, then a few rounds of the Command Board is sure to keep you at least somewhat entertained.

You can unlock various boards and other upgrades throughout the story too, so check back every so often to keep things fresh and gain more prizes.


6. Mirage Arena: Arena Mode (All)

Mirage Arena: Arena Mode / KH Birth by Sleep screenshot

So you enjoyed the command board, and now want another minigame-style method of grinding?

Look no further than the Mirage Arena’s battles.

This futuristically decked-out place is home to a variety of challenges that’ll be sure to keep you on your toes.

Lots of boss fights and hordes of enemies can be fought here, dropping plenty of exp and rewards to boot.

As you grind, you can also work towards leveling up your Mirage Arena to lvl 30, and unlock even more places to gain levels.


5. Deep Space Launch Deck (All)

Deep Space Launch Deck / KH BbS Grind Location

Deep within the outer reaches of space, our heroes find themselves lost within the metal confines of a United Galactic Federation ship.

On the ship is the Launch Deck, where various ships come and go.

Lots of unversed spawn in droves, and try to take out whoever stands in their way.

Take this opportunity to grind out lots of the little monsters, with various AOE spells and victory poses.

A good day here can get you around 2000-2300 exp every round. But it can be a bit time consuming with how many enemies spawn at a time.


4. Thunder Storming in Neverland (Ventus & Aqua)

Thunder Storming in Neverland (Ventus & Aqua) in BbS

It’s time to run laps with Ven and shock every enemy swarming Neverland.

By having a deck consisting of Thundaga and Victory poses, you’re gonna blast through a path in Neverland, wiping out enemies over and over.

Get yourself down to critical health (or use Mickey’s D-Link) for the exp boost, then follow this path to grind out the area:

First start at the Jungle Clearing in front of Peter Pan’s Hideout, then go to one of the spawn groups and wipe it out.

Do the same with the other spawn groups, and then leave and return to respawn them.


3. Twister Trench (All)

Twister Trench / KH Birth by Sleep

A whirlwind prowls the dusty landscape of the Keyblade Graveyard.

Tornadoes swarm the land in what’s known as “Twister Trench”.

When you step foot in these tornadoes, you’ll be swarmed by unversed.

This is your chance to make it rain EXP.

If you have a 2-star Mickey D-Link, using him first & then followed by countless Mega Flares is sure to make quick work of the enemies – and net you lots of goodies.

Fight wind with fire, as they always say.

Each tornado you take down can net you around 900-1500 EXP.


2. Blobmob in the Skull Cave (Terra)

Blobmob in the Skull Cave with Terra / KH BbS

Guess what time it is:

That’s right, time to travel back to Neverland!

This time we’re taking Terra.

You see, within a desolate cave lies a jellyfish like beast, sitting and waiting to strike.

If you wanna grind some levels here, then this beast must be taken down.

So head to the Skull Cave, where you’ll find the Blobmob. He may seem like a formidable foe at first – but two Mega Flares can bring him down swiftly.

Going in and out of the cave to continue to blast the jelly will net you around 1200 EXP per go!

And using Exp Chance will greatly increase that number to 1900.

This is truly the best way to grind out on Terra’s level, for better or for worse.


1. Radiant Garden Reactor (All)

Radiant Garden Reactor in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

And here’s the best location to grind EXP for everyone in Birth By Sleep.

Each character can come to this spot in Radiant Garden and grind to their hearts content. So it’ll be your best bet for any story path you choose.

Once again, we’ll be relying on Mega Flare and EXP Chance, so make sure you crafted and obtained those beforehand.

We’ll also need to remove all of your Treasure Magnet abilities, and maybe consider using Magic Haste and Reload Boost.

After you’ve prepared, head to the place Terra, Aqua, and Ven all fought the big suit of armor together.

Within that area will be a big ole’ swarm of Unversed.

Defeating one will spawn another, and another…

Just go in and spam Mega Flare until the room’s cleared. Then leave and return to get around 1600 EXP each time!

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