KH1.5 EXP Items Guide (How To Get All EXP Boosting Items)

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In Kingdom Hearts 1.5/KHFM there are four different accessories that increase your experience earned. They are as follows:

Accessory Experience Increase Location
EXP Ring 20% Hundred Acre Wood
EXP Earring 20% Moogle Synthesis
EXP Bracelet 30% Moogle Synthesis
EXP Necklace 30% Optional Boss ‘Unknown’

The experience boosting items affect all party members, not just who has it equipped. Furthermore, their effect stacks, so you can build up a tremendous EXP boost!

Let’s discuss how to get each one.


EXP Ring Location

Sora completing 100 Acre Wood / Kingdom Hearts 1.5
Sora completing 100 Acre Wood

You get the EXP Ring by completing the Muddy Path page in Winnie the Pooh’s book.

The Muddy Path is the last page, so you’ll have to find, and clear, the previous four pages.

Here are the locations of all five pages:

World Location
Agrabah Cave of Wonders: Dark Chamber. Enter from the Relic Chamber using the Waterfall.
Monstro On a high platform in Chamber 6.
Atlantica In Ariel’s Grotto, on a shelf about halfway up.
Halloween Town On a bookshelf in the Research Lab.
Traverse Town Rescue 50 Puppies for Pongo and Perdita.

EXP Earring Location

Synthesizing the EXP Earring / Kingdom Hearts 1.5
Synthesizing the EXP Earring

Synthesizing an EXP Earring with the Moogles requires the proper materials:

Four of the seven items you’ll need drop from unique heartless that appear in specific areas in specific worlds.

Here is a table that tells you what and where:

Unique Heartless Where and How
Gigas Shadows Wonderland – Bizarre Room. Enter and exit from Queen’s Court until you see a bunch of small shadows. Defeating all of them will eventually cause the Gigas Shadows to appear.
Sniperwild Traverse Town – Second District. Approach them from behind and cast Stop, then hit them a few times. Be prepared for a few packs and don’t get spotted!
Pot Scorpion Agrabah – Palace Gates. When you enter and see rows of pots, break all of them but the one the scorpion is in! Move pots by running into them. The one immovable pot is the scorpion and shouldn’t be attacked.
Pink Agaricus Deep Jungle – Treehouse. When you enter and see frozen white mushrooms, hunt down all three and cast stop on them to spawn the Pink Agaricus, which you need to hit as many times as possible to increase the odds of a Serenity Power dropping.

Dark Matter is the last ingredient, and can be found in various chests, as well as eventually able to be crafted with the Moogles.


EXP Bracelet Location

Synthesizing the EXP Bracelet / Kingdom Hearts 1.5
Synthesizing the EXP Bracelet

The EXP Bracelet provides a 30% boost to experience earned. It only makes sense that this kind of boost requires items obtainable only in the endgame.

Only three of these items come from unique heartless, but they’re the trickiest ones out there.

Let’s take a look:

Unique Heartless Where and How
Stealth Soldier Hollow Bastion – Grand Hall. They’re invisible, so you’ll have to lock-on to find them. Use magic to beat them quickly!
Jet Balloon Neverland – Deck. Cast an Aero spell to deflect its missiles and cast stop when you get near it. It’s amazingly fast, but has low HP.
Neoshadow End of the World – Linked Worlds. Continuously and quickly keep defeating the shadows before they can keep multiplying.

Orichalcum can be found in various chests and eventually can be purchased from the item shop in Traverse Town.

Dark Matter is the last ingredient, and can be found in various chests, as well as eventually able to be crafted with the Moogles.


EXP Necklace Location

Sora’s final challenge: The Unknown / Kingdom Hearts 1.5
Sora’s final challenge: The Unknown

Earning the EXP Necklace (and its 30% boost) requires defeating the game’s ultimate challenge: the Unknown.

After visiting the End of the World, a mysterious portal will appear in the Castle Chapel in Hollow Bastion.

Entering this portal will pit you against a mysterious (but also awfully familiar) cloaked person. This is by far the toughest fight in the game and requires a high level, a strong stock of items, and lots of practice.

  • Fill Sora’s inventory with Elixirs and Megalixirs
  • Equip him with the longest keyblade you have, preferably something like the Ultima Weapon or Diamond Dust
  • One more good idea is to remove any combo-extending abilities

The last hit in Sora’s combo is where the real damage is – and being able to reach it quickly not only increases your overall DPS, but is a safer approach overall.

Defeating the Unknown takes a lot of practice.

He has three different phases and each one has a different set of attacks. Once you finally bring them down though, you’ll earn the EXP Necklace (and the last Ansem’s Report).

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