KH1.5 Energy Stones: Where To Farm & Common Uses

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Energy Stones are a synthesis ingredient only found in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix. They’re only dropped by the Stealth Soldier Heartless in Hollow Bastion with a 35% drop rate.

The best place to farm them would be in the room where you fought Riku for the second time (the Grand Hall), and in The Entrance Hall (the very first room you enter in Hollow Bastion, with the winding staircase).

Defeat enemies in these areas until a Stealth Soldier spawns and attacks.

Just note that they’ll be invisible at first. As you lay in more hits they’ll become visible, but you can also lock onto them to tell where they are.

You can use these Energy Stones to synthesize the EXP Bracelet and Donald’s Fantasista Staff.

Invisible Stealth Soldier Lock-on in KH1.5 HD

Farming Energy Stones in KH1.5

Energy Stones can only be dropped by the Stealth Soldier Heartless. Theses invisible creatures will be lurking throughout Hollow Bastion in a few places (but again, they’re invisible).

These soldiers have a 35% drop chance to drop an Energy Stone.

The best place to farm these guys is in the Grand Hall, which is the room with the keyhole and where you had your second fight with Riku.

It’s best to enter this area, defeat any enemies you see, and wait until a Stealth Soldier spawns or until a normal soldier spawns. If a normal soldier spawns, leave the area and come back. If you start to get hurt by an invisible force, then you find your guy.

Also if one Stealth Soldier spawns then there will typically be 3 in the room, so make sure to kill all of them before they decide to run.

You can also find Stealth Soldiers in the Entrance Hall area, which is the big room with the water fountain in the center.

And the farming method in this room is pretty much the same – defeat all the heartless you can see, then wait to see if any Stealth Soldiers spawn. Rinse & repeat.

The easiest way to defeat these guys is to use any Stop spell on them (ideally Stopga) and hammer away until they’re defeated. You should also prioritize strength in these fights, so your combos can deal more damage while they’re frozen from the Stop spell.

Sora casting stop on Stealth Soldier / KH1.5 HD Screenshot

Energy Stone Uses in KH1.5

There’s only two synthesis items that require Energy Stones to craft:

EXP Bracelet: This accessory is both a blessing and a curse. It’ll raise your EXP gain by a whopping +30%, but it’ll LOWER your strength and defense by -2 each.

You can take the risk and equip it, or be even more of a daredevil and equip many of these accessories to increase its effects.

Craft one using List V and x1 Energy Stone, x1 Dazzling Stone, x1 Stormy Stone, x8 Orichalcum, and x3 Dark Matter.

Fantasista: This staff for Donald is brimming with magic potential. It has +3 strength and +3 magic, and can be synthesized with List VI with x3 Fury Stones, x3 Power Stones, x3 Mythril Stones, and x5 Energy Stones.

Sora battling Stopped Stealth Soldier / KH1.5 HD Screenshot

Are Energy Stones Worth Farming?

I don’t think I would recommend farming these stones much at all, except for the ones you need for the synthesis collection.

The EXP Bracelet can be far more trouble than it’s worth – especially when you have other exp increasing item options available, such as the EXP Ring which you’ll get from completing 100 Acre Wood.

The staff for Donald might be worth it, depending what he’s currently equipped with and how far you’re from a stronger option.

If you feel like Donald’s staff really isn’t useful for his build then it’s probably not worth the time investment to get lots of Energy Stones.

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