KH1.5: How To Get Blizzard, Blizzara, & Blizzaga

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This ice-based magic attack can first be obtained in Wonderland after speaking with the Cheshire Cat. You’ll need to find the “Claw Marks” evidence to get this spell early; otherwise you’ll learn it right after defeating the Trickmaster.

You get the Blizzara upgrade after defeating the first Jafar boss fight, and you get the final upgrade of Blizzaga by defeating the Behemoth in the Hades Cup.

Learning Blizzard Magic in Wonderland / KH 1.5 HD

How Does Blizzard Magic Work?

The 3 Blizzard spells are Sora and Donald’s ice-themed attacks.

The magic behaves like a mid-level multitarget spell, so it can travel some distance and can hit multiple heartless with different flurries of ice.

It’s a little different than Fire/Fira/Firaga, since those spells act more like a homing missile aiming for one specific target.

But a well-placed shot of Blizzard can hit multiple enemies with ice shards, as well as aiming for a specific target. And it can even put out fires (like the fireplace in the Accessory Shop, or the candles on the restaurant tables in the first district of Traverse Town).

Blizzara and Blizzaga are the enhanced versions of the spell, both dealing more damage and having a larger radius and spread.

Casting Blizzard in Deep Jungle Experiment / KH 1.5 HD

Where Do I Get Each Spell?

The first iteration of Blizzard will be learned early on during your trip to Wonderland.

But there are two different ways to get the spell.

The first way to get it is by making sure you collect all of the evidence you need for Alice’s Trial (there are 4 pieces in total).

Claw Marks Location in Wonderland / KH 1.5 HD

The piece of evidence you need to find in particular are the Claw Marks.

These can be found on top of the cabinet in the Bizarre Room. To get up there, look for the flower that makes you larger, then give it a Potion and a few whacks with your keyblade. This will open up a path to the marks.

If you don’t wanna go through that much effort, then you get Blizzard by default after defeating the Trickmaster boss at the end of Wonderland’s story.

Onto Blizzara, the mid-tier version of the spell.

This one’s pretty straight forward – you’ll get the spell as a reward for defeating Jafar (the first fight, the one before Jafar Genie).

Jafar Boss Battle in Agrabah / KH 1.5 HD

And then finally, Blizzaga.

This one can be a little difficult to obtain, as you’ll need to defeat a boss in the fairly challenging Hades Cup, which is unlocked only after you’ve beaten the Phil, Pegasus, and Hercules Cup.

You’ll also need to seal Hollow Bastion’s Keyhole & that’s what ultimately unlocks the Hades Cup for you.

This cup has 50 rounds in total, and once you get to Round 40 you’ll come face-to-face against the Behemoth (“Destroyed Behemoth” in KH1.5).

Strike this great beast down and you’ll earn your final ice spell upgrade.

Behemoth Battle in Hades Cup / KH 1.5 HD
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