How To Farm Elixirs in Kingdom Hearts (And KH1.5)

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Elixirs fully restore a single character’s HP and MP.

There are three ways to accumulate Elixirs in Kingdom Hearts 1.5:

  • Make them at the Moogle Synthesis Shop
  • Rare drops from Defender heartless
  • Juggling a Rare Truffle 50 times.

Due to the valuable nature of the item, all these methods are largely time-consuming, either from gathering materials or farming enemies.


Method One – Synthesis

The Stuff Elixirs Are Made Of / Kingdom Hearts

Elixirs require the following items to create:

  • 1 Power Crystal
  • 1 Shiny Crystal
  • 2 Bright Crystal
  • 3 Orichalcum

Power Crystals: Dropped by Wyvern Heartless and are best farmed in Traverse Town’s Second District (after visiting Hollow Bastion).

Shiny Crystals: Dropped by Wizard Heartless and are best farmed in the hotel hallway in Traverse Town.

Bright Crystals: Dropped by Defender Heartless and are best farmed in the Third District in Traverse Town.

Orichalcum: You can obtain 19 Orichalcum from chests, minigames, and Trinities around the world. If you need more than that, you’ll have to buy them from the Traverse Town item shop for 5000 munny each.


Method Two – Defenders

Hotel Hallway Defenders / Kingdom Hearts

Farming Defenders is another way to earn Elixirs.

The drop rate is exceptionally low (I’m talking 1% here) but as it so happens, they also drop an ingredient to make Elixirs (as well as lots of experience).

The best places to farm them are in Traverse Town:

  • Third District (six Defenders)
  • The Hotel Hallway (three Defenders)

With the Encounter Up ability, you can simply leave the area and come back to reset them.


Method Three – Rare Truffles

Neverland Rare Truffle / Kingdom Hearts

Rare Truffles are the blue mushroom heartless with yellow caps. They are rare spawns, meaning you’ll have to exit and enter the correct area over and over until they appear (Encounter Up helps).

When you find one, smack it into the air and juggle it fifty times to earn an Elixir (100%).

Here’s where you can find Rare Truffles:

  • Monstro – Throat
  • Halloween – Town Bridge
  • Neverland – Ship’s Deck
  • End of the World – Final Rest

Out of these locations, Neverland is typically the easiest because you can fly – and that makes staying close to the Truffle much easier (plus you have tons of space to work with)

Learn the timing and you’ll never go Elixir hungry again!

Third District Defender Farm / Kingdom Hearts

Are Elixirs Worth Farming?

I’d say so.

Getting a full rack of Elixirs is super helpful when tackling the optional bosses, especially Sephiroth and Unknown.

Plus, gathering the materials has the added benefit of tons of experience, materials, and even maybe an Elixir or two!

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