KH1.5: How To Get Aero, Aerora, & Aeroga

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Aero is learned after defeating Opposite Armor in Traverse Town. This is a required boss to progress the story and cannot be missed.

Aerora is learned by activating the Yellow Trinity in the Hold on Captain Hook’s ship in Neverland.

Aeroga is learned after rescuing all 99 puppies. Jiminy’s Journal has a great checklist to help you with this!

Fighting Battleships in Neverland with Aero / KH1.5
Fighting Battleships in Neverland with Aero

What Are the Aero Spells & What Do They Do?

The Aero spells create a whirlwind around a character that reduces the damage they take by half.

The second and third level of the spell gets an additional little perk in addition to the damage reduction:

Aerora damages enemies that touch Sora, while Aeroga damages enemies and can deflect minor projectiles, such as low-level magic.

All versions of Aero cost 2 MP per cast.

The formula for how long Aero lasts is:

18 Seconds + [Sora’s Max MP]

For example, if Sora has 9 max MP, then you’re looking at a 27 second long Aero.

Tip: the optional Ice Titan boss is the only place where you don’t want to cast Aero, as doing so powers up its attacks to an almost unreasonable level.

Battling Sephiroth with Aeroga / KH1.5
Battling Sephiroth with Aeroga

Is Aero Worth Using?


Aero is one of the few spells in the game that feels overpowered. It’s cheap to cast and cuts damage taken in half.

On Normal and Standard (Final Mix) difficulties this is helpful, but on Proud it’s just about required.

Proud mode doubles all damage Sora takes anyway, so Aero levels the playing field back to normal.

Furthermore, the Pink Agaricus, a new heartless introduced in Final Mix, is much easier to effectively defeat and farm with Aeroga.

So, yes! Use Aero with reckless abandon.

You get Aero as part of the story and it’s well worth your time to seek out the upgrades ASAP.

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