Where To Get Blazing Stones in KH1.5

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Blazing Stones are a synthesis ingredient only found in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix, not the original KH1. You can only get these as a drop from the Chimera Heartless found at the Manor Ruins in Halloween Town.

The Chimera has a 35% chance to drop a stone, and that drop rate can be increased to 40% if you knock back 9 of its heads.

And since this mini-boss is the only enemy that drops Blazing Stones, this is also the only way to farm them.

You can use these specifically to craft the Moogle Badge, Crystal Crown, and the Seven Elements shield.


Blazing Stone Farming Method

The only enemy in the whole game that can drop these stones is the elusive Chimera Heartless.

You can find him in the Manor Ruins in Halloween Town, although he might not always be there right when you enter the area.

If that’s the case just fight all the heartless and he should spawn eventually. And the Chimera might only appear after a few waves of Wight Knights have been defeated nearby.

Chimera Secret Heartless Ground-Pound Move / KH 1.5 HD

This mini boss is very sturdy and will require a lot of physical damage to beat.

But once you win, you’ll have a 35% chance to get a Blazing Stone drop.

But if just x1 stone isn’t enough for you, then watch out for its heads.

During the fight, the Chimera will launch its heads towards you. If you can manage to reflect 9 of them in total then it’ll drop a stone for free (100% chance) and will have a 40% chance to drop another stone too.


Blazing Stone Uses

These stones are used in a couple of accessory and weapon synthesis recipes, including:

Moogle Badge: An accessory that raises your HP +6, MP +1, and AP +2. It will also enhance your magic and summon power. You can craft one with List II and x1 Blazing Stone, x1 Frost Stone, x1 Lightning Stone, x5 Mythril, and x3 Orichalcum.

Crystal Crown: An accessory that’s pretty much just a better version of the Moogle Badge. It will increase your HP +6, MP +1, AP +3, Strength +2, and Defense +2. On top of all that it also powers up your magic and summon abilities. This recipe requires List IV and x5 Lucid Crystals, x1 Power Crystal, x1 Shiny Crystal, x3 Blazing Stones, and x3 Frost Stones.

Seven Elements: This is a shield for your royal knight Goofy. It’ll provide him +4 Strength and +3 MP. You can create it with List VI and x3 Blazing Stones, x3 Frost Stones, x3 Lightning Stones, and x5 Dazzling Stones.

Chimera Heartless Battle Screenshot / KH 1.5 HD

Are These Stones Worth Farming?

While the Moogle Badge is a decent accessory, and the Seven Elements could be a good shield depending on where you’re at in the game, I would focus farming stones for the Crystal Crown first.

It’s a great accessory and buff to pretty much all of your stats. And it’ll definitely come in handy later on.

Since Blazing Stones are a bit annoying to farm, focusing purely on the crown isn’t a terrible idea. But if you want the badge or shield I’d say go for it.

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